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Saturday, October 7, 2017

I'm calling it a finish :)

After having a lovely time with a very hungry frog - he kept me ripppppping for what seemed like forever, I finally have a finish!!  While the WHOLE process is not finished and won't be for a while, OK a couple more years I'm sure, I have finished a section and I'm desperate for finish.

This is P is for Panda on my Curtis Boehringer Noah's Ark series.  I now have 16 of the 29 parts done, so more than 1/2 way.  What you say - the alphabet only has 26 letters - what are the other 3???  Good question - Noah of course, his wife and in the center is the Ark itself!!  I have the thread pulled for the Quail and I'm leaving the afghan out so maybe I'll pick it up and start working on another one.

Happy stitching weekend - hope to another finish to post before Monday hits :)  Going to keep this one a secret for now.


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