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Sunday, February 25, 2024

Another Month almost over - time for WIPocalypse check in

 Each month we post what we've done and the progress we've made, this group is the brain child for Measi at WIPocalpse which can be found here


The question this month is about SAL - Stitch A-Longs. and if we are participating in any this year.  I am not, they look like fun, but I don't do well with expectations in my stitching.  I normally don't put any deadlines on myself - the only exception would be for Christmas Stocking for new family members, which I will have one this year, just don't know if it's a boy or girl yet.   while a lot of people to Start A-Longs, where they start, but then work at their own pace, I've not joined any of those.  Maybe when my WIP's are lower, or if I see something that I know I want to stitch.  But until then I just do my own thing.

So what did I accomplish this month?

Glendon Place - WITCH, I'm not quite 1/2 done with this one.  I ran out of thread on the H- in my mind while stitching the H I was signing - I fought the thread and the thread won, I fought the thread and the thread won.  If you are old like me, you know the song - I fought the law and the law won......  Wish you could see the sparkle in WITCH - it looks great.

Next up are more words - and then the top border repeated at the bottom.  Not sure if this one will be finished this year or not, but will give it a go.

Next up is Mary Ann Aldred Sampler by Needlework Press.  

There are two pictures, the first one is the top part of the chart.  I finished up the border on the right and the rest of the words and the tree on the right.  

Then moved the q-snaps down and finished the border on the left, rounded the corner and start the border on the bottom.  Next worked on the tree and got it completed and started on the house.  

That's when the frogs from WITCH decided to come and visit.....The house had to be taken out once because part of the tree wasn't done correctly.  I didn't go back and fix the tree, but did get the house in the right spot, so the house is done on that page, working on the bottom border and need to get the rest of the over one words in and Mary's name.  

The last page of the chart isn't a full page, so hoping it will go fast.  This one could be finished this year if it comes back out again.  I really love it so would like to see it finished.  

Next up is Nevermore by Lila Studios, I worked on the right side of the chart - and got page 2 finished, so it is half done.   I'm not sure if I have enough thread to repeat the top border at the bottom.  I used up one skein already and I'm pulling form the second skein.  I might get another skein and just keep it for the bottom so if there are differences in the dye lots it won't be noticeable because all of the colors will be from the same skein at the bottom.

I can't wait to finish up the little grave yard.  I think I'm going to put my initials on one of the tombstones with the date it was finished.

The last one is my Hawk Run Hallow - Halloween.  My original goal was to frame in each box, but I found myself adding a few stitches in each box.  so I decided that I really wanted to work on the boxes as they were more fun than just doing the frame.  So did I go back and work on box 1???  Heck NO, I started working on box two.  This one won't be done for years at the rate I'm working on it, so will revise my goal and try to get one block done a year and another one started, that way it will be about 6 or 7 years before it's done.  OK it will probably get done sooner than that but for now, I'll just bring it out and touch it once or twice a year.

I'm loving my new rotation, I work on a project for about a week and then put it away.  The goal is to touch all of my WIP's this year and bring as many as possible to a finish or close to a finish.  I have several new starts planned during the year, but will only start them when the mood hits for a new start.  If it doesn't this year, that is OK.

Hope you all have had a wonderful stitching month and made great progress.  Not sure how March will go, big deadlines at work and hubby had surgery on the 1st.  My stitching is my zen moments, so hope I can keep going.


Saturday, January 27, 2024

End of January - can December be far behind?

 No I'm not wishing away the year, but it seems like I'm in January and then all of a sudden the year is over and it's time to start again!!  But until then I will do monthly updates of my stitching progress as part of the WIPocalypse, which is hosted by

The January question is to tell you all about my oldest WIP -  if you are talking about actual projects that are in process the oldest would have to be my owls, these were started in 1973 or maybe it was 1974 as a present for my Mom who loves owls.  There were two in the kits, the covered bridge and the owls.  I knew nothing about needlepoint except that all my stitches needed to go in the same direction - too bad I didn't realize that when I started to cross-stitch.  I need to finish this one up one day, just have the background left to do, the covered bridge is complete.  I will put them in small frames or maybe make small pillows out of them.

Now if you are talking actual WIPS that I'm working on and will touch this year, then it would have to be my Lavender & Lace Ice Angel.  My daughter was into purple and wanted a purple angel.  At the time she wasn't planning on having any kids, so it seemed appropriate to stitch her an angel.  So I went to the local shop and pulled the called for colors and then replaced them with purples, it seems like every color was changed when I was done.  So I started to stitch it, but soon found that I really didn't like working with rayon threads :(.  Many a time I really wish I had switched to silks, but I never did, also not too happy with the linen, but back in the day we didn't have many options of what we used, we were happy if we found anything that wasn't white or cream Aida.  

