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Sunday, September 26, 2021

OMG we are at the end of September

I haven't been good about blogging this year, I would love to get to the point that I blog weekly, but most times I don't have a lot to say or show.  I'm hoping 2022 will be different and I will have time to stitch more and get my act together.

So anyways I'm posting my monthly update for WIPocalypse which is the group formed by Measi.  She also has set up a FaceBook Group, so hopefully you can see what people are doing, I'm going to insert the link to her blog here:


So the question:

September 26 – List five projects you have unstarted in your stash that you’d like to start something in the (relatively) near future.

Great question - I've just joined NoNewStarts 2022 and while the 2021 was no new starts at all, and it's almost October and so far no new starts, but in 2022 they are giving you options and one of them is 22 in 22 - which you can have 22 WIPs at any given time, which could include a new start if you finish something, or if you start out the year with less than 22 on your list, you can add some new starts.  So I've been looking at things that I really want to start.  Here is my list :)

Heartstrings SampleryHis Eye Is On the Sparrow
Barbara Ana DesignAll Creatures Great & Small
Carriage House SamplingHalloween at Hawk Run Hollow
White Lyon Needleart DesignsQuaker's Poem
Heartstrings SampleryDogs Last Will & Testament

Heart's ContentWicked Was Here
Mani di DonnaRight To Vote

Hands On DesignTomayto, Tomahto

OK I know there are more than 5, but after not starting anything for 9 months and 3 more months to go, well a girl has got to do what a girl needs to do :)  The Quaker's Poem I want to put on a L&L Mother's Tree, which I have kind of kitted up. I'm sure there are others, like Winter Quarter by Rosewood Manor that is all kitted up and WITCH by Glendon Place that is all kitted and if I can ever find it the Witch's Wheel by Ink circle that I have the material, but not the threads yet.  

So what have I done this past month?  

Spirit Dancer got some love this month.  I have not touched her all year, so it was time for her to come out and play.  I'm trying pull out things that I haven't touched yet with the hopes by the end of the year I've work on all my WIPS

Next up is Family - by Dragon's Dream.  I had most of one hand done, but it was off, so I pulled it all out.  So while it looks like the 2nd picture should be first, not so this time.  I am working on getting the hand back in, but not back to where it had been.  But at least it's counted right this time!!

Hope to have more progress next month.  Its KnockOutober in my No New Starts group.  I'm hoping to get at least one more finish before the end of the year.

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Here we are again at the end of another Month

This year is flying by, it seems like the month just starts then I blink my eyes as we are at the end of the month.  

I retired the end of March, enjoyed April through July and decided to go back to work in August.  I really love what I was doing, I just wasn't happy doing it for that employer, but that is another story for another day.  Anyways, I found a new company to work with and I will essentially be doing the same thing, and it is fully remote, and they are willing to work with my hours so I can continue to help with my Mom's care.  Excited!!

WIPocalypse is still going on and I have updated my blog for August's posting, if you want to see what others are doing, you can go here and Measi has links to other blogs


So what has happened this month?  Well lets start with the question:

August 29 – Which of your project finishes made you the most proud? The most relieved?

This is a hard question to answer because I have so many that I really like and in my mind the best is yet to come.  I think if you ask what one I really am most relieved it's done it has to be my Baptism   I hated doing the water and my girlfriend who stitches a lot better than me offered to finish it for me.  I remember there was a question asked on a FB page, can't remember the exact question, but my response was having a friend who would complete your stitching for you.  The comments under my post were horrible - people saying how they wouldn't ever want someone else to touch their stitching etc.  I really felt sorry for the person who started the question, as they indicated that was a such a nice thing to do, and she too was blasted for her comment.  Anyways, I'm sure I dropped off that FB group because I didn't want to be judged.  I loved the picture, but just not doing the water, it sat for probably 8 years waiting on the water to be finished, so to me this was the best option, I'm sure it would still be sitting there waiting on me to finish it.  My hubby was thrilled to see it finished and it hangs in our house in the living room and I willing admit that I had help.  A good friend helps you when you need it the most.

So what have I done this month?  No real finishes, but some small advances

First up is The Four Angel Mourning Sampler.  I pulled it back out and worked on the 1st angel (there are 4) and got most of the wing done.  I'm waiting on my thread drops so I can keep my silk thread organized and cut into lengths.  This was a re-start, I had most of the angel done before and some of the center section started.  I will get there, it will just take me awhile.  

