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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Saturday Stitching

I belong to the Southern California Stitching group.  Over the years we have grown and changed, new members come while some old members have moved out of the area, or just kind of disappeared. Summers always seem to have lower turnout at get togethers, I had hoped to make more this summer, but hubby cut his vacation short and came home.  Since he is retired and home all day and I still work, I feel guilty spending my Saturday's away.  But I have resolved to make one get together a month, because I need to have a day for stitching just for me.

Well today was that Saturday :)  there were only two of us, but that is OK, we find things to talk about while we stitch.  We stop for lunch and today we treated ourselves to some ice cream in the afternoon.

So what did I work on??  First up is Nancy's Needle - Starry Night.  Sorry the pictures are dark.  I didn't do a lot, but got almost two more sides done with the lighter blue. (most butter border)

Second up is my new start!!  Plum Street's Multiplication Table.  I had wanted to start this last week, but just didn't get in the stitching mood.  Now I wish I would have because as I started it and realized that all of the numbers are in black, how boring.  So I decided I needed to jazz it up a little bit.  So while I will do the row of 6's in black, I think I'm going to find a few other colors for the other rows.  The chart currently only uses about 4 colors, one being a dark red, and a couple of creams and a gold color.  I think I might add a green and maybe a blue.  And I think I will change the wording at the top to a variegated.  I know that I won't be completing this the way that it was done so long ago by whom ever, but it's mine and I want it to be slightly different.  So we'll see how this one works out, but for now I'm just doing the grid, which I'm OK is all black.

And the last project I worked on was my SB - Angel's Song.  I know I had said that it was going into the dark recesses for the WIP bin because I was at a row I didn't particularly want to do.   However after thinking about it for while, I decided, just maybe if i got that row done, then it would get a lot more loving this year than it got last year when I hit the first row of Swedish Weaving (or Huck weaving).  So I brought it along and it got several hours this afternoon, the first row had to be taken out and corrected once, but after than it seem to fall in line.  I still need to do one more color of thread and three rows and then it will be done.  This row has 7 rows of running stitches, I have 4 of those 7 done in the picture below.  Once I get those last 3 rows of running stitches done I can either put it away, or keep it in my current grab and go rotation.  Sorry that is is sideways, I'm not sure how that happened, I tried to turn it, but it turned it back :(  

Hope you all had a great week of stitching!!  Now on to a new week and hopefully a hour or so tomorrow morning at Starbucks with coffee.  Then my plan is to come home and stitch while doing laundry - if I could get the clothes to fold themselves I would be in heaven :)


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