Stitchers today have so many more options and wonderful dyers making those options hard to make because they all look so lushes.  

So here is my Angel, the one picture is what she should look like the second picture is where I am today, although I thought I had more done.  I've got a long way to go, but there is no hurry anymore - I might re-purpose this angel as there are a couple of people who have expressed interest in it.  My daughter's daughter has her own angel, which was stitched after she was born.   But before I actually find it a new home, I really need to get it finished.  My goal this year is to assign April and August to working on my 4 angels and see if I can't get them all a little bit closer to a finish.

So how old is this WIP?  Problem about 20 years old now - I know a lot of you are saying - why are you still working on this one, to be honest it was put aside for many years because I just couldn't work on it, if you've read my blog you've all heard the story, but we lost our daughter to cancer 9 years ago this month.   I can work on it now and will eventually get it done and it will find a happy home.

OK now on to what I've been working on in January.  I decided that I have less than 40 active WIPs, so I would give each one a week.  I've been just pulling them out without really looking to see what is in the project bag.   Some will get a full week, others maybe only a couple of days, some more than a week, but in the end I can get about 10-20 hours of stitching done in that week, so good progress will be made.  This month I've worked on the following:

Awake my Soul - is a new start.  It's a relatively small design so I'm hoping I can get it finished this year.  It's by La-D-Da.  I love the material that I started it on.

Next picture is my Shepherd Bush stocking - Peter - figured I should get two stocking going so when the great grandchild arrives in July I can put on name on the appropriate stocking and get it to the new parents in time for Christmas.  

I started this one when my daughter was expecting, but I had a feeling she was having a girl - so this one was put away and the girl stocking got most of my attention.  No feelings one way or another on this wee-one, but just thought I would get it done anyways.  The Shepherd is almost done, this is an older stocking so didn't call for any fancy threads.

Next up that I worked on is Peola's angel, she is turning 3 so I really should get going on this one.  I usually do the faces over one, but this time I just couldn't get it work right so opted for the over two face, it still looks nice.  When this comes out in April I plan on getting the hair done and the sleeve so I can get the back stitching done.  Again this is an older angel so there are no beads on it, but I might find something special to add before it is framed.  

I've done 3 angels for the first 3 grandchildren, number 4's is still in process and she is now 10 :( so to be 11.  It will be worked on at least twice this year and maybe 3 times, so should get some nice progress done on it as well.  I think I burned myself out on angels, I love them, but they are a lot of work.

The last WIP that I worked on was a Dog's Last Will and Testimony by Heartstring Samplery.    It is about 66% done, so I'm hoping for a finish this year.  It is a long sampler - over 300 stitches long,  with lots of words!!  The last time it was out I did about 6 lines of words.  I have 8 more lines of works, a line of dogs and then the bottom border.  The words do go quickly, but they are boring to do.  I decided to heck with the color changes in them, I just stitch one strand of thread in one color and then pull the other color.  they are so close that you really can't see much of a difference.  I'm sure when it was designed there was more contrast between the two colors, but like all hand dyed threads each dye run is a little bit different.  I pulled what I had in my stash and I'm happy with it.

No picture from my current stitching session - it will stay out throughout today, I'm hoping for a page finish on it.  then I will move the q-snaps and take a picture.  I thought I was about 1/2 done with it, but looking at the chart I'm only about 1/3 of the way done.  I really love it!!

Can't wait to see what others are doing.  I'm loving this group, it is keeping me on task :)


Sunday, January 7, 2024

time for an updated introduction to me

 I just looked back and this will be my 12th year participating in WIPocalypse - you'd think by now I'd learn how to spell it, but alas, spelling has always been a challenge for me.  

This group is the brain child of Measi Musings who for the past 13 years has been inspiring us all to work on our WIPs.  I wanted to join the first year, but didn't know how to create a blog, still not very good at it, but at least I'm trying - maybe an old dog can learn new tricks.  So the first year I just read people's blogs and enjoyed their journey.

