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Saturday, December 30, 2017

A year in review- what I have done with my last 365 days?

It is amazing that the last post of of WIPocalypse actually falls on the last day of the year.  So I guess this really is a review of the last year!!

In order to figure out where I ended up I needed to go back and see where I started and what I had hope to accomplish.  I have to say that was I very pleased with my progress this year, I guess stitching on my lunch hour really does make a difference.

Out of my 43 WIP's I had listed at the start of last year, I managed to finish 7!!  Better than I thought I had done so without further ado here are my finishes!!

Annie of Green Gables Bookmark.  My Granddaughter started the one and had done quite a bit, so I finished the stitching and then make it into a bookmark for my middle daughter.  Shipped to here for Christmas and also in time for her to start college in January.

City of Oz - this one I started in honor of my oldest sister who we lost in 2016.  She was a huge Wizard of Oz fan.  So my goal is do needlepoint ornaments for each of my siblings.  I still need to finish it into an ornament - going to tackle this in 2018, I'm practicing on another one right now.  I have Dorothy's Ruby Slippers, Glenda, Flying Monkey, Wicked Witch of the West and Dorothy to do, Glenda is being worked on as well as the Slippers.

Country Stitches -  Forget Me Not is the most recent finish.   I really enjoyed stitching this one, it was a quick and easy stitch for the most part.  After taking the picture I realized I missed one x - so will need to go back and put it in, but still calling it a finish :)   There is another error in there someplace, but for the life of me I can't figure out where it is, but know not all the motifs lined up like on the chart.  oh well, still like it and will get it framed and given as a gift to someone, not sure who yet.

I finished two purse flaps for my middle and youngest daughters these were by Sophie (I think that is the designer) and were fun to stitch.  I love needlepoint because of the wide variety of threads.  I also completed smaller canvases that I put into mirrors.  The two mirror inserts were 2017 starts and finishes.  These were Christmas gifts this year, so not only did I finish the stitching, but also managed to get the back sewn on and shipped them off to the girls!!

Last finish, is a finish of the stitching itself, but I still need to do the edge stitch on the belt.  I had to look at a video to remember how do to it, and while it's started, I have the majority of it to finish.  I have to be in the mood to do that stitch, but once I get into the rhythm it doesn't take me too long to get it done.
I will work on this over the next couple of months at work and hopefully have it ready to send off to the leather by spring and will send it to my son for his birthday.  If not, then it will be a Christmas present next year.

Those are my 2016 WIP finishes now on to the 2017 starts and finishes.

CB P for PANDA on the Noah's Ark afghan.   The afghan itself is an old WIP, almost in the UFO category.  I started it 21 years ago!!  Needless to say, my niece is no longer a baby, but I'm sure she will love it just the same.

Animal Tooth Pillow - threads picked out my darling granddaughter.  Still need to trim the mane and then figure out how to attach the small pillow that the tooth would go into.  Don't remember the designer.  Had thought about giving this to my son for his kids, but his daughter tends to run a muck most days without much supervision, so not sure I really want to give him this knowing she would destroy it without a thought or consequences.  It might just be kept for now and put with the other one I have done and never gave away.

I did a bookmark for my Mom - she loves Owls, and I saw this one when my sister and I went on our San Diego trip last year.  It was a quick stitch and fun!!  I've done similar bookmarks for all of my kids in the past.

Last is a Lizzy Kate that I did for my someone, not sure who yet.  Thought it would go to my granddaughter, but now thinking maybe middle daughter.   Since stitching this one, I've gotten two more of her designs with inspirational sayings, thinking one or more of those might be a 2018 start.

I did give some loving to these WIP's from prior years, but not posting pictures, I posted in prior blogs.

Rosewood Manor's American Flag
SB's Angel Song
Mirabilia August Peridot Fairy - which might get finished before midnight 12-31-17 it is so close to a finish
Petie's Dorothy's Slipper - which had the yellow brick road behind the shoes stitch, unstitched and then restitched, and then unstitched and re-started a 3rd time.  I have red sequins for the shoes themselves, really want to see how it looks, so excited to get back working on it again.
Dragon Fire Design - Family - I'm off on the figures that make the sign of Friend, so it was banned for while.
Unknown designer - Hippo - they are been started and re-started a couple of times too.
Nora Corbett's Letter A Mermaid
Song of the Seasons - Finished Part 1 and working on Part 2 of 3.
L&L Peace Angel - not a lot done this year, she only came out once for lovings, but some
Nancy's Needle - Starry Night, only came out once for loving, really want this one finished.
Scarlet Letter Mourning Sampler
Heart's Content - Inspire Other

New starts this year -
Thistle's Family Tree
Plum Street - Vexation Sampler (Multiplication Table)
Kumihimo braiding - started a braid, but haven't finished it

So in all reality my WIP pile actually decreased this year by 5!!  Not a bad year when you end the year with less WIP's then you started with in January.

Now on to 2018, my main goal is NOT to buy anymore charts until I have more of my WIP's done.  I hope you all had great years too!!



  1. I love needlepoint too! All the lovely threads and fun stitches. Great job on all the stitching you accomplished. Let us know how you manage to keep your goal!

  2. Looks like you've had a very productive 2017. Wishing you a happy and stitchy 2018!

  3. Great 2017 stitching! The purse flaps and mirror covers turned out real nice. I haven counted my WIPs yet but I'm hoping I put a dent into the pile. Happy New Year!

  4. You were more successful at completing things than I was. I love the Wizard of Oz things in memory of your sister. So special.

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