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Monday, April 10, 2017

I'm still here...well maybe

Dear Diary,

Had a wonderful weekend with family.  While I'm not really a musical person, had fun going to the Reno Ukulele Festival.  I think the best part was spending time with family.

My sister and my brother attended with me and then my other sister was in the area as well.  So we had a nice dinner out together and a show.  Then all day Sunday just hanging out and watching baseball.  Can't wait for the next get together. HOWEVER hopefully the next gathering will NOT include snow!!  While it's is beautiful to look at, it wasn't a lot of fun coming down off the mountains with slippery roads.

Until next time Diary....

So what have I been doing other than going to Reno?  I have been working on the sky in my Emerald City and finally got it finished.  Now I just need to finish up the yellow brick road and it will be done and ready for finishing.   This picture doesn't show it all, but it is done :)  I'm liking now it's turning out.

While at my brother's for the weekend I watched his wife do her Kumihimo and decided I need to really try this, it would make excellent cording to around the small ornaments.  I have one ready to go, so maybe I'll pull it back out and work it, just need a weight yet.  She got her weights on Amazon, then need to be small with a clip so you can attach it to the braid itself.  I might go and look for them and maybe get a second disk so I can work on more than one at a time.  She was making a braid with beads and it really looked neat and I thought I could do that with a little practice.  Won't that look great to have the braiding around Emerald City all beaded?  Something to think about.

Sunday before the baseball game started, my brother talked us all into going for a walk - don't worry its "flat" so you can get use to walking in the higher altitude.  (we are doing a walk in Boulder CO last on).

The picture is my brother's dog, who had a blast running up and down the path.  You can see it wasn't exactly "flat" the second picture is my brother, sister and sister-in-law coming down.

This badge was earned by achieving 10 flights of stairs in one day, which would not have happened if it had truly been flat the whole way.  Going down was great - made fantastic time, going back to the car was another thing all together, but made it!!  YEAH for me!!

Hopefully I'll have more stitching done soon,



  1. Oz is looking fantastic and it sounds like you had a fabulous time with your family - so lovely!

  2. Oz is looking good and good for you for all your walking!

  3. Beautiful work, and all that walking means more guilt-free sitting and stitching. :)

  4. i really likes your blog and You have shared the whole concept really well. and Very beautifully soulful read! thanks for sharing.