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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's OCTOBER and still over 80!! Where is fall, did I miss it?

Hope you are all have a great start to October. I generally love October, I love the cool mornings, the frost so the grass crunches when you walk on it, seeing my breath in the morning and then a slow warm up to a wonderful sunny afternoon, so you can go and enjoy.

So what the heck am I doing in Sunny California????? I wonder that too some days, the lack of season changes has really messed with my internal clock. I'm always surprised when Christmas rolls around because it's still warm and sunny, not cold and snowy. But I like my job, I like the people I work with so I guess for now here is where I should be and knowing it's not forever makes it bearable.

So what have I been up to since my last post????? I have been doing some stitching, but not as much as I should be doing. It seems that when I'm stitching I have no desire to buy more, but when I'm not stitching I tend to go over board in buying stuff that I probably will not get to for years to come. Hence all of the stuff I got a few weeks back.

My Iris and Fan's design which is coming along too. I love doing the counted thread and I'm so tempted to start another one :) I have one in my stash that I can't wait to start!! But first I need to finish this one. My new goal is to finish a UFO before I start a new design, which defeats the problem of having so many, but at least I'm not just starting and never finishing. I always wonder how an old girlfriend is doing. We lost touch years ago, she re-married was talking of moving once her hubby retired and I've moved several times, anyways she was great at starting new projects and in the years that we stitched together and stayed in contact she finished ONE project. I have a few more than that completed - I think I've finished over 125 cross stitches.

Last picture is of my peep, she got glasses - pink of course, is there another color for a Diva?  She is my heart and I miss her so much.  Trying to talk hubby into letting her come for the summer next year....I have lots of times to convince him it's a good idea :)  Also want my grandson out here for the summer, so we'll have to see what we can do, I miss him too.

Happy stitching and hope you are all making progress on what ever your current project may be.


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  1. What a cutie! I love the glasses. Hope next summer is full of grandkids running around. They suck the energy right out of one and you can't wait for it to happen again!

    P.S. The Iris piece is lovely. I don't like counted piece since I can't count but this one is lovely. Maybe in my next life....