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Thursday, January 26, 2017

It's time for the Funk to go away

I've been in such a stitching funk all month.  Was hoping going and stitching with our Southern Cal ladies would get me out of it, but only found that a frog had been playing in my pond and I didn't know it until I discovered my stitches weren't lining up anymore :(  So spent a good chunk of the time some re-stitched, but still behind.

I've been trying to stitch a little bit at lunch, but many of my lunch hours have become work hours...

I've chased the frog away and told him to find his own pond to play in and I'm reclaiming my lunches!!  So hope to have something to post on Sunday!!  I'm really hoping for a finish!!  I'm soooooo very close.  So FUNK be gone!!  (is there a spray for that?)

This is a picture of an afghan I did for my parent's 40th wedding anniversary.  I spent over a year planning it out, didn't get every space stitched, but many of them.  Each corner had a state they lived in, the middle squares were the tower at the college they met (Michigan State), where they honeymooned (Houghton Lake) and B for their last name.  There was also a square for each one of us kids with something to symbolize what we chose to do with our lives.  One square for each set of grandchildren (at the time) and then some other misc. items.   I had such fun finding charts to use and putting this all together.  I started one for me, but it's never gotten past the W in them center - and even that isn't done.  One day.......


  1. I totally understand about the funk and the frog, darn F words!
    Wow, the afghan you made is wonderful! What a thoughtful gift, they must treasure it.

  2. The Afghan is gorgeous I hope your funk is gone by now!

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