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Sunday, August 30, 2020

End of August and Time to check in with WIPocalypse

It's the last Sunday of the month and time to check in with WIPocalypse, where we all post our progress for the month.  This keeps me motivated and I'm making progress on my WIP.  Now if I'd just stop starting new ones I might actually get some of the older ones done.  Oh well.  

Measi is our wonderful host and if you'd like to see what others have been up too, you an do that here:

This month's question is where or not we've done any mystery SAL's and if so why made it great.  I have not, I did a mystery sampler by Just Nan called Chapter and Verse.  It was quite expensive and I was so disappointed in the total chart.  I think when it was said and done it was well over $100 and the sampler was only about 6" long.  Needless to say I never started it, and never finished it, not even sure where the charts are anymore, but remember being so excited about it and thinking it was would be wonderful as I'd seen many samplers in a year that were huge.   To be honest that was probably the last JN chart I ever purchased, and I have ALOT of them in my stash and I have stitch many of them.   I have been tempted by Factory Cloud, and I might do one of theirs, but for now I'm happy with waiting for the mystery to be over with and then seeing if I like it well enough to spend the dollars and time.

So what have I done?  Well I have a couple of finishes, one is a new start this month and the other is a SAL with the local shop that had pretty much gone defund.  But since I've paid for all the parts, I've committed to doing it.  So here is what I have, sorry that it's side ways.  I will take it to be framed when I get the chance.  So I have another new project in the q-snaps ready to start!!

here is my little Mummy and the start of the Vampire.  Not sure what I'l work on tonight, maybe the vampire.  He is little and cut and should be a quick finish.

My daughter's friend from high school is getting married in October, so she decided to do get together with a few of her close friends.  We went painting :)  it was fun and while I'm not an artist, here is what I ended up with:

You can see in the background what it was supposed to look like.  Missed that mark, but happy with the results.   Does it look like happy little trees?  It was a fun afternoon.

well until next month I guess that is all I have.


Thursday, August 6, 2020

Summer Biog Hop with Stitching Friends

I have always enjoyed Jo's Blog Hop and often am a lurker who goes out and does all of the blog hops and enjoys seeing what people are working on, or what they have to show off.  While I do lots of Halloween things, I don't really get too much into Christmas and I don't think I have any Easter designs at all.  So this hop was perfect for me.  Here is a link to her website

So my mystery Blogging "new" Friend in stitches was fun to go and see what she is up too and to my delight we are both working on the same sampler!!  

Based on her picture I am was probably a few rows ahead, but I'm sure by now she has exceeded where I am.  This is a Shepard Bush - Song of the Angel.  I started mine many years ago and then just stopped.  I pulled it out and worked on it again a little bit this year and managed to get 2 more rows done and started a 3rd road, which is more cross stitching.  I really thought I was almost done, only to be disappointed that I still had a long ways to go.  

This new blog friend posts about her mother, she labels her as DBEM, which I think is cleaver.  Her Mom is a wonderful knitter the same as her and while I have done sweaters in the past, mine are no where nears as nice as the ones she has posted on her blog.  I'm more of sock knitter or baby hats.   I've done some fancy socks in the past, but most of the time I just like the simple basic sock pattern.  But I have done a simple sweater, so I can totally related to her Mom's love of yarn - and what a wonderful daughter that makes sure she has plenty of it to get through these times.
She post about putting in the last stitching on a Quaker design about Japan.  It really is wonderful and I've done a Quaker design for Halloween that i finished a few years back.  I'm inspired by her design and if she enjoyed it she might like to try a few more :)  I have several that I have purchased over the years by AuryTM - I love the Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland, also the Mermaid :) , this designer also has Peter Pan and is coming out with Mary Poppins soon.  I enjoy the symmetry of the design and have started Rosewood Manor's Autumn Quaker and the Winter lined up to start.

She also shows off her hardanger work, which really impresses me.  I've tried my hand at it, but I've not been too successful, so be sure to scroll back and see her work here too.

So who is this wonderful person?

My Stitching Friend is - 

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Is it really the last Sunday of July?

Wow can't believe the summer is almost over and it seems like it really hasn't started yet.  What is really throwing me off is my usual deadlines, normally I'm way too busy thought the end of May, then have one last big project that I have until the end of July to meet.  This year all the deadlines got pushed back a couple of times, so our really busy time just seems to go on and on and on......and it is really throwing off my internal clock.  You'd be amazed at how many webinar's I participate in each week for COVID-19.  I'm sorry if you think it's not real but it is, and in my industry it's been devastating.

