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Monday, May 30, 2022

It's almost June, what happened?

 I can't believe it's almost June, summer has finally arrived.  I'm not an outdoor's person, so I'm not planting stuff in the garden - that is hubby's job.  I do like to can in the fall, especially when I can do it all out of our garden.  So he had the garden pretty well in and I'm excited about the vegetables.

I missed posting for April, I'm not sure what all I would have had to post.  I'm still struggling with my computer. I do have a lot of the information back from an old back-up.  I really wanted my pictures and music, and it was nice to get our tax returns back as well.  I'm hoping that the pictures that I've been taking have loaded up OK.

So the question was about Seminars and/or retreats that we've attended and what did we like about them.  I've not done a retreat in several year now, the last one was with our stitching group in CA before I moved back east.  I like that it wasn't really structured, we just all got together and stitched on whatever we wanted.  There were people who came with only one or two projects and that is what they stitched for the 3 day weekend.  Then there were people like me who packed about 10 or 12 projects so I could change as often as I wanted.  I did do a zoom kind of stitch thingy, it was for a needlepoint - I was hoping for interaction with other stitchers and the host, but they blocked any conversation and you basically saw the host demo the stitch and do all the talking.  I was so disappointed that I have avoided any additional zoom classes.  No one was stitching and everyone had deer in the headlight looks on their face.  I'm glad I was experienced enough that I really didn't need the lessons on how to do the stitch, I really wanted the interaction, which I didn't get.

So what have I done since my last posting?

I had a new start.  One of the chores that I did in February and March was go through all my charts and re-list them.  This needed to be done as we had a broken pipe in our basement in KY and one of the casualties was my charts.  I wasn't there, so my daughter said she "only" trashed charts that were not able to be saved, and assured me there weren't many.  However by my count I lost about 100 charts :( and some of them were ones that I really wanted to do and unfortunately the charts are not available anymore.  I am happy that I took so many with me to CA, anyways one of the charts I found was the baby sampler I did for my daughter.  It was a kit and I didn't save any of the threads and the instructions leave something to be desired.  I'm re-creating it for her daughter and this is the first part of it, I took a picture of the completed chart when I was in KY the last time and I'm following the colors the best that I can.  I have the row of ducks done, and one or two more boxes outlined.  It will come out again in June and I hope to get more of the boxes done.  The name, date etc. will go in last.

I did get one square done on my Noah's ark Afghan - the Raccoons.  I didn't have enough threads to finish the raccoon in the back, so finally got it and finished it up.  It only took about an hour to do, took me a month to get the tread LOL - no one carries DMC Perle cotton anymore - I think I finally found it at a needlepoint shop in KY.

Next up are Squirrels, not sure if I will pull it out and work on it again.  I can do a square in about 8 hours, so maybe if I have a big chunk of time I will pull it out.  

Next up is my Dog's Last Will and Testimony.  The top row is completed and I'm working on the words.  I has off, but have decided it's not worth ripppppping it out and re-doing.  So I've been adjusting as I go.  Hopefully I will be back on track and not have to worry about it.  I really like this one, and it will come out again.  Its not very wide, but it is long - 341 stitches long!!  I really like the colors, I'm a warm color type person if you can't tell.

Next up is my Mercy-Mercy.  This is an old picture, I have the border completely around the top and the peacock on the left as you look at it completed and most of the words in that first row done and words started on the next row.  This one isn't very large, so I'm hoping for a finish this year.  I want to hang this up in my granddaughter's room.  I have another sampler that I will start maybe in July about an Independent Woman....yup I'm into saying right now.  This one is out on my stitching table to work on, so will be picking it back up soon.
Then I put some time in on my Mary Ann Aldred Sampler.  This was an exclusive from a FB group.  Not a lot done, but that is about 9 hours of stitch.  I'm thinking I have the tree in the middle done, but that might just be wishful thinking.  I'm not a big border person, and something that is the same all the way around generally doesn't appeal to me, but figured this one wasn't too bad.  There is a big swan in the middle and that is what drew me to the chart.  It is charted with an open mouth and a closed mouth.  I'm thinking I will do the closed as I'm not fond of how it looks open.  

