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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Thoughts for the new year

I've been doing a lot of thinking about what to work on for the new year.  Each year I make a list of x-stitches I want to finish and each year I totally fail at getting them done.  While I've been a person who works multiple project for many years - too many to think about, I think its time to change course and maybe work on one at a time until it's done.  Or at least work on one for a whole month before rotating to something new.

So going to look at what I've started and make myself a list of what I really want to work on during 2018.  I'm not saying there won't be any new starts, but I'm going to try very hard to avoid any new purchases in 2018.

So what have I done this month so far?  I've been working on Remember Me.  My husband used to send me flowers for my birthday or our anniversary with a card that always said "when this you see, remember me".  When I saw this x-stitch I knew I needed to stitch it.

I'm still hoping for one more final finish this year, and this would be the one.  Here is where it was as of the last time I took a picture.  I've worked on it a little bit more, but not enough to take another picture.  The right side is almost done, just needs the "e" in me and a little bit of the blue zig-zag that goes under the mantle.  The left side has the rest of the vine itself, but missing leaves.  I've also managed a few of the small motifs.  So I'm calling this one 2/3 completed right now.  Disappointed in the similarity of color in the different browns and green threads, but do love the soft warm colors.

With the exception of sending off 2 more boxes, my Christmas shopping is done.  One of the boxes really isn't Christmas presents, but more or less things that just need to get shipped out, so no worry if it gets there by Christmas or not.  Hubby and I really don't exchange gifts anymore, but will find something to go under the tree for him.

I'm hoping for one more post this month, with my last WIPocalypse update.  I missed November's posting, but want to be sure to do December's.

Happy stitching to all of you.



  1. I've recently gone back to being a one at a time stitcher after being tempted into all sorts of rotations I've seen on various blogs. I enjoy it much more, it's more relaxing. Good luck with your plans and I hope you finish your pretty sampler soon.

  2. This entire year, I have mostly worked on WIPs with a few small designs thrown in. For 2018 I'm thinking of starting some new stuff and still stitching on a few WIPs. There may be other kinds of crafts I would like to try also like beading bracelets and making a slew of things so I can get in on some craft fairs/shows with a cousin of mine who is kind of crafty! Remember Me is really pretty.

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