Back when I joined (not going to say started) this group my goal was to work on my WIP's and eventually get them down to where I was a one at a timer again, but like spelling that just doesn't seem to be my thing.  I love having different things going, lots of large projects with a few smaller ones sprinkled in so when I have a need for a finish, I can get one.  And I LOVE people who have more WIPS than me and especially love their WIP Parades on Floss tube.  So you will never hear a negative comment from me about the number of WIPS you have, or if you UFO any of them - totally understand and I've got your back :) 

So who am I?  I'm old enough to be retired, but decided to work a few more years because we decided to add a room on to our house and I want it paid off so I can enjoy retirement and not have to work.  (my space!). I've been married for almost 40 years and we have 4 kids, all over the age of 40 (I call it the new math).  We have 5 grandchildren and soon to be great-grandparents in July.  I get to work from home and have been since before the big shut-down, which meant I never got to enjoy any actual time off - just more work.  I can set my own hours as long as my work gets done, which is nice as I'm also a caregiver for my folks.  I was an avid reader when I use to commute to an actual office since I rode a bus, but since working from home and not traveling like I had been, my reading has been almost non-existent anymore - I loved mysteries and if I'm going to read, that is what I'll grab.

I love to stitch BAP, which is like my quilting - if I'm making a quilt it's a king size quilt, hence not finishing many of them - my Quilt kits would rival my stitching projects all kitted up.  the last couple of years I've been obsessed with Samplers - before that it was L&L Angels.  I love the full coverage pieces people do, but know it's not for me, I've tried it and it was an epic failure on my part.  My lovely friend finished the piece for me and it hangs on my walls and I love it.

I currently have 37 WIPS that are active (if you count there are more than 37, but I count the Noah's Ark as one since they are all on the same piece)- there are a few that have been abandon for longer than many of you have been breathing on this earth, but here is my list.  There are only 2 on this list that may never get finished, one I just plan don't find any joy in stitching and the other has been pledged with frequent visits from a frog.  We will see what happens to them this year.

DesignerChart NameThemeStarted
Heartstring SampleryHis Eye is on the SparrowAntique SamplerYes
Plum StreetVexation SamplerSampleryes
With Thy Needle & ThreadComing to America - The Women of the MayflowerSamplerYes
Scarlet LetterElizabeth EylesAntique Sampleryes
Heartstring SampleryA Dog's Last Will and TestamentSampleryes
Lavender & LacePeace AngelAngelyes
Curtis BoehringerNoah's ArkUrial 
Curtis BoehringerNoah's ArkVicuna 
Curtis BoehringerNoah's ArkWolf 
Curtis BoehringerNoah's ArkX-tra Large Hippos 
Curtis BoehringerNoah's ArkYak 
Curtis BoehringerNoah's ArkZebra 
Curtis BoehringerNoah's ArkNoah 
Curtis BoehringerNoah's ArkYesah, Noah's wife 
Needle Work PressThe Mary Ann Aldred SamplerAntique SamplerYes
Dragon Fire DesignsFamilySampleryes
Carriage HouseA Mind Independent & FreeSamplerYes
Tempting Tangles DesignsArc of Whitesampleryes
Glendon PlaceWITCH HalloweenYes
AuryTM DesingAliceQuakeryes
Lila's StudioNevermoreHalloweenYes
Heartstring SampleryWinter ComesSampleryes
Symbolic GesturesSummer Basket SamplerSampleryes
Needlwork PressAnn Kirby 1845Sampleryes
Heart's ContentWicket Was HereHalloweenyes
Stitchy PoselFrankenstein SamplerHalloweenyes
Rosewood ManorO'SantaChristmasYes
Lavender & LaceIce AngelAngelyes
Indigo RoseWalking to St. Ivessampleryes
Barbara Ana DesignsAll Creatures Great & SmallSampleryes
Lavender & LaceEarthdancerAngelyes
Rosewood ManorAmerican FlagSampleryes
Heart's ContentInspire OthersSampleryes
Scarlet Letterthe Four Angels Mouring SamplerSampleryes
Rosewood ManorAutum QuakerSampleryes
Shepherd's BushPeter's StockingChristmasyes
Lizzy KateThings UnseenChristmasYes
ThistlesFamily TreeSampleryes
Lavender & LaceGuardian AngelAngelyes
Courtney CollectionsPeliCan 9animalyes
Carriage HouseHalloween @ Hawk Run HallowsHalloweenyes
PraiseWorthy StitchesSimple Gifts - CourageQuarteryes
Whilst Iris Naps DesignMary Gypsoon 1828Sampleryes
La-D-DaAwake my SoulSampleryes

I have plans to add more, and this list doesn't include any needlepoint that I have going - this is just cross stitch.  My goal for this year is to complete one angel and to touch all of my WIPS at least once.  I think there was only 2 or 3 that didn't get touched in 2023, so I was happy with my results.    This is the angel I hope to finish, so we'll see if it gets done.  April and August will be Angel months for me.

I also participate in WIP Warriors and hope to do some of the challenges this year - need to figure them out and then actually do them.  I also do WIPGO, which this year isn't too specific on what I need to work on as I find that I stitch what I want and don't like being told what I need to stitch on.  Since it's my board and my rules, I'm going with the way I have it this year and see if I can't get a black out - came close last year.