Next up is my Lucky 13, which was a stitch along with a very small group at the LNS.  When COVID hit they stopped the monthly get together, and while it started back up last spring, I opted not to re-join at this time.  I spend a lot of time with my folks and help as my Mom's care giver, so I avoid being with people that I don't know where they have been (yes I still wear masks at the grocery store even through I've been vaccinated).  The shop is small and we are crowded into a smaller area, I didn't think it was safe, even with a mask, you couldn't socially distance.  Anyways, I've continue to work on this and got 2 more motifs completed (the Candy Corn and the Black Cat) and started a 3rd, the Skelton with his Skelton cat.  I'm off on this one and to correct it i'd have to take it almost all out, so think I will leave it with the idea only I will know there is a mistake.  It won't make that much of a difference and I can get the last two motifs placed right even with this one being off.  I really like stitching on this, it is so much fun.   However it's in time out for now.

Next up my Angel Song by SB.  This one is about 1/2 done, which is disappointing to me as I feel like I should have it done by now, or at least be further along than I am.  Some of the band left will go quickly, but there are about 2 more larger bands yet to be done that will take more than 20 minutes to do. 

The one I'm working on will take me while to finish, it's the town/city motif, so there are a lot of color changes.  I'd like to have this one finished by year end, so we'll see if it comes and plays anymore this year.  I have so many WIP's that I haven't touched yet, but I have another band sampler I want to start, but won't until this one is done..

The last picture is not a cross stitch, it is my Thimbleberry quilt.  I finally got the center section sewn together.  I had all the squares done, but needed to assemble.  I had to take out and re-sew several times before I got it right, but it's done.  I have the inner borders cut and will get them sewn on.  I was going to do it this weekend, but it's still hot here, and while the basement is partially underground, it tends to be hotter during the summer than upstairs.  In the winter is's really cold, so I'm hoping to get this sewn sometime in September and to the quilters before her Christmas deadline of the end of September.  If I miss that, I will still drop it off, my daughter's birthday is in January, so there is time.  I have a second quilt that I have all the squares sewn and just need to assemble.  That one I will work on after this one is done.

Can't wait to see what others are working on and hope you enjoy my progress.


Sunday, July 25, 2021

Its the last Sunday of July - what happened?

 Wow, where is the summer going?  and why is it going without me?  There hasn't been that much stitching for me this month, so not a lot to report.  

Let's start with the monthly question from WIPocalypse which you can find the host blog sight here:

Measi's WIPocalypse.

the question is:  Have you attending a Stitcher's Retreat?  If so tells your experience.  

I have attending a few the most recent was with the Southern Cal Stitcher - which was a lot of fun, we had a huge room that was well lite and then had our meals served cafeteria style.  Our stitching room had a refrigerator, so we could bring snacks and we could stay in the room as long as we wanted.  The room accommodations were not the best, no TV's, single beds that were hard as a rock and bad lighting.  But then we weren't there to spend time in our rooms right?  I really enjoyed myself, but the last year I opted for only a day and no meals vs. the whole weekend because the cost was getting more than I felt like I could afford at the time.    

If you can go, I would tell you to go, the time you get to spend with other stitchers is so great, and while we all shared our love for stitching, we were all so different in what we stitched.  I really felt as thought I got to see things I normally would not have seen.  The group was so great at encouraging the stitchers who were just getting started and asking advice from those who had tons more experience.  Also you got to see really neat tools that you might not have seen before.  

The first one was with our ANG group, we were limited to when we would be in the stitching room, but the resort had other places we could stitch as a group and stitch.  Our meals were totally on our own, but there was a place to eat on sight, so you didn't need to go and find someplace.  Again, the best part was stitching with all the other members, most of them were doing needlepoint, but again we were all so different in what we stitched, our use of speciality stitches and threads.

So what did I do this month? 

I worked on my Mulipication is a Vex.  I have in all of the squares thought 12 across and 8 down except for the lower right corner.  I am doing red numbers across the top and down the left side.  I will do black numbers diagonally and then do gold thread in the lower section and a blue thread in the upper section.  

I am off :( in the 9 column by 1 and also I think in the 10 column, so will need to figure out how to correct the numbers when they get to be 3 digits at the bottom.  Since I had re-done the grid twice already, decided I wasn't redoing it again.

Next I finished one of my many quilts and it is at the quilters.   I should have it back the end of September.  I told her to just do an overall pattern on it, nothing special.  When I get it back I'll have to do the binding, thinking I'll do red around it, so will need to buy some material as I don't think I have any in my stash.  I don't enjoy hand stitching binding, so it will all be machine stitched.  I know weird that i cross-stitch, but won't hand sew.  