Then I pulled out my Family by Dragon Dreams.  I don't think they are charting anymore.  This one has the sign language for Family in the middle and the words in different languages going all around it.  My goal was to have all the words done, but I think I over estimated what I could do.  Doing the words are pretty boring, but I have it out where I can reach it, and will try to get more done before it goes away for a long sleep.  I had to re-do the hand because I was so far off.  One of my WIPGO is do finish the hand that is started and then I think I have another square to do the other hand.  I would like this one completed this year, and I'm hoping that having it on the WIPGO board will help inspire me to work on it more.  However I have to admit, I have my Nora Corbett Letter A Mermaid and of the 5 hours I needed to put in, I only put on hour in because I really don't enjoy working on it.  I know I should just abandon it, but its over 1/2 done and I really need to get it one.

The last two pictures are finishes!!  The first is my Tomayto-Tomahto.  It will go into a small wool tray.  I wanted to try something new, and this will give me a chance to finish it as a tray.  There is also a smaller design in the kit that is just the word Tomayto and you finish it into a tomato.  That should not take too long to do, but it will be a while before I pull it out to work on.  This was one that when I started to get close to a finish I just couldn't put it down.  I love the start and I love the finish, it's just everything in-between that seems to linger forever.

The last picture is my Women's Right to Vote, and it's the last of 3 that I did.  I need to get it framed and then I'll give one to each of my daughters.  We are family of voters - we loved being one of the first 10 in line to vote at our polling place.  One day we'll be back to voting as a family.

So that is what I've been working on for the past 2 months.  

Work has been crazy this month, but the worst should be over with by the end of the day tomorrow.  Then we'll go back to just being overly busy.  Unfortunately we have a hard time finding more people to work, they don't have a hard time finding more work for us all to do.  

Young people don't want to tie themselves down to one aspect of accounting, and since it takes 3 years to really learn my job, they don't want to spend that much time learning it when they can be a general accountant and have 3 years of promotions and advancements.  Oh well, it will keep me employed until it doesn't, but not going to worry about it anymore.  My agreement with my employer is that I will work for less money, but I won't be working mega overtime anymore.  I use to work 50 hours a week for a normal week and 60 plus when we were in our busy time.  I don't want that anymore, I don't care if I'm promoted, I don't want to be in-charge anymore.  I want more stitching time and less stress in my life.

Sunday, March 27, 2022

end of March....Already?

 I can't believe another month is just about over, but it is and I'm so far behind on what I need to have done this month.  I have been stitching, but for the last week not a lot.  I go in streaks I guess and with a deadline at work, I'm not had the energy to do a lot.

So the question this month is:

Tell us about a technique, designer, pattern, or anything else in stitching that you’ve been nervous or afraid to try.

Well there is one needlepoint that is a counted needlepoint that I loved when I saw it, but it has a button stitch on it, that I've been nervous about doing.  At one time I found someone to do it, but she didn't get it done, and I've long since stopped going to those stitching sessions/meetings and have moved to a different state, so don't think she will finish it for me now.  Its funny because that was the only part of the design she wanted to do, and it's the only part of the design I don't want to do.  Anyways, it has sat for probably 5 years now with no love.  Here is it, you can see that a lot of the collar is done, but I just can't get past the stitches inside the collar.  Maybe one day it will get finished.

So what have I been working on this month?  Well the Mermaid got pulled out and I worked on it for about an hour and put it aside.  It was called on my WIPGO board and I had the best of intensions of working on it, but just really don't like it.  So what is called again for April?  It is :(. I guess the powers that be figure I need to get it done.

I did work on my my Song of the Angel and got the small city completed and the words underneath it as well as another band under that, so my goal of 4 rows was meet.  this one will come out and play again, not sure when but it will.

And then my Tomayto, Tomahto design came out, and I'm almost done with the design.  I would have had the big tomato done, but ran out of thread, so will get that done and then do the brown and a little bit of green and then move the q-snaps and get the last part done.  I really like working on this one, so you might see a small finish by next month.

then there is another small design in the same kit, so that will be worked on, but not right away.  