If you want to see pictures, please scroll through the past year, you'll see where I was on each of them with the exception of Awake My Soul, that one was a new start the end December and will be photoed before I put it away.


Sunday, December 31, 2023

December is over, almost good bye 2023, hello 2024

 Dear world

I made it through 2023 without losing my mind, killing anyone (thankful the bail money can now be used for new stash) and still employed (I work for stash).  I've. been blessed with good health, and hopefully that will continue.  We have some challenges going into 2014, but for now we re focused on the positive.

It was a good year, I participated in 3 FB groups - 

WIPGO - which I almost had a black out, I did a lot better this year than in 2022 which was my first year participating.

WIP Warriors - I did the Work Your WIPs - which you could start something if you finished something - I did several starts, but they were also finishes, so I was very happy.

WIPocalypse - which this was my 10th year!!  Love this group - love seeing what others are doing as well.  If you want more information on this group, please visit Measi's web page which can be found here:

This is our last check in for 2023 - how neat that it would be on the last day of the year.  You are supposed to recap what you did, but want to start with what I stitched on in December.  I did more than I thought.

First one up is Elizabeth Eyles by Scarlet letter.  I finished the two angels at the top, started the heart under it and the flower to the right of the bird. I need to get some more green silk so I can fill in some spots.  this one is almost 1/2 done and I'm enjoying it.  Not sure it will be a focus piece for 2024, but it will get more love that is for sure.  I enjoy it, and think I have more done than this picture shows.

The next one up is my Four Corner Mourning Angels by Scarlet Letter.  I started this one for my daughter, but didn't realize how much over one that it has.  It was supposed to be done on 40ct, but after working on that, decided it wasn't going to happen, so I got 28 ct and restarted it and I'm happy with it now.  Most of my progress has been over-one.  I go between 2 threads and half stitches and full crosses with one thread.  This one is no where near being done, I'm in no hurry and only work on this one when it calls to me, but thinking I might make April and August Angel months and pull it out and work on it then.  I have 4 other Angels to get done, so if they each get a week or two I should get good progress, none of them will actually get done in 2024, but who knows.

The next two are small starts and finishes during the month.  They are both Shephard Bush small kits.  I decided I wanted to get some of the smaller kits done in 2023 and managed to get all of the ones I pulled out completed and two of them actually framed and 2 more ready to frame.  The rest will be ornaments.  

There was only one small design that I pulled out to work on that I didn't touch.  That one might come out in 2024, but I'm OK if it doesn't, it wasn't a SB but it is a kit that is Valentine themed.  Will keep it within reach if it calls out to me to be started.

The first one is Joy and the second one is Peace.  I will fully finish these in 2024 so they are ready for a tree in 2024 - my daughter is getting married, so maybe she should like them for her tree in their new home.

The next picture is a new start, it's Mary Gypson by Whil Iris Naps Design and was a exclusive from a FB group, although I think it's been released now, so anyone can get it.  I'm getting in some of the borders so the next time I can go back and do the alphabet and work my way down to the two houses.

Sorry that the picture is sideways, not sure why that happened or why I didn't rotate it, but I didn't.  Next picture will be better, this one will come out again in 2024.  

The last one is Courage by Praiseworthy Stitches and I'm doing this one in different colors.  I started with a dark purple and will end up with a light teal.   I managed to get about 50% of the first page.  Just trying to decided where to go next and what color to use.  I got some solid colors for the smaller motifs, just need to decided what should be considered small vs. large.  There are alphabets through out the chart, I will wait until last to put those in so I can place them as needed.  This one is done for my daughter who died from stomach cancer, my sister who died from ovarian cancer, my Dad who survived prostate cancer, my husband who survived larynx cancer and my Mom who has dementia.  

The Pictures below are my finishes for 2023.  Most of these were start and finishes in 2023 - I did a lot of very small kits this year.  Sorry these pictures are all over the place, just can't get them to move.  I had 4 finishes in. 2023 that started the year as WIPS - La-D-Da's The Raven and Little House Needlework - Blessed is the Life.  Both of these were stated at the end of 2022 and finished in 2023.  The Baby Sampler which was a kit I had originally stitched for my youngest daughter, and this one was for her daughter I started maybe at the end of 2021?  Once I got going on it, it went quickly and my daughter was so happy to get it.

the last one is not pictured it's Angel's Song by SB - it was pretty well done by the end of 2022, so was a quick finish and it's framed and hanging on my wall along with the Raven and Blessed is the Life.

I'm happy with this year and hope that 2024 has some finishes.