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Saturday, December 31, 2016

I'm sitting in a quiet house while others are still asleep thinking about 2017....

Well here we are (almost) in a new year, with new hopes and dreams for 2017.   I'm not making any lofty goals for the year, not going to stress myself out trying to lose weight, or work more/less hours etc.  No, my lofty goal for this new year is to enjoy it, not worry about what may or may not happen and to spend more time loving life, blogging and stitching.  

To start the new year I once again joined Measi’s Musings WIPocalypse, which I'm not going to stress myself out over stitching, I do need encouragement.  Measi's website can be found here:  

This year will be a little different from prior years, instead of posting on the full moon, we will post the last Sunday of the month with the exception of the first post of the year.  That will be easier to remember (especially for us old folks).

So our initial task for January 1 – Introduce yourself, your projects, and any goals you have for the year!

Me first…..  Well I’m old enough to remember when Leisure Arts was about the only charts you could find and 90% of all stitching was done on Aida.  I have about 1510 charts and kits in my stash of which I’ve done all or parts of 210 (doesn't include WIP/UFO).  There have been other projects that I have not tracked, so hopefully my actual number completed is more than that!!  I also have indulged myself with many painted canvases, about 177 if you’re counting, which I’m not.  I have finished 52 of those and have another 17 in progress. My goal in life is to stitch as many as I can and hope that I have at least one grandchild that will claim my stash, but it's not looking too hopeful.  #1 Granddaughter so far has been my best option, so we'll see as time goes on.  I guess kids just don’t have the patients for things that take more than a nano second to download. 

Each year I make a list of things I want to accomplish and at the end of each year I look at my list and find out that while I’ve actually finished some stuff, not a whole lot from my list.  So I think this year I’m going to do this differently.  Instead of making a list of projects that I want to finish, I’m going to set a goal to complete as many projects from my stash and I can and let my whimsical self just have at it. 

My self-imposed rules will be as follows:
      1.    Must finish or at least make significant progress on 2 large projects  ( I have 3 L&L            angels that have/want to get finished for example)
      2.    Can’t start a new project without a finish of something (at least this will keep my WIP/UFO’s to their present number which is some place south of 100, but way north of 20). 
      3.    Don’t beat myself up for not stitching or getting something accomplished, this is meant to be fun and distressing, not a chore and stressful, I have my job for those qualities.
      4.    Be proactive blogging about progress, often times I don’t see the progress unless I take and post pictures J 

I plan on pulling out all of my projects and making myself a good list.  And take pictures of where they are as of 12/31/2016, so I have a point of reference and can look back at the end of the year to see my accomplishments.  I also need to organize them where I can access them as I desire, right now I think "oh wouldn't it be fun to stitching on (fill in the blank)....", but I don't because it's put something place safe and I either can't remember or can't easily access.   So the end result is I don't stitch at all.

I also want to do some sewing this year.  I used to sew all the time, but lately my sewing has been sparse.  So will see about carving out a couple of long weekends for big projects.  Would love to get at least one quilt finished this year.

I hope you all have your projects ready to start tomorrow.  I won't be stitching, at least not much as I'm enjoying my family.  So will be picking up the needle and thread again next weekend.



  1. Happy new year! Good luck in achieving your goals.

    1. Thanks Justine. I am always hopefully when the year begins

  2. Sounds like a great plan. Good luck for the new year. xx

  3. I remember Liesure Arts and Aida! And while I,m afraid to count my charts, kits and canvases, i know what it means to have SABLE! Sadly, noone in my family stitches or sews or knits so while U have two friends who will claimat leadt part of my papercrafting stash, I neecto find somene to foist all my fabric' fibers and patterns on! LOL. I wish you luck tjis year!

  4. Great plan! Why stitch if it isn't fun? Look forward to seeing your photos!

  5. That sounds like a great goal, Sandy. I had a list of knitting goals last year, which I kept updating and changing...which kind of defeated the purpose of having one. lol I agree, our hobby should be fun.

  6. Happy new year I hope it was fun! I think these are great goals! You have a lot of projects to choose from so it should be fun to choose!

  7. Happy New Year! Great plan :o) Looking forward to seeing your progress over the year.
    Hugs xx

  8. This is a great post. I do remember Leisure Arts - I have several and still enjoy stitching them. The AIDA can be difficult at times. Looking forward to seeing all of your stitching this upcoming year

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