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Sunday, May 6, 2018

When the Destresser, becomes the stresser

From about mid February to the end of May is a very stressful time for me at work.  I tend to do one of two things - not stitch at all and buy everything under the sun that I could ever remotely want to do OR I stitch all the time.  Well this year was a non-stitching year, and I'm proud to say I've also been really good about not buying stuff, but it's getting harder every day

So yesterday I could hear my Starry Nights calling my name so I pulled it out and started to work on it.   Everything was going fine, or so I thought until here!!   I kept looking at it and thinking, something isn't right, well it's wasn't.   So I took it out and re-did that section and thought, ok all if good again........

Boy was I wrong, I know this picture doesn't show it well, but the triangle that goes on the right under the square is one thread too big for the area.  I didn't stitch it in because when I counted it out I could see it wouldn't work.  So need to figure out where I'm off, but since I'm stressing already, I really don't need more so this project has been banished to the underworld until I can figure it out.

Hope everyone else is having better luck than me.  time to go and check the bacon in the over and get hubby his breakfast.  My one and only meal I don't mind cooking.


  1. So sorry you are having issues. Look up Off The Grid. I think she is doing the same project...

  2. It's beautiful, what piece I can see of it in the bottom picture. I've seen at least 3 stitchers in FB doing this project you're doing. I like banished to the underworld more than timeout so I think I'll adopt your saying! Good luck, I hope revisiting it in the future will help you find where it went awry!

  3. Oh no. Although I love that expression, I've certainly done that to projects before. Hope the days get easier soon. And go you on your willpower! wow!