I did work on another design, but for some reason I didn't take any pictures of it....not sure why so will take some pictures for next month's check in.  and who knows maybe the mermaid will get some love.


Tuesday, March 1, 2022

March, missed the check in on Sunday

 I thought about posting on Sunday, even had downloaded my pictures in hopes of doing an update, but just didn't get it together.  If you could see all the fantastic blogs I write in my mind, I mean I'm blogging almost everyday in my mind, too bad my mind and fingers aren't connected LOL

So WIPocalypse is where we show what we've done and the hopes of actually finishing some of our WIPs before the world comes to an end.  If I could just complete more than I start each year I would be doing good.  The biggest mistake I ever made was believing I could do a rotation, I think I started 12 new projects with the idea I would stitch for 12 hours on each one and then move on....well that never happened.  Over the years I have had some self imposed years that I don't start anything new, so I'm managed to go from a high of about 50 down to my current 32 - which are x-stitch and Needlepoint, so not too bad.

This month's check in question was what SAL do you participate in this year?    I don't do any actual SAL's that you get a new piece of the puzzle each month or at some intervals.  Not that I wouldn't do them, but I've been burned on "mystery" samplers in the past, so I want to see what it looks like before I committee and I guess that just takes the mystery out of the project.   

However I am doing WIPGO where you put 25 projects into a bingo type board, and then each month they pull 2 numbers and those on the ones you are supposed to focus on for that month.  

I'm also doing No New Starts - but I'm doing the 22:22 where you can work on up to 22 projects, but you can't add any new ones until you finish one.  I currently have 14 projects identified, so I can start something new, and I have 2 projects that I will start at some point this year for sure.  

I was also signed up for the No New Starts Road Trip, but when my computer got wiped, I just didn't have the energy to figure out how to play with the group.  So don't think that will happen.

Lastly this group - but you all know about it, so won't go into it.

So what did I do in January and February since I missed the last check in?  Let me go look at my pictures :P

First up was are my January WIPGO which were Women's Right to Vote - where my goal was all the words and my Noah's Ark - 2 animals.

Women's Right to Vote is the 3rd and final chart I'm doing to honour the Women who fought so hard to get us the right to vote.  My Great Aunt was part of that movement - but she also was against drinking and would have loved to see prohibition last forever.   All that is left to do on this one is one more woman holding a flag.  My goal was to do all the words, which was met, the second time its on my board the goal is to do the 2 women, which one is done already.  Should be easy-peasy to get it done.

I want my girls to know how important it is to vote and I while we were all in KY, we voted as a family all the time once they were old enough to vote.   I have been fired from jobs when I've questioned why I was doing more work than many of the males, and being paid less.....and been passed over for promotions because they thought a man would be better in the position.  Am I a fighter?  yup and my Aunt Tess would be proud of me :).  I like to think that other women have benefited from my small fights, as I point out to many, when I went to college with 2 small children mine you, I have a 3.8 GPA taking the same classes as the men I went to school with, AND when I took the CPA exam (while working 60 hour weeks and taking care of 4 kids) they didn't hand out pink easy exams for the "girls" and blue exams for the "boys", we all took the same exam and guess what?  I passed it, took me 3 tries, but I made it!!  So go and VOTE every chance you get, you can make a difference, even if its a small one.....ok off my soap box.

 I also started the Raccoons on my Noah's ark Afghan, but ran out of the dark brown thread before I could get it done.  My goal was 2 animals, but I only got this far, so it's not a completed goal yet.  I will pull it back out hopefully in March or April and get this one done and the other one - which are squirrels.  I really want this afghan done and out of the WIP pile - it is by far my oldest WIP now - it's about 25 years old.

February's numbers were Coming to American, my goal was to get the boat finished, but after I pulled it out I couldn't decide what that meant.  Originally it was "just" the actual boat itself, but then I thought I should add the sails to that if I really want the boat to be finish.  I did get the boat itself done, and about 1/3 of the sails done.  It will come back out again when it is called for the second time - which is to finish the water, since that is almost done, I will work on the sails and hopefully get those done and maybe some of the seagulls.  Here is where it is today:

Then my Family chart was called, and my goal was to get the all the words done - well it hasn't seen the light of day yet.  I just wasn't feeling it, so I decided to pull out a different goal on my WIPGO and work on that with the idea that when that one is called I will work on the other one instead....we'll see.  