So here I am getting my blog ready for the last Sunday of July's update to WIPocalypse which you can find here:

or you can join the FaceBook group.  This SAL helps to inspire you to get your WIPs done before the end of time.

The question is what charts or designs have really caught your eye this year?

I really don't know if its so much new as being re-inspired - lately it's been privatives and quaker charts.  This is the most recent purchase.   Also purchased the Peter Pan Quaker, to go with my Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz Quarters - and I think they have Mary Poppins coming out in August :)  don't you think those would all look great hanging together?

The poem on this picture to the left, I want to do with L&L's Mother's Tree for my granddaughter.  While the tree is pretty I'm thinking I'd like to add a poem to it as well.  I found one a few years ago that I think will work well, but then saw this one and really love it too.   so this might be a 2021 start.

So what have I been doing since the last check in?  I have been stitching, but not as much as I would have liked.  I was hoping to be able to post pictures of my last two finishes framed, but my framer is not speedy, so not sure when I'll get them back.

I have had two small finishes that are part of larger projects that are in progress.  I'm celebrating the smaller finishes within so I feel like I'm making progress.

First up is from My Family Tree - this is the house for our older daughter.  I've stared the square for our son.  I had leave  out of of the design so I could use 3 initials.  Not sure why this one was charted with just 2 initials.  But the house reminds me of the house she purchased before she had her daughter.

I finished Frankenstein from Lucky 13 and have started the Mummy.  So I now have 4 of the 12 motifs done, there are 6 in each row.  They do stitch quickly and I thought I would have the Mummy finished, but I worked a little bit on another WIP on my lunch, so got behind.

 I also worked on my Multiplication is a Vixen or something like that, but found that my squares were off so I had to take it all out and re-do.  I thought I have an update, but I guess I didn't take a picture.  Will have one next month.  And I started a new project, but not enough done on it that it looks like anything more than a straight line of x's.  So will hold both of those for next month.  Hope the new one will be a finish by then as it's not really big and pretty simple.

Might have some excited news next month as well and 2 new projects :)  Won't know for  while yet, but I'm always looking for something positive to happen, so I'm hopeful.

Hope you all had a wonderful stitching month!!


Sunday, June 28, 2020

Last Sunday of June

its the last Sunday of June and time to check in with WIPocalypse.  I missed May's check in because I had left my connection cord I used to download my pictures on my computer in MI and I was in KY.

So if you want to see what other stitches are doing go here:

So this months question is do give a re-cap of how you are doing and are you achieving your goals for the year?

All I can say is HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA............not doing well on my goals at all, some of them I haven't touched at all, but I have to admit I have finished one of them :)  And found a frog that has been laughing at me for a few years, just waiting for me to find my HUGE mistake.

So I'm going to start with my finishes from the last 2 months:

 BEGIN by Bent Creek is done - I loved this one, it stitched up so fast and I really enjoyed it.  I have it at the framers and hoping to get it done by the first of August so I can have my granddaughter paint on the matting around it.  This was my January 1 start, so I'm happy it was also a finish and not another WIP.

Next finish was from last weekend.  It's my Song of the Season by Little House of Needlework.  It was a 3 Part mystery, but I got it when all the parts were out and the mystery was over.  I've been burned on mysteries before, so I don't get them until I know I like them and will stitch.  There are a few "creative" moments in this, but nothing too bad.  I will take this to the framer this week as well.  One of the problems with moving is having to find a new framer.  I sure do miss the one I went to in CA.

Last up is from Lucky 13, can't remember the designer.  This one is a SAL at my local shop, that with the stay at home orders has pretty well gone defunk   The shop is very small and when we would get together for the monthly stitch-in, it was in a very crowded part of the shop.  Fortunately there were only 4 or 5 of us that would show up, so we were able to still around the small table and a folding table.  I am enjoying this more than I thought I would.  I have 3 of the 12 done and I'm doing the words between the first row and the second row of motifs as I go.

June was supposed to be a stitching challenge of stitching every day, even if it was just one stitch.  Well the month started out pretty good, but I faded fast when my daughter dame for a visit.   But as you can see I did get some stitching done.

I started on the next motif on Lucky 13 Frankenstien.  I have more done than this, but didn't get an updated picture yet.  Most of the head is done, and I think I have a lot of the jacket done also.  After this one I think is the Mummy which should be fun, but I think more color changes.

