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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Venturing out a little bit

I've always wanted to learn Kumihimo braiding.  I ended up buying 2 disks about 2 years ago or more by mistake, so I gave one away to my middle daughter (she is the only one who has shown any crafting interest at all).  But never did anything with the other one.  So when I finally decided to take the plunge I figure out that I had lost my disk :(  So over Christmas while visiting my parents, I got another one.  Then figure out I didn't have the small bobbins to wind the threads, I'm sure it will the disk AND I never did get a weight.  So I bit the bullet and I got new bobbins and a weight and decided before I lose it again I would start!!  So that is what I did this weekend.  Once you get into it, it really does go pretty fast.  My sister-in-law had several set up around her house while we were visiting, I love the one with beads, might have to try that one day.

The braid is a lot thinner than I would have thought, but I like the design in it.  I'm using #5 perle cotton - six threads.  So will keep this by my chair and pick it up while watching TV :)  So far the cat hasn't paid much attention to it, but not going to leave it totally unattended - she's fooled me more than once with my knitting.  I thought I had a picture of her and the yarn from one end of our place to the other, but can't find it, so will save that for another day.

Hope you are trying new things, even it its just another type x-stitch you've not done before, i.e. band samplers, HAED, or maybe some counted canvas?


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