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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Last Sunday of July

so must be time to post my monthly progress for WIPocalypse which can be found hear:   Measi is helping/inspiring us poor souls who don't want to leave WIP's when the world comes to an end, but getting us to work on them during the year.

I won't say all of the WIPs will be done before I die or the world comes to an end, but hopefully there will be a few less.

I love the questions each month, not sure if I enjoy reading what others say, or if I enjoy thinking about it and answering it myself.

This month's question is:

What is your oldest and newest WIP?  I love it

Well my oldest is a kit needlepoint was started back in 1973 - something I was going to "whip" up for a Christmas present for my Mom.  She loves owls, and I had fund doing the owls and the tree branch/stump they are sitting on, but ran out of steam with the background.  there was also a matching barn, which is actually done, so I must have started with the one I really didn't care about thinking getting it done would mean they both would have been done.  Oh well, maybe next life.  As you can see I didn't know much about needlepointing and was going back and forth.  If you saw the full picture you'd see it is totally distorted as well.  I think I will take that out and do it correctly.

The second picture here is my second oldest WIP - I think I started this one 1989 - not sure of the month.  The plan was to put a "W" for our last name in the middle and then do squares for each of kids, like something for their birthday, the different pets we'd had and other things that were important to us.  It is still in the bag I bought the afghan material - I got it as Jacobson's in Saginaw MI, back when they sold crafts in the basement of their main store.  They have long since closed their doors, use to love that store.

I'm not sure why I never went back to this one after I finished the afghan I did for my parent's 40th Anniversary.  It took me almost 2 years to do my parent's between stitching and planning it all out, I finished up just in time for their party.

I will go back and work on this one again, it just might be awhile :), like the owl, it's been waiting this long, what is another year or so?  I know some of you are saying "WOW that WIP is older than me!!"  Well I was just a baby when I started to stitch  LOL.

What is my newest?   I started Plum Street Sampler's Vexation Sampler a week ago.  I've not gotten very far yet mainly because I'm working out the numbers.  I think doing them all in black is boring, so want to add some colors - but there can only be one true line that intersect with the same color - so that will be the 6's in black.  

OK, what have I been working on this past month?  I posted pictures of what I worked on last Saturday with our stitching group last week, so will post my progress on my lunch time project.

I'm a little bit further done than this shows - the brown stem is completed on the small pocket and I have all of the spots done on the giraffe, and all of the legs and the elephant is also done except for the tusks.  The monkey has been started, but not much progress.  I was going to take a picture of it on Friday after my lunch, but got a phone call and ended up putting it away without taking the picture.  Oh well, it will just look like I've done more next month :)  I had to take the spots on the giraffe a couple of times before I was happy with the results.

I went to the fair today and when we walked into the Craft building the first things we saw was Butternut Roads Earth Dancer - and I said to my friends - "I'm doing this one" and the lady next to me, looked at the picture next to it and said "And I'm doing this one", and I looked at her and said "no really I'm stitching this design"  and she started to laugh and said "oh I thought you were just saying that".  So now I know I need to pull it back out and work on it some more - here is where it is now.   While it's not my oldest WIP - it is probably the oldest one that was promised and not completed.  It was originally going to be for my young daughter's high school graduation, well that was about 15 years ago now.  I love it and did complete the Spirit Dancer, I really need to get it done.  Seeing it stitched has inspired me to pull it back out.   Happy stitching, Sandy


  1. Lots of fun projects! I'm glad to see someone with WIPs older than mine. I don't feel so bad. lol. I have a few needlepoints waiting for me, too - but I struggle with them pulling distorted. Happy Stitching!

  2. What's another year when it's already that old! That's how I feel about my WIPs from the last century. I also have Earth Dancer in my stash since the 1990s. A friend at work stitched her but used 32count and the beads didn't sit right, they were all squashed which has put me off a little bit. Now she doesn't really fit in with the style of my house.

  3. Love looking at all your WIPs this month Sandy! Have fun on your trip through IL and MI. Wave if you're close to the IN border. I live in Elkhart, right in RV central:)

  4. Great post! Love seeing all those old WIPs. I do hope you get Earth Dancer out and finish her. I think I have that one in my stash somewhere too! Butternut Road & L&L were so popular last century (as Jo said!) - it is wonderful to see that stitchers are re-discovering them again :o)
    Hugs x