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Monday, October 17, 2016

Stitching in Sunny Cal under the full moon

Well it wasn't actually today, it was a few days ago, but still was a pretty moon, a Hunter's Moon.

I can remember as a kid going outside with my siblings to see who could spot the moon first.  Can't remember if I ever won that game, but do remember playing other games that could only be played after dark like ghost-ghost come out tonight :)  and of course the game of hiding from headlights, can't remember what we called that game.  However when you don't live on a busy street that game could get boring pretty quickly LOL.  As much as I know I wouldn't want to be a kid again, I sure do miss playing with siblings and friends.  I mean who wouldn't love playing tag football with cute guys in the neighborhood????  Or crack the whip on ice skates at our neighborhood rink.

Well I digress with the full on to the question for this full month at Mesi - Wipocalypse.

What on-line stitching communities do you enjoy.  I guess the only on-line groups that I belong to are on Face Book.  I'm a member of our Southern Cal Stitching group, Mira-Mira (more lurking than participating), Sampler Group (definitely a lurker) and Needlepoint Nation (again lurking but have posted a couple of time).  I love seeing what others are doing and I'm always amazed at all of the different designs out there.

Both of the yahoo groups I belonged to are now de-funked, which is too bad because there were some talented stitchers in both groups.  

I love reading blogs, so I probably spend more time going and seeing what everyone else is up to than participating on a community group.  I've not done actual groups in a long time, got tired of the drama that always seems to creep into the discussion.  While I know the moderators try hard, you can't aways control people speaking before thinking.

So what have I been up to since the last full moon?  Well I went to a retreat and started a new project.  Here are my latest updates.  Having three days of stitching was wonderful, and so relaxing.  We are going back next year, can't wait.  Need to put it on my count down calendar.

First up is my new start, it's called Four Angel Mourning by Scarlett Letter.  I love this one, the colors are warm.  It will take me awhile to get it done because there is a little more over one than I thought.  It will be worth it all when it's done :)  The whole outer border is the sawtooth design.  I started it with two threads.  Still deciding if I like it or not.  I think so, but not sure if it will look too heavy for the rest of the design.

Next up is my SB stocking, which seems to be cursed.  I'm doing more un-stitching than stitching lately.  I put in a small section of the shepherd chart so you see the thick symbols.  Well from these old worn out eyes they looked the same :(  but they weren't and I stitch it wrong.  The picture to the right shows it being corrected (at the very top by the qsnap), but I think the red heart is the wrong color :(  but not going to change it at this point.   The picture to the left shows it wrong - I'm glad I changed it.  Makes it stand out more.

The coat is also the wrong color, it should be a purplish color, but again, don't think I'lm going to re-do it.  The kid will be graduating from college if I go back and correct all  my mistakes.  As I said, this stocking seems to be cursed.  But I will get this, just may take me a while.  I love the stocking and I suppose if I was paying more attention to the chart, I wouldn't be making the errors.  But come-on all of the symbols you can use and you use a thick square and a thick circle next to each other?????  I have two more stocking kitted up and ready to go, I love these and generally don't have any problems with them at all.

I've been working on the bookmarked my granddaughter started when she was out here this summer.  I would hold it for her to finish, but given we don't get to spend a lot of time together since we moved to CA, she lives in TN, I thought I should just go ahead and finish it up.  This is my "don't want to think too hard" canvas.  The yellow is done, so will start on the green going around it.  Since my granddaughter started it, I'm doing it the same way.  Normally I go from corner to corner, but she chose to go across, so that is what I'll do.  I can't wait to try my creative side with finishing it for Christmas :)  It will sit on the outside of the book with elastic banding going between the pages.  Found some gold at the fabric store, so will see how it looks.

The last is my Nora Corbett, Letter A Mermaid.  While this looks like it should almost be done, it's probably not even 1/2 done yet!!  I really need to work more on this one than I have been.  This will be one of my focuses for 2017!!

I've been working on my purse flaps, but don't have any recent pictures.  I work on them at work each day for about 1/2 hour while watching Netflix.  It's my way to decompress at work before facing the afternoon.  I need to keep a calm demeanor while dealing with people, which is probably better than slapping them upside the head when I repeat myself for the umpteenth time.

Hope the moons trip around you (see you are the center of the universe) went well and you had some great stitching time!!



  1. It makes you wonder, why can't we keep the drama out? Love your stitching - wonderful things. Sorry about all the extra work on your stocking. I know it will be beautiful when finished

  2. Great work on your WIPs this month, love the Nora letter mermaid.

    I agree, FB really seems to bring out the drama queen in some people!

    You left a comment on my blog saying you'd like to take part in the Hallowe'en blog hop but you are a "no-reply" person. Please could you email me so I can send you the information.

  3. Your WIPs are very pretty. I am looking forward to watching Four Angel Mourning grow.

  4. Beautiful progress I love the letter A