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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

So close to a new moon

And what has me thinking about the moon when I'm not stressing over it being full again?  Well a trip to the Griffith Observatory over the weekend.  I wish I would have taken a picture of the front of the building with the statue, but didn't even think about it at the time.  I was busy getting great pictures of the Hollywood sign and downtown LA.  We've lived in the area for almost 5 years, but this was our first trip to this sight.  I love when friends and family come for a visit, it gets us out of the house and exploring our area.

I'm a big fan of planetariums,  I love to go and hear the stories about the stars.   They won't let you take pictures or videos while the show is on, so snapped a quick one before it started.  This show was about the history of the stars.  What is amazing is that the sky those early star gazers were looking at and exploring isn't the same sky we are seeing today.  The sky is an ever expanding and changing system.    Even Pluto the on again off again planet is changing as we learn more.  It was re-instated as a planet and now has its own moon!!  So it makes you wonder if it was always there, or is it something new?  I'm told there is possibly another planet out there, so more to come someday I'm sure.

I really want to get the Mira Mira called Star Gazer, but know that it would be forever before I'd have an opportunity to actually stitch it, so I'll settle for chart I can coming called Star Light, Star Bright and start to pull some thread and linen together to do my planet's.

I'm still stitching on my lunch hour on my traveling project.  Don't get a lot done each day, but little bit here and there.  I'm loving how it's looking.  Thinking I'll do a lazy daisy chain stitch for the swirls.

Hope you are all enjoying the soon to be new moon.  In the mean time I'm going to try to make some progress on my multiplication table so I'll have something to show off at the full moon.



  1. That sounds fun I'll have to stop by! We're planning a trip to the Getty soon but first we have an Angels game on Tuesday :D. Stargazer is gorgeous it's one of my favorite Mira's

  2. Thank you for sharing all about your visit to the observatory. My grandkids are all learning about the planets in Science now days - I always smile because as soon as they think they have it, there is an update. It is truly amazing and I really wonder if there is something else out there.

  3. As for me, a planetarium is a touch to the other worlds. You travel project looks exactly like journey through another world :)