Next up is my Sample of a Multiplication table.  The first picture was where it was when I started, the second picture is where I am now.  Yes I'm taking the table out, it was supposed to be 12 stitches wide and I made it 13.  I know that wouldn't have been bad, but with 12 across, that is one whole set of boxes off.  So I'm unstitching it - this is the project that has been laugh at me for a few years now.  I did the square boxes first as that was the middle.  So I'm sure there will be other compensating now, but we'll work it out.  Also goofed on the small stems up the left side, they are supposed to be 4 stitch long and I made them all 3.  So will need to go and add one more stitch to them.

Next up is my Mourning Angel's Sampler.  I was doing it on 40 ct., but the face of the angel is over one, and I had it all messed up.  So I got new material that was 28 ct. and started it over.  I'm a little bit father along than the picture shows. I started to outline the angel's wings but found my stitching is off, so will need to figure it out before I do anything more.  It's in time out again, but will come out for some loving as I really want to get this one done.

Last picture if my Fall Quaker by Rosewood Manor.  I decided to give it a little loving this month.  There is a lot of thread changes that have to be done, and I discovered that the tip of the arrow is the wrong color.  But not going back and changing.  I'm OK with the colors.  I want to start the Winter Quaker, but need to get if not all of this one done, enough of it done that I don't feel back about adding another WIP to my bags/bins this year.

I have also been working on a needlepoint belt, but no pictures.  It works out well for calls that I have to be on, but don't need to pay 100% attention.  Maybe next month I'll take a picture and show.

I also started another house on my Family Tree - but alas no picture.  I will take a picture of it for next month, maybe it will be a finish by then.

I will take up the stitching challenge again in July to try to stitch everyday.  I also plan on doing the zoom stitching with my group from CA.  I've done that a couple of time now and enjoy it, not as much as actually stitching with them, but more than stitching by myself.

Hope you are all having a great month and a better July.  I can't believe it's July soon, looking forward to another 3 day weekend :)


Sunday, April 26, 2020

April is almost over....

Dear Blogging world:

I don't know where the time is going, normally by now I'm knee deep in work and my weekends would be spend actually at work, working mega hours.  However with the current crisis and the additional of 2 more people in our department, I'm not as busy as I would have been, and the government in all of their wisdom has given us a 60 day extension to file our reports.  So in my new boss' wisdom, or lack there of, he has opted to take advantage of that time.  At some point it will all catch up as we just go from deadlines to deadlines, so pushing one, only pushes it into another one.  Oh well.....

On the upside I have been doing some stitching, not to the extent as others, but I've been busy just the same.

Any-who-how, this is the monthly check in for WIPocalypse.  If you want to see more about it you can go here

and see what other talented stitcher are doing.  I am always at awe for the folks who do the HAED, I have one that is a total cover long before HAED was even through about, but not sure if I'll ever get the courage up to actually do the design.

This months question is - Tell us about your longest running WIP/UFO......I probably have WIP/UFO's older than most of you out here in WIPocalypse land :(  It's not that I don't love them, I do it's just for some reason they got put into time out and haven't made an appearance again.

The oldest was started in 1974, not sure where it is, it was a needlepoint kit and when I look at it and realized just how far I've come in what I know and my stitching ability.  I will pull it out and finish it one day, and get it framed as a reminder of where I started and where I am today.

I am including pictures for other older WIP/UFO's,  these are in no particular order:

The long skinny green one was a Round Robin - all of the squares were completed by others, I was going to x-stitch a poem in about forgotten projects LOL - well it has sat this way for many, many years.

The one with letters on it was going to be a cross-word type design with my kids names - totally lost interest in working on it when the round robin went defund.  I was happy to get it back and I finished a few more squares.  One day it will come out again as I need to figure out if I can add in the grandchildren now.   Maybe I'll put it out this year and add another letter.

The last one is probably the oldest of the ones shown today.  It it about 32 year old, I started it with the idea that our last initial would be in the middle and then I would add squares that represented each of our 4 kids, my hubby and myself and then add to it over the years.  I started on it, but then decided it was such a good idea that I would do the same for my parent's 40th wedding anniversary.  So it was put aside, my parents will be married 69 years this year and it took me 2 years to complete their afghan.  Hopefully the W chart is still with the afghan along with the green threads as their were generic  and I couldn't come close to those shades again.  One day it will get done as I have collected charts to add to it.

These are among my oldest, and one day they will be finished, I hope, but until then I will work on my current projects and maybe get one or two of them done.

