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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Last Full moon of the year is coming, and so is Christmas

and I'm not ready for either.  I've not done a lot of stitching these last couple of weeks.  Just have not had the energy to do much of anything.  Also I'm no wheres near ready for Christmas.  I have things ordered for the little grandchildren, and got my parent's gift gotten (easy - tickets to the theater), but nothing for my kids or the older grandkids or hubby.  Hubby and I really don't exchange gifts anymore, we both pretty much get what we want, when we want, so there aren't a lot of options at Christmas.

I usually do pillow cases for presents - but alas, while I have a lot of them cut out, I don't have them sewn up yet.  I'm making progress :0  I've been pinning them this weekend, so that is a step in the right direction, just not where I should be = which is DONE!!  However I'm not going to beat myself up.

I also have the rag quilt to get done - I do have all the squares sewn (front to back with batting in-between), so need to set them out and figure out how to assemble.  Not sure if that will be done today or not, but it needs to be done in the next 13 days!!

And of course the purse flaps for my girls aren't finished yet either :(   Working with the black is proving to be taxing on a good day, down right impossible on a bad day.  So I take turns between working with the red and the black.  The red is a dream to work with, love how it looks too.  I'm regretting not using the same thread for the black, but the shop talked me out of it.  I know they were looking at saving me money, but sometimes your sanity is worth more than the thread!!  And this is one of those times!!  I'm committed now, so no turning back and these have to get finished.  I pay way too much for them to leave them as a UFO.

My goal was to pull out all of my UFO/WIP and take pictures of them and then pick out the ones I want to target for 2017.  But alas that isn't done either.  I'm thinking that isn't done due to guilt of all the starts I have without an equal number of finishes.

I'm hoping to have something to post in a few days for the last full moon.  Maybe some completed pillow cases?  Or progress on something stitchery.



  1. This is a guilt-free zone. :) You're getting done what you need. I tend to over burden myself this time of year as well, so take it from me, you're doing great! Sorry the black thread is a pain and I hope you're able to get everything you want done in good time. DH and I don't really exchange gifts either.

    1. Thanks, I need guilt-free zones to live in at times.

  2. I hope you got your gifts done! Lovely stitching :)