My hopeful goal is to have another quilt ready to be done when I pick this one up, if not two.  I'm working on the center section of one right now, there are 4 rows of the squares and each row has 5 sections.  I would have been done by now with it, but I totally sewed it together wrong, so I had to un-stitch it and re-do.  Then will need to cut border strips, so hopefully I can find the material in my stash.  The other quilt needs big triangles cut from the material and the squares are set on point.  That one I will need to take my time to do as I'm not very experienced.

My daughter came up to Saginaw and my niece came over with her little girl.  The two girls are 20 minutes apart in age.  Sara is on the left, but that is her cousin's baby Rose and Brie (her cousin) is holding Peola.  Rose is older, but about 2 pounds lighter than Peola.   It will be fun watching these two girls grow up, I hope they get to know each other, which I'm sure will happen as we live next door to her Dad, and he has the kids over all the time.

The last picture is a butterfly that we saw at the butterfly house on Mackinaw Island.  I took my granddaughters and daughter there last week.  We did the carriage ride around the island which included the butterfly house.  I had never seen a butterfly that you could actually see through the wings!!  At first I thought there was something wrong, but there were several like this one.  

Not sure how much stitching I will get done for August.  I had retired the end of March, and decided retirement is not for me right now.  So I talked to another company and should be getting an offer letter in August to start working.  I'm looking forward to working again, I really love what I do (which most people's eyes glass over when I talk about it, so I don't) and as long as I can continue to do it, I might as well.  I will get Peola's stocking one!! It is all stitched, just need the embellishments added and then sewn into a stocking.  I've done 10 of them, so it should go quickly.

hope you are all having a great month of stitching!!

Friday, July 2, 2021

check that twin size quilt as being done

 OK, not fully done, but the borders are on and it's at the quilters to be quilted.  I will have to make binding for it yet, but I have until the end of September to achieve that task.  In the meantime I've pulled out another WIP quilt and i'm working on assembling the middle section, then will need to cut borders and it will be done as well and off the the quilter.

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Mid-Year Recap - for WIPocalypse

 Sorry for the long absence from my blog, but not a lot to report as I spent most May watching my new granddaughter.  My daughter had to go back to work the end of April and since it was only until the end of the school year, didn't make a lot of sense trying to find daycare for her when I really didn't have anything to do ;)  So I opted for watching her vs. stitching.  I had absolutely no stitching done in May and hence nothing to report.  I've been stitching a little bit in June, but not as much as I should or really want.  I'm still trying to figure out this retirement thing.  

Let me back track here for a minute - this is my monthly check in for WIPocalypse, which is a SAL for people like me who have lots of projects going and need to get them done before the world comes to an end.  If you want to see more, you can go here:


The question for June's post is a mid-year recap of how we are doing with our goals.   So here were my projects that I wanted to work on this year:  The projects highlighted in yellow are my focus pieces that I really want to make a lot of progress on, maybe not a finish, but enough that you can tell they were worked on during 2021.  The rest are ones that I want to work on, and if close enough to a finish, getting a finish.

1American Flag QuiltRosewood Manor2015
2Autum QuakerRosewood Manor2015
3Family TreeThistles2018
4Four Mouring Angels restart 11-2020
5Family  Dragon Fire Designs2016
6Guardian AngelL&LNov-20
7Ice AngelL&L2004
8Inspire OthersHearts Content2015
9Letter A MermaidNora Corbet2015
10Lucky 13Amy Bruecken2019
11Noah's Ark AfganCurtis Boehringers1996
12Peace AngelLavender & Lace (L&L)2015
13PeliCanCourney Collection2015
14Peter's PatchShepard's Bush2013
15Angel's SongShepard's Bush2014
16Earth DancerTIAG2014
17Walking to St. IvesIndgo Rose2015
18jVexation SamplerPlum Street2017
19Votes for WomenNebby Needles2020
20Charland's StockingShepard's BushNov-20
21Peter's StockingShepard's BushNov-20
22Coming to AmericaThread with My Needle12-12-2020
I've worked on Autumn Quaker, Family Tree, Guardian Angel, Letter A Mermaid, Lucky 13, Noah's Ark, Peace Angel, PeliCan, Walking to St. Ives, Votes for Women (done), Charland's Stocking - stitching done, need to finish into a stocking now and Coming to America.  So not too bad, but no where near where I thought I'd be by now.  