Here is my Multiplication Table design.  I really love this one and I think I can get it finished this year as there is a 3rd one I want to start.  What can I say, I love numbers - hence being a CPA.  My goal was to have all the numbers finished from 1 through 6, which is pretty much page 1 and part of 2.  I think I might have a little bit more than than this picture shows.  I'm adding more colors than the chart called for and loving it.

Then I decided to work on my Mercy-Mercy design since it is a relatively small design and once I get the top done, the rest is basically words.  I really love this small design and want it hanging in my granddaughter's room as a reminder that she needs to be a good person.  Here is where it is now, the top portion is close to be finished.  Will need to move the q-snaps to get the left side done once I finish up the top boarder. 

Lastly I pulled out Elizabeth Eyes which is a kind of stitch along with Laura from Brenda & the Serial Started (who is Laura - she has more starts than finishes, a woman after my own heart).  When I saw the chart I really liked it and would have stitched it even if she hadn't made it her 1/1/2022 birthday start.  I'm working on the 1st page.  I have about 1/2 of it done, there is a huge flower in the center that will take a little bit to do.  I have another angel to stitch at the top.  This one is being done in silk threads and I'm enjoying it.  So it most likely will get more time than my WIPGO board has me do.

The March numbers were pulled the other day and I'm supposed to work on my Mira - Mermaid Letter A and my SB Angel's Song.  

I have out the Angel's Song to work on and hope to meet that goal quickly, it's to finish 4 bands, one will take more time, but I think the next 3 will go fast.   Here is my starting point I'm not quite 1/2 through that band.

Mira Letter A, I really don't enjoy stitching on it, but it has to be done and I think if I put the 10 hours into that I have on my board it will be done.  So wish me luck!! 

This is the last picture I have of it, I'm thinking I've done a little bit more than this shows as I was hoping to get it done in 2021, but failed.  I guess I shouldn't say "failed", I just got tired of stitching on it.  

Once the stitching is done there are a ton of beads that need to be added, so this one might not get done in 2022, but hoping all the stitching is done as I want the q-snaps for something else LOL

Hope you are all had a great month and met your goals or at least got some stitching done.  As for me I'm going to pull out something to stitch on and enjoy an hour or so of stitching.  


Sunday, January 16, 2022

Slowly who am I?

 I've been working on putting my computer life back together.  Thankfully I had photos on my phone and was able to download from FB and my blog.  I'm still missing a lot of old photos, but recovered some that were important to me.

On the first Sunday of January we were supposed to introduce ourselves and I guess talk about our aspirations for the coming year.  I would include a link to Measi's website, but for some reason I can't access it right now.  I know she has been having some blog issues, so maybe her sight is down for a minute???

So who am I?  I am the middle child of 5 - 2 older and much wiser sisters and 2 younger and at times believed more loved brother & sister.  However I was my Grandma Millie's granddaughter and spent a lot of my younger years with her.  It was probably a win-win for my Dad, my grandpa had past away when I was 4 and my grandma was very lonely.  My Mom had 4 kids at that point and #5 was on the horizon, so having one less child to deal with at home was probably more than welcomed.  My Mom was an only child (she has a half sister who was raised by her maiden aunts after their Mom died), so my Mom was not use to having a lot of people around, and with them all under 8 at the time, I' sure was more than she ever expected would happen. So every morning I would get up really early because I wanted to go with my Dad to his office, which just happened to be in my Grandma's basement (family business).  Where else could a middle child get treated like an only child but at Grandma's?  My Grandma gave me my love for stitching and sewing.

So who am I?  I'm my Grandma Millie's child and I miss her ever day, she lived to be almost 96, and until the last 6 months could tell you who you are and what she did yesterday.  She was an amazing woman.

My aspirations for 2022?  WIPocalypse for sure - I've been participating in this for about 10 years now, and love the encouragement from the group.

I also joined No New Starts for 2022 and WIPGO - No New Starts I participated in last year and didn't start ANY new projects for almost a full year - boy was that HARD!!