So what did I do this month?  Well I had a few kind of finishes :)

First up is one page out of 13 on my Family Tree.  So happy to have it done.  I am getting the box in for the second one ready start start.  My parents and myself will be the column left of the tree.  Hubby and his parents will be right of the tree and the 4 kids will be across the top.  I really love this chart and not sure why I put it away and haven't worked on it for several years.  But it's out and I'm having fun working on it.  I'm changing the house based on what different houses have looked like that we've lived in or our parents.

I finished #3 of Lucky 13, which really is only the second one for me.  Isn't the ghost cute?  Next up are pumpkins.  I want to get more words done that a will help me get the other charts placed correctly.  I'm enjoying this one, it is a new start this year as a SAL at our LNS.  With the virus and the stay at home, I haven't seen the group in a while.  They will be surprised at my progress.  Last time we were in the group I had started on the witch, but hadn't gotten very far.

Lastly I worked on my BEGIN.  I got a few more trees done on the top.  I only work on this one during my lunch break.  With all of the calls I've been having and webinars and meetings, and since I'm 3 hours ahead of most of my company, it seems like my lunch time is spend on calls instead of stitching.  Hopefully I'll get to work on it more this coming month.  I want this one done for Christmas for my middle daughter.

I am enjoying stitching more this year, and hoping to get back to quilting this summer when the basement warm up a little bit more.

I hope everyone is staying safe and not going too stir crazy.  I'm a home body most of the time, so it doesn't bother me not to go out.  My hubby is more of a people person, so this is driving him crazy.  Thankfully he has a yard to play in this year and once the weather gets a little bit nicer, he will be spending his days outside working in his garden and keeping the lawn green.


Sunday, March 29, 2020

March - Hunkering down

I have to say this has been one heck of a month and life as we knew it has changed, regardless where you are, we are all in this together.

This is the monthly check in for our WIPocalypse, where we work on the projects we'd like to get finished before the world comes to an end, and boy do I have a lot to get done!!  So world, lets not end, I have way too much and I'm constantly planning more!!  I started to pull stuff or yet a 3rd start that I have planned this year - a new chart, but more about that next month :)  Something to look forward to doing!!

Measi is our wonderful host for this party.  She lets us link up our blogs to her's every month so you can see what everyone is doing with just one click.  I'm not a techie, so I'm always amazed at people who can figure this all out.  If you'd like to see what others are doing go here  - or if you are on FaceBook, you can join the group there too.

So the question this month:

Topic: Have you ever adopted a piece from someone else or gave up a piece to someone else? Which piece and why?

This is a great question.  Many, many years ago I was struggling with a picture that I totally loved, but I just couldn't do all the confetti stitches, they were driving me nuts.  My friend offered to do them for me and I took her up on it.  I got a lot of flack from other stitches for actually having someone else finish my project, but I don't regret it at all.  I was hoping I had a before picture of what I had actually done, but I guess I didn't take one.  That was back in the day when I wasn't taking pictures.  So you'll have to take my work when I say I had the men and the boy pretty much done, it was the water that was driving me nuts.  I love this picture and it hangs in my house all the time.  It's called the Baptism by Green Apple.

March started off well and for the first week or so I stitched every day, and more than one stitch on most days, but then I  totally fell off track.  I did manage to get my sister's birthday present done, but as all things, the big birthday party for her and my Mom was canceled.  We have postponed it until this summer.  Here is it, like how it turned out, hope she does too.  I still need to sew the bookmarked together, found the thread just need to put it on my sewing machine and sew.

I also worked on a few other things this month.

Not much accomplished on The Wiz - just a little more background.  This is my mindless work - just basketweave.

Then I started the 2nd chart on my Lucky 13 - the ghost.  Since it is almost all white, it's kind of boring to work on, but will pull it back out this month to work on it some more.  Almost time to move the q-snap, so that will be my April goal.

While in KY I was able to go to one of the G2G.  It was before their lock down order.

I worked on my Song of the Seasons.  The middle section of Part 2 is almost done.  I really like working on this one.   Will need to pull it out again in April and work on it, maybe I can get it done!!  OK not the whole things, but the middle section of the middle section.

Last WIP I worked on was my 2020 start - BEGIN.  I like working with this more because I can stitch for a few hours and feel like I've accomplished something, like a tree or a letter.  Will be focusing on the trees in April so I can move the q-snaps again.