What have I don't in June?  Good questions.  First I got myself a new canvas - this is a voodoo doll from a shop in New Orlean's.  I can't wait to get this puppy on the stretcher bars, but right now I have several other canvases to get done.  I've seen other's working on this and there are so many options.  Some have done it all in basket weave, others have used all kinds of speciality threads and stitching.  So my mind is going crazy with options - I know there will be glow in the dark thread for sue - thinking the white and green :)

If you are a needlepointed and have some suggestions I'm open!!
My Peace Angel has gotten some love this month.  I worked my way down and over to the bodice of the angel.  She has a lot of white, so not very exciting to stitch.  There is some yellow, but it's really pale, so you can't tell.  I think I can work on her face next and get the rest of her bodice done.  Debating whether to do the face over one like the rest of the angels I've done, so save myself the stress and just do it over two....I will probably do it over one just to be consistent.   I need to go and fill in around the wings some more.  My plan is to work my way over to the other wing and then start to go up on the wing.  Or I night go back to the top and work it down.  Not sure yet which way I'll go, just know I want to get this one done and framed.  
Next is my Letter A Mermaid.  I'm part of the NoStart2021 group and this was one of my identified project in one of their mini challenges - you could stitch on a called for chart or something by that designer.  So she got several hours of loving this month.  She will come out again as I'm not that far from having the stitching done at least, there are a lot of color changes and most of them are so close that you wonder what the designer was thinking, but I'm sure the original threads had more color changes in them so it made sense.  The beading will be another issues for another day, but once I get the stitching done it won't be hard to get the beading done, there is a LOT of beading :(.

Next is my Lucky 13, this was a spin for May, so I worked on it and got another motif done.  the spiders, the next one is a candy corn that is cute.  Not sure if this one will come out again this year, but who knows.  I can do each motif in a day or two depending on how many hours I stitch.  I would like to get this one done this year, it is cute and will look really great with the rest of my Halloween designs on my wall.

I wanted to work on my Walking to St. Ives, it was calling to me. So I got the alphabet completed and most of the two men done. I did a little more of the blackwork border, but not a lot.  This one will be worked on again as I really do enjoy it and would like it done.  I think the next section are more works - maybe the start of the poem?  Words tend to go fast once I get my rhythm going.

I spent a little time on my Children's Book shelve.  Can't see the basket weave I've done on some of the background of the shelve.  I have found a stitch I like for the wall part and will see how that works out during July. I have this one on my new floor stand, so it's out all the time now.  I want to get more work done on it so I can pull out my other canvas called Friends - which is Max and the monster from Where the Wild Things Are.  

I've been watching youtube lessons on learning how to finish canvases into ornament and/or pillows.  I have several that are ready to finish, so excited about getting started.  I still need to buy some more supplies and find someplace to put my hook so I can make my own cording.  More to come I'm sure :)
The last picture is puzzle that my son got me for Christmas.  I got a puzzle board that I could close the puzzle up in while not working on it so Ms. Kitty wouldn't be able to "help" me with it by knocking pieces off.  it is 1,500 pieces and was slow start, but then I got into my groove and got it done.  I had some moments that I thought I was missing pieces, but as it turned out, I just had a few pieces in the wrong the places.  Once I figure it out, they all fit in and I had them all.  Now to flip it and glue it together and into a puzzle frame.  I have a 2000 piece puzzle my son got me for my retirement that will come and play, just need to figure out where I'm going to set it up as my puzzle board is too small.  I might get a frame and just cover it every night????  

Last is a little bit of sweetness.  I sure do miss this little lady now that I'm back in MI and she is still in KY.  I will see her next week and then again in August when we get her baptized up here in MI.  My husband likes to FaceTime with her almost daily and sometimes he gets a smile, other times he gets her temper - she is so much like her Paw-Paw or Pop-Pop.  

We'll also celebrate my parent's 70th wedding anniversary in August, so lucky to still have my parents, and I enjoy the time I get to spend with them.  My sisters and brother are coming as well as assorted nieces and nephews.  the party itself will be small - maybe 20 - 30 people in total.   

Sunday, April 25, 2021

WIPocalypse TIme

 Can't believe the month of April is almost over with and it's time to post again!!  A lot has happened since the end of last month, but first:

It's WIPocalypse time, when we all show off what we've done in the past month to complete our WIPs and not leave them for our relatives to deal with, or for the end of the world as we know it.

WIPocalypse  Go and see what others are doing!!  

Question of the Month - Have you found yourself to be more or less productive in your stitching during the Covid-19 pandemic?

To be honest, I've been less productive because while I was working, our busy season was extended beyond, beyond and it seemed like I was working all the time!!  So while I got a few things done, not as much as Ii would have liked.