No New Starts has 3 different events you can choice from - Work your Wip (WYW), No New Starts (NNS) and 22 in 22.  I jointed 22 in 22 - which is basically declaring 22 projects, and as you finish one, you can add a new one of equal or less size, but must put in 200 stitches in your start immediately, which I thought - OMG that is a lot, but it really is not a lot of stitching.  I had planned on starting the year with 14 WIP's, but ended up finishing two of them in December, so I was down to 12, and added a new starts that would have been added during the year

This was my list as I originally posted it, but I finished Lucky 13 and Peter's Patch after I had posted so

so I'm adding 2 new ones - 

Scarlet LetterElizabeth Eyles
Glendon PlaceWITCH         

I think I have a nice variety of things to work on this year and looking forward to a few finishes, or at least progress on all of them.

WIPGO you setup like a Bingo board with 25 squares, each square has a goal that you need to work on in the month it was called, but you really just need to complete it at some point.  The first 2 numbers called were 2 and 19.  2 is starting my Right to Vote - which hasn't been started and I need to get 200 stitches in it the first time I work on it since it is part of my 22 in 22 as well.  I need a good afternoon to really get going on it.  The other number was for 2 animals on my CB afghan.  I might have over estimated my ability to do 2 animals!!  I got the Raccoons almost done working on it each night for a week, but ran out of one colour of threads, so it got put away for now.  I will pull it back out after I've worked on Right to Vote.  Can't wait to see what tomorrow February brings.  Hopefully next month I can add my board here and maybe will have some squares completed LOL

I will post pictures once I have some new ones taken and have them sorted out.  These are my goals for 2022.

Picture of myself (second from the right as you look at it) and my siblings.  this was the year I graduated from high school and this is a very OLD picture, but I look good LOL

Sunday, January 9, 2022


 It's that time of the month - time to post for WIPocalypse which is hosted by Measi and can be found  here WIPocalypse    I always enjoy seeing what other are doing, or more appropriately what other's have accomplished.  

So who am I, right now I've a very frustrated person - my computer screen went out on my laptop and I took in my computer to be fix and they wiped my hard drive because they decided they needed to upgrade my operating system :(. so I have NO pictures, no passwords, no nothing!!  I am rebuilding some stuff, but my pictures I will never get back, and it included pictures of my daughter that we lost to cancer 7 years ago this month and my sister that we lost to cancer 7 years ago this coming August.    Not to mention all the baby pictures of my grandkids, my travels and so many more.  I am sick, and the guy at the place just said - we aren't responsible for lost data........ so no pictures as I have to re-take them all

My plans this year was to participate in NoNewStarts 22:22 - which allows you to have 22 WIPs in progress.  Once you declare a WIP, it stays in the mix until it is done, but if you have a finish you can start something new :). I declared 14 to start with, which I need to go back and figure out what they were (lost my excel spreadsheets too).  The projects were classified into Big A@@ Projects, Large, Medium and Small.  If you completed a Small, you can only replace with a Small, but if you completed a BAP - you can replace with something smaller - i.e. Large, Medium or Small.  So I tried to pick out projects that would fit into all of those categories and left a few blanks so I could start things that hit my fancy during the year.

My goal is to get all my WIP's photographed again, and then do progress pictures.  Not sure how much progress I'll have this month as I'm working on my computer hoping that I can find some tidbits of stuff.

Hope everyone else had a much better start to the new year.  


Sunday, December 26, 2021

Well time to put 2021 stitching to bed for the year

 It's that time of the month - time to post what I've done in the last month on my WIP's for WIPocalypse which is hosted by Measi and can be found  here WIPocalypse    I always enjoy seeing what other are doing, or more appropriately what other's have accomplished.  

Each Month we are given a subject/question to answer, since it's the end of the year we are being asked to recap what we've accomplished for the year.  I can't say I'm totally happy with my accomplishments, but I managed to finish 4 different WIPs and more importantly, the one that was most important so I'll start there.

