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Thursday, July 21, 2016

I can't believe we are at another full moon

I'm still looking for June, I'm certainly not looking forward to the end of July and my granddaughter having to head home :(  Her Dad wants her back by August 1st, as she starts school on the 3rd and the 1st is her birthday.  The summer with her has just flown by, lots of playing Big Fish Games and a little stitching.

I do have one finish/framed project to report.  It should be winging it's way to my daughter in KY to be put into her classroom this fall :)   This is a picture of picture, so it's not very good.  The frame is a distressed wood frame and the matting is a muted purplish brown that matches the numbers.  I had them put plexiglass over the x-stitch to keep little figures off of it, and eliminate the problem of possible broken glass, because we all know accidents happen, especially when it involves 7 year olds.  If one child learns their time tables because of this, then I've accomplished my goal :)  and I'm happy.  I have another one I plan to start next year, can't wait.

I've been putting the beads on the mermaid.   Discovered I was short one package of beads the crystals (larger beads) and missing one color - which I opted to just go with what I had and so far it's looking good.   I'm not sure why the chart didn't tell you to get two packages of the crystals, it's not like they didn't know because you only get 3 in the package and this chart calls for 5!!  So will need to order those, needless to say I had hoped to have this one finished
too, but didn't happen.  Maybe for August's posting.  What I really want to add to this is the pearl mounted on a dolphin that we got at Sea World two summers ago.  I let Donna pick out an oyster, when she opened it up, it had 2 pearls, so we mounted them in two different dolphins, a mother and baby (one for her and one for her Mom).  Her dad kept both of them, which I wasn't happy about, but I'm hoping he will give them back to mount with this x-stitch.  I figure this is something Donna an keep a life time.

Still working on the purse flap, I've got two more big areas to finish and then a couple of smaller areas.  Haven't been able to work on it for the past week, but will get back to it soon.  It's amazing how much you can get done stitching for 1/2 hr each day.  I can't wait to add the beads, that will really set it off.  I  might have to try a few just to see how well I like it.  Wonder where I put my beading thread???

I also started my Emerald City canvas this month.  I have more of it done than what it shows, I like how the brick road is working out, trying to decide if I fill in in-between the bricks or leave it open.  Once that is done I have glittery thread for the city itself.  When I'm done with the flap, this one will take its place as being my traveling project.  Can't wait to show you what I have planned for the ruby slippers :).

I had so much fun doing ceramics with my co-workers that I took Donna back to do some more.  She painted a mermaid and I did a plate with our hand prints.  We have them both back and they look good.  I wish I would have been more insistent with getting more paint for the background of my plate, it didn't cover all that well.  But I do love the hand prints, this will be something to remember this summer.

 I'm not sure if I'll participate in the Olympic challenge.  I'm not really into watching the Olympics, there are a few things I will watch, love the women's gymnastics and the diving competition, but can't say I want to watch people running or jumping or many of the other competitions.  I admire their accomplishments, but just not my thing.  Would rather binge watch Criminal Minds!!

If I do anything it will be a marathon stitch, or I should say beading - I really need to get my August Fairy beaded and off to my daughter.  There are LOTS of beads.

Until next full moon, I hope you all have enough thread on your needle to finish the row, and enough rows down to feel like you are making progress.



  1. The fairy is looking great and when the beads get on it what a piece it will be. The Emerald City sounds like it is going to be fun to watch. Thanks for sharing!!!!!

    1. thanks Rose, the Emerald City is fun to stitch, it was fun to pick out the threads too. I tend to get overly excited when I'm looking tend to buy way more than I need. one of these days I need to organize my threads better and stitch from my stash, but not today :)

  2. Wow, you've got a lot of projects going! Congrats on finishing your multiplication table, it looks awesome framed. And of course, I love the Peridot Fairy, she is so beautiful. Have fun beading her! :)

    1. Thanks, I plan on finishing the beading on the fairy hopefully next week, I'll have some alone time since my granddaughter goes home at the end of this week. Once that is done, then I'm going to start another Mira, not sure if will be the Sleeping Princess, she is all kitted up or another one.

  3. Wow gorgeous progress on everything! I love the bricks and love how they pop out it the empty space would personally bug me I think lol. Maybe color in between with a single strand full cross over one? Good luck!

  4. Thanks Heather. The spaces do bother me too. Thinking dark gold color and I like your suggestion of one thread. Sandy