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Saturday, January 7, 2017

My Moment of Truth

I'm sure I have more starts hidden in the recesses of the underworld, but for now here is my list.  Some have dates of when they were started, others do not (because I couldn't remember).  While it is a lot larger than I would have liked, it is not as bad as I thought.  Some are close to being finished, others are barely started.  My hope is to work my way thought them with minimal new starts this year.  But you never know, I have a lot kitted up that are calling my name :)

I did take pictures of most of them, there are about 3 that I didn't take a picture of (I think they were all on afghan material.  So where to start, where to start LOL

1 Rosewood Manor American Flag Quilt Sampler X-stitch 2015
2 Laundry Lady Amsh Quilts w/ Lady Needlepoint 2000
3 SB Angel's Song X-stitch 2014
4 Devon Nicholson Anne of Green Gables bookmark Needlepoint 2016
5 Mirabilia Designs August Peridot Fairy X-stitch 2014
6 Rosewood Manor Autum Quakers X-stitch 2015
7 Raymond Crawford City of Oz Needlepoint 2016
8 Indigo Rose Dash into It Fearlessly X-stitch
9 Petie's Dorthy's Slippers Needlepoint
10 Leigh's Designs Dragon Needlepoint 2009
11 TIAG EarthDancer X-stitch 2014
12 Gay Rogers Elizabeth I Counted Canvas 2015
13 Sweetheart Tree Elizabethan Floral X-stitch
14 Dragon Fire Designs Family X-stitch 2015
15 Strictly Christmas Florida Santa Needlepoint 2000
16 Country Stitches-With Thy Needle Forget me Not X-stitch 2015
17 Unknown Hippos Needlepoint 2016
18 L&L Ice Angel X-stitch 2004
19 Maureen Appleton Inspire Others X-stitch 2015
20 Nora Corbett Letter A Mermaids X-stitch 2015
21 Song of the Season (3 Parts) Little House Needlework X-stitch 2016
22 Cheryl Schaeffer Mine Light Bulb-Gingerbread Needlepoint 2014
23 Cheryl Schaeffer Mini Light Bulb-Peguin Needlepoint 2015
24 Cheryl Schaeffer Mini Light Bulb-Santa Needlepoint 2015
25 Defunked Round Robin Names Misc - books X-stitch 1995
26 Family Afghan Misc books X-stitch 1991
27 Round Robin - Poem Misc. Books X-stitch 1995
28 Needle Delight Originals Oh My Stars Needlepoint
29 L&L Peace Angel X-stitch 2015
30 Courney Collection PeliCan X-stitch 2015
31 SB Peter's Patch X-stitch 2013
32 Sophia Designs Purse - Leporad Needlepoint 2016
33 Sophia Designs Purse - modern design Needlepoint 2016
34 Terry Drisend Safari Counted Canvas 2010
35 Wee of the Needle Sppokie Cat Ornament Wool Felt
36 Heart's Content Spring Sachel X-stitch 2015
37 Nancy's Needle Starry Night Counted Canvas 2016
38 ANG YEAR Long Stitch of the Month-2010 Needlepoint 2010
39 Scarlet Letter The Four Angels Mourning Sampler X-stitch 2016
40 As You Like it The Wiz Needlepoint 2000
41 Unknown Tooth Pillow-Animals Needlepoint 2015
42 Voila Train Belt Needlepoint 2012
43 Indigo Rose Walking to St Ives X-stitch 2015


  1. Wow good luck finishing a lot of them!

  2. You have got some fabulous designs on there. I will look forward to seeing progress :)

  3. Well at least you know now! I am on a mission to reduce my WIPS too...slowly but surely.

  4. Wow! That is a great list! Plenty to choose from over the year :o) Good luck! Can't wait to see your progress :o)
    Hugs xx

  5. Good luck progressing on your WIPs! That is my goal this year as well. :)

  6. That is a really good list! Good luck crossing them off your WIP list! I look forward to reading your progress and seeing pictures when you post them....xx

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