My Daughter told me in 2020 she was expecting a baby, but decided not to find out the sex until the baby was born.  So I started a girl and boy stocking with the idea I'd finish them both and then put a name on the top when it was time.  Well the boy stocking didn't get touched all year because deep down I knew I was having another grand-daughter and I did!!  And if it wasn't I figured I'd still have plenty of time to get the boy's stocking done.  

So here is the starting point of the stocking and it finishes minus the trim and loop at the top.  Not sure why I didn't take one more picture, but I didn't.  It was done and the stock was ready for her first Christmas.  

I will do the boy stocking and just put it away. I have 3 others kitted up to stitch at some point as well.  Since my kids are done having their own children, I want to get a jump on great-grandchildren.  I think Barbara Bush had it right when she stitched many stockings for future grandchildren.  I would love to have about 10 stitched and just needing names and finishings.  which can be done by anyone.

I also finished my Lucky 13 design.  This had 12 smaller motifs, you got a chart each month with #13 being a preview to another monthly series.  Wasn't thrilled with the new series, so opted not to participate if they decided to go that route.  I don't think I was alone in that decision.

Anyways, this was a SAL with my local LNS that went defunked when COVID hit, as I was not going to continue with the group in a small crowded shop.  Then of course, all non-essential shops were closed, so they worked around it and while they've had a couple of monthly stitch-ins I have not participated.  

I think the shop owner has written me off the list of monthly stitcher, but I'm OK with that until we have truly turned the corner and it's safe to socialize with people that aren't in your smaller bubbles.  

So here is where I started and the finish.  It's not framed yet, will do that after the first of the year.

I've also got another finish.  I completed Votes for Women.   I want my daughters and granddaughters never to take the right to vote for granted as many woman fought hard to get that right.  

I completed one in 2020 and have one more that I will start in 2022 and hopefully complete.  Once done then these will be gifted to my daughters and granddaughter.  I have raised very independent daughters, who have learned to rely on themselves and develop a relation based on mutual respect.  

My last finish for the year was my SB's Peter's Patch. I started this one maybe in 2015 and it sat unloved for many years.  I just wasn't into doing the middle borders with all the color changes.  I pulled this out in December and decided that it needed some time this year, and then decided that I should just get it finished.  While I'm calling it a finish, I found I missed 3 x's, so will need to get those done before I actual get it framed.  I will put the pictures in at the bottom.  I can't seem to get my pictures in like I would like them.

Peter's Patch isn't framed either, I need to find a picture of my Grandma Pearl to include with it, as my Grandmother was a practical woman (charge nurse at the hospital) and if she had a garden, it would have been vegetables.  this is a companion piece for Sophie's Roses, which I call Millie's Roses after my other Grandmother, who loved her rose garden and spent many hours tending them and taught as as well.

I started 2021 with 22 or 23 focused WIPS and didn't start anything new from 1/1/2021 to 12/17/2021.  Of those focused projects i worked on all but 2 - I didn't touch my L&L Ice Angel or SB's Peter's stocking.  

Neither of these will go into 2022 right now, but who knows they could make an appearance.  For now I have selected 22 other projects to focus on, with 14 that will be my starting focus and then will add the rest as the year goes on so I can have new starts throughout the year.  I'm so looking forward to 2022 being one step closer to my previous stitching levels.

Hope you all have great years, can't wait to see what others have done.


Thursday, December 9, 2021

Advent Calendar Blog Hop - 10 is my Day

I've joined Serendipitous Stitching's blog Serendipitious Stitching Blog for her Annual Advent Calendar Blog Hop.  While I LOVE Christmas, I don't do a lot of Christmas stitching other than Shepard Bush stockings.  I have done about 12 of the SB stockings and 2 duplicate stitched stockings and I that I tried to knit, which was an epic failure.  I love Halloween, so tend to gravitate more of my stitching to that theme when I have a choice.  I would have loved to have done Jo's Halloween hop, but I was overwhelmed with work during that time so was thrilled when she asked me to join for Christmas.

She asked us to tell you all about our tree, for years we had a real tree.  I grew up with a real tree, always at least 6' and sometimes taller.  The tree in the picture is probably 7 to 7 1/2 feet tall and was probably one of the last real trees we had in the house.   Hubby and I moved for my work, and left our daughters in the house, they really didn't do any Christmas decorating.  Our ceilings I think about 12' at the beam, so that will give you some feel for our tree. 