Then I decided that I had enough and quit my job and now I'm deciding if it's a forever quit, or if I really need to get another job.  

I've been enjoying the time off and must admit I'm thinking a forever would be good. My kids got me this T-shirt when I told them I had quit, so I know what they would live to see. Hubby thinks I need to get a new job as I'm interfering with his retirement.

So what have I done this month?

I pulled out L&L's Peace Angel and worked my way down to the bodice of the angel's dress. Was hoping for some of the darker yellow, but so far it's more white and light yellow. Once I can get enough of the bodice in that I can do her face, which is over one, but I'm debating if I will do over one, as the linen has lot of uneven threads. Have a lot to fill in on the wing and there is a lot more wing to do!!

I need to get this one done before I get the current angel done, as this one is for Arwen who turned 7!! The first 3 were done before they got 4, so I need to correct that and get it done. I really do love the angel and have wanted to stitch it since it came out, but I'm not enjoying it as much as I thought I would, but that is probably become I started at the top and not in the middle.

So spinning my decision wheel, Peace Angel came up for the May focus, so maybe we'll see an angel's face for May's check in - keep your fingers crossed.   I have decided that I do need to spend at least one day a month on this or at least 8 hours. If I do that, I could have it done within a year or less.

My second spin for my smaller project or one that I'm not in a hurry to finish will be my Lucky 13, I have 1/2 of this design done, so hoping to get maybe one or two more motifs done. Each one stitches up fast, and I do have fun stitching them, I think next up is a spider? Will need to pull it out when I get home again.

My April spin was to focus on Autumn Quaker and I'm happy with what I got done ;) This was more fun as I got to areas that had more of the same color, so I could stitch more and change threads less. But never the less it was a lot of thread changes. I love the colors and will work on this one more I'm sure in May and I would love to get the 1st page finished.  

I will say I'm not happy with the quality of the called for threads and would not purchase the threads again. Since I started this with them, I will continue and get it done with them. I also have Winter Quaker with the same brand of threads, hoping those are better quality and the problems I'm having are due to the dark colors of the dye. I do love the rich colors.

After doing a lot of color changes I decided I needed something that would be solid colors, so I pulled out my PeliCan which is on 40 ct. I would have liked to have gotten the first page done, so this one will stay out to play with in May too. I'm not far from getting it done and it's enjoyable to stitch on. The top line shows the width and the you can see the length of it on the left. there is a lot of open space, so there really isn't all that much left to stitch.

Since I knew I would be going back down to KY for a few weeks, decided it was time to have my new granddaughter's flannel rag quilt done. So pulled out the squares and sewed them together.  

After I was done, and had "ragged" it up, I discovered I had sewn on several rows incorrectly. Oh well, not going to worry about it now, it is still soft and warm and will be used. I'm sure there will be another one in Peola's future, so the next one will be sewn better.

Last thing I worked on was Coming To American which is my Mayflower design and my small focus for April. I started it on 28ct. over one, but decided I just didn't like it, so I found a piece of 36 ct. in my stash that would work. I'm not sure how the birds will look, but, I like the rest of it, and will continue to work on it, but probably not in May.

Part of the month was spent frogging out what I had done on the 28 ct. so I can put that piece of linen back in my stash for another project.

I'm hoping that with the waves in it will give me some additional reference points that I can do other things like the ship, the wordings under the waves or the pilgrim that seems to be hanging off the side of the ship Some have theorized he represents the person(s?) who died while they sailed across the ocean to America.  He is small and should stitch up fast.

I'm hoping to get a little more done on it this week, but I'll also be watching the new grand baby, so not sure if I'll get any stitching done at all.

And the last thing I worked on in April was my needlepoint Pig Angel, or when Pig's fly?  Can't remember what the name of it was, but I'm enjoying it.  I just have the clouds to finish and not sure I'm happy with what I'm trying with the sequins.  I'm going to try a few other things maybe spreading them out a little bit more, or adding beads.  I love the back ground stitch, it was perfect for it, you can tell it's there, but it doesn't overwhelm the design.

Unfortunately this isn't the most recent picture as I have the background completely done now.  I'm going to finish this into a small pillow for my sister.  I hope to work on it more this week.  I think in one or two evenings I could have it done.

Hope everyone had a great month and I look forward to doing more stitching in May and maybe even some more sewing.  also need to talk to a person about a possible job.  One thing the shut in has done for me in the past year was increase my vacation time, so my payout was nice and gives me more time to decided what I want to do.