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Sunday, October 1, 2017

How can I stitch all weekend and not complete anything?

I belong to the Southern California Stitching group, last year about this time we went on a retreat.  It was so wonderful, so we did a repeat this year this weekend and will do a three-peat next year (already counting down the days).

I stressed over what to pack, not to wear, but what to stitch!!  I took several projects that I thought would be maybe not "quick" finishes, but something I could finish with stitching Friday later afternoon and even, all day Saturday and then Sunday to mid-day.  Well I managed NOT to finish any of my projects, so disappointed, and I really didn't walk around socializing all that much, so can't blame talking to others as the reason.

What did I take?  First up was my August Peridot Fairy.  She has been lingering for several years just needing beads.  Just beading right?  Should be quick.

To the left is where she was when I started the weekend, I had done some beading, but not a lot.  The other picture is where she is now.

I managed to bead the bottom half of the fairy.  I would have continued, but it was hard not having my flood stand or my magnifier that would reach into the middle.  So she has been put back in the bedroom and will go back on the floor stand this week.  I'm on a roll now, so maybe I'll get it done this coming weekend.

After realizing she wasn't going to be finished, I pulled out my CB Noah's Ark, this has been something I've been working on for about 22 years :( and I'm only up to P for Panda.  So here is where I started.  It was looking like something I could get completed quickly right?  I mean there are only 3 colors, it's perle cotton #5, so no stranding or layering required.  Easy-peasy right?  NOT - did you know that the best from of this panda was a frog!!  Yes that is right, one big ugly frog that caused me to have to ripppppp out the entire left side :(

Spooky panda was where I left off when I went up to my room for the night.  I thought, I'll work on it some more in my room and surprise everyone in the morning with a finish.  Well, that is when I found my error and I spent the night unstitching and re-stitching until I got tired.  The picture below is where he is tonight, I pulled him back out when I got home and finished the rippppppping and re-stitching.

I still need to do the other panda (hence Noah's ark with two of each animal) in the background, but that one is solid gray, so hoping it really stitches fast.  I had started it before and that is most likely when I saw my error, but had totally forgotten about it.
So after my two near finishes, I thought I would give a little bit of loving to something else.  I brought about 5 such projects with me.  I figured I could find something in that group that would spark my interest after my two great finishes.   Well as explained above the finishes didn't happen, but that didn't damp my spirits too much, so I pulled out these to work on, the first is my Family Tree by Thistles.  I started on the first of 10 blocks with houses.  It really is stitching fast, but I have to figure out how to put initials and birth years in each block.  Only worked on it for a couple of hours of stitching, I like my progress :)

Then after our brunch today (which was our last meal at the retreat.  I pulled out my Rosewood American Quilt Flag (or a name similar)  I had Delaware done, and had started the frame around the second one, so finished the top and bottom and got some of the right side in and then stared the quilt square.  Both of these are BAP, not HAED big, but big enough.  It will be slow going in getting them done, but if I do a little bit a couple of times a year at least, then they will get done.

Hope you all are having a great start to your fall and getting some stitching done during the cooler weather.


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