I did a little sewing this month too.  My daughter works in a local hospital as an in-take person.  Since she is not nursing, they don't deem her position as essential and with the shortage of supplies, she is not given face masks at this point.  So while they try to do social distancing, it's not always possible.  So she asked sister and I to sew her some masks.  They aren't the best solution, but better than nothing.  I will be sending off mine to her tomorrow in the mail.  My sister send some yesterday, so she will have them on Tuesday.  Not the best job, but I'm getting the hang of it.  And while sewing I did my Dad's Snoopy pillowcases and finished up the rest that weren't done before Christmas.

Hope you are staying safe and hunkering down with your stitching.

Saturday, February 29, 2020

It's Leap Day

And time to post WIPocalypse update for the month of February.  If you want to see more wonderful work by other lovely stitchers you can see them here

or if you are FaceBook fan, then check out the group, I love this SAL - you can go at your own pace and work on what sparks your interest.  Love looking at all of the HAED that people do, not brave enough for them YET LOL.

Each month we have a new question to answer and since this is Leap day the question is have we ever taken a leap of faith in our stitching journey (or something similar to that).

It is funny, while going through my stash that has been in boxes for the last 8 years (*see comment below) I found the first band sampler I ever did, which was about 24 years ago.  Sorry for the wrinkles as it it ended up in a box crumpled, not the way it was left behind.

** when we moved to CA I only took enough projects to keep me occupied for the next 10 years... the rest were packed away for when I moved back home.

 When you just look at it, it looks pretty good, but when you really LOOK at it you can see my mistakes.  Rows that went a little too far because they weren't centered right or areas that I got a little over zealous in the size of my stitchings.  So my leap of faith was my ability to to do speciality stitches and using silk.

Once I made this leap I never looked back.  These are just a few of the band samplers the I've done over the years.  I love working with the silk and over dyed thread as well as doing the speciality stitches.

So taking a leap of faith is always worth the risk, it can lead to something new and excited.  Since then I have ventured into using these threads and techniques in more than just band samplers, like needlepoint.

So what have I done since the last check in?  I've been busy, but not as busy as I would like.  I keep thinking - OMG it's almost March and I've not even touched some of the larger projects that I wanted to work on!!  What is wrong with me???

Then I look at what I'm doing and figure I need to enjoy the ride and the others will come.  I must say I am totally enjoying getting back into stitching, last year I didn't do much.  I try to put in a few stitches every day, and some days, those few turn into a lot.

So I have 3 actual finishes, The Iris bookmarked which is a birthday present for my sister in March.  The Crane which will go into a pocket mirror for my oldest granddaughter.  The last finish is the first of the Lucky 13 design with my SAL group in Saginaw.  Most of the ladies are well into this SAL and have completed 8 or 9, but I'm happy with my 1st one!!  It think there is one lady who hasn't started at all, so I have company back at the starting line LOL.

I have two new starts this month - the first is a needlepoint belt for my son, it's a dragon and  I'm just starting it, so have a very long way to go.   This makes an excellent traveling project as I don't need a chart to follow and there isn't a lot of detail in it, so should be simple to stitch.

My other new start is another needlepoint, it's the flowers.  This will go into a credit card holder for my sister's birthday in March as well.  I need to focus on this over the next week and get it done.  I have two of the 3 flowers petals stitched and the green leaves done.  I will get the yellow flower done next and then start on the back ground.  The center of the flowers will be french knots, would have liked beads, but they tend to break on objects used.

I made progress on my 1/1/2020 start - I'm about 1/3 of the way done with it and really enjoying working on it.  In fact it is sitting next to me right now waiting for some loving on this sunny but cold Saturday.

The last project that received love this month is my Song of the Season, which I pretty much finished up 1/3 of Part 2 - the right area of this section.  Then worked more on the center section, which I would call about at least 1/2 done :)  I'm hoping to finish up that section in March and then the last section in April.  With any luck this one will be totally finished this year.  The 3rd section should go faster, as there isn't a lot there - the alphabet and some other small motifs if I remember right.

I also worked on my Peter's Patch, but for some reason didn't take a picture, so will post something about it next month.

Once my sister's gifts are done I plan on focusing on my Peace Angel, would love to get the wings done and start on the dress this year.   My needlepoint small projects have been my lunch time stitching, before that I was working on this angel.  So she will get rotated back to the lunch hours.

Also will be pulling out another big project, just not sure which one is calling out the loudest.  Right now its my Family Tree design, really want to finish up the section I started.  However the Autumn Quaker is also calling my when the kids are yelling for me LOL

Hope you have all had a wonderful month, can't wait to see what you've accomplished.