As for decorating it, I put the same ornaments on each year.  There were home made ones from the kids in school, and some from craft fairs, but there were also ornaments that were from my Grandmother's tree that I got when she passed away.  So while they aren't all the most prettiest, they are all special.  I guess the ones that I love the most are the Sesame Street ornaments that I got the year I divorced my 1st husband.  My son and I didn't have two nickels to rub together, but I managed to get a tree and we put it in a corner and only had enough decorations for about a 1/3 rd of the tree.  I splurged on the set of ornaments that I thought he would enjoy putting on the tree.  They have been going on the tree now for about 43 years.  Amazingly NONE have gotten broken.

I have an angel that goes on the family tree, it is one that I've had for about 49 years now.  She has seen better days and her wings have lost a lot of their glitter, but she watches over the house during the season, so she stays.  She is glass, so again amazing that she has lasted this long.  She stayed in KY when we moved to CA and then back to MI.  Hope to see her this year as the girls will put up a tree, hopefully.

Our kids and now grandkids have always helped decorate the tree.  Some times the lights go on the tree, and other times they end up on little children.  My Grandma Pearl always said if you let the children see and touch things, that they are less likely to try to hold them later.  And while the most precious ornaments go more towards the top, the kids do have a lot that they can put on themselves.  If they get broken we don't cry, we just reach in the box and get another one out.

When we moved to CA we left the ornaments at our KY home and we got a fake tree as we were in an apartment and tried to go back to MI or KY each year when we could.  I found a small tree at Big Lots that was cheap and that is what we put up.  I got some cheap ornaments, but have added a few nice ones.  The tree didn't come home with us when we moved back to our small house in MI.  So I got another fake tree for MI house and usually I put it up right after Thanksgiving, it is up now, but not pictures.  Its a little bit bigger than our apartment tree, but not much.

We will go to KY for our Granddaughter's first Christmas, but will be nice to have some decorations at our MI home too.  Hubby doesn't know but I got him a blow-up Santa for the front yard.  I used to put lights outside and lots of blowup at Christmas.  Our house was the talk of the neighborhood :)  I miss those days.

So what have I stitched that is Christmas themed?

I did needlepoint nativity figures and based on this picture that was 18 years ago!!  The designer was supposed to add animals and angels, but she never did, so Mary, Joseph, Jesus and the Wise Men stand alone each year.  This was one of my first dives into needlepoint and I changed almost all of the colors, because I didn't want mine to look like everyone else in the group that stitched them.

My middle daughter is a dog person, so one year i did this little chart for her with the frame.  I thought it was so cute.  I framed it myself and she has it hanging all year in her bedroom.  

And for my oldest daughter I did a Shepard Bush design, Road to Bethlehem.  I have lots of other Christmas themed designs by this designer and will get them done at some point.  Right now I'm working on one that is called Angel's Song.  If you search back you will see a picture of it.  I also did the back drop of a nativity scene for her with Ms. Martha figurines.  When she passed away, everything was packed up and put in our storage shed, so hopefully they are all out there and will go her daughter at some point.

I also love doing Lavender and Lace Angels, which alway remind me of Christmas, but are nice anytime of the year.  I have completed 3 angels and one Indian woman and have 3 Angels in my WIP bin.  Love them and will complete them at some point, but it's taking me longer because I went from being a one - at - a timer to thinking I could manage a rotation.  Or maybe I just suffer from shiny objects syndrom and always want to start the new fun things.  Going to focus in 2022 on one of them with the hope for a finish, Angel of Peace.

So now you know a little bit more about me.   Will leave you with a few more pictures.   The mug is my special mug from my Grandma Millie's house.  At dinners at her house we each had our own mug to drink out of, and the little blue bird was mine.  It is probably 60 plus years old and isn't used anymore, but rather in my china cabinet and reminds me of a simpler time when families did Sunday dinners.  the little house was in a card that I sent to my sister one year.  She kept it and has it on her piano, so I snapped a quick picture the last time I was at her house.

Thanks Jo for including me.  Look forward to see all those who are participating this year.