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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Working hard? or Hardly Working?

Are you getting stuff done?  I see people posting their first finished for 2013 and I've barely started!!  I feel so far behind and I've hardly started!!

I had big plans for stitching this weekend, but only ended up stitching for about 6 hrs and 41 minutes, far short of what I was hoping.  Why do I know who much time I've spent?  I'm actually tracking it, I've joined the Stash Diet, so anything I spend on stitching will need to be earned, which is at $.10/hr.  I think I'm up to two DMC flosses - ok, so it's slow going, sure glad I have a BIG stash that I can play with when I'm not in a stitching mood.  

But alas I did get some stitching done and lots of new projects planned.  This is my progress on Thine is the Trick and Treat.  I almost have the first page of 6 done!!  It will be easy to measure my progress.  My q-snaps are big enough for one page :)  I actually started this 12/31/12, but didn't track my time prior to 1/1/13.

Next start will be the needlepoint by Painted Pony - Princess.  I have lots of different threads and I'm trying to figure out a stitch for the skirt that I can do in pink and a sparkly pink.  I think I have an idea of what I want to do, but will need to doodle it on the side to see if I get the look I want.  I have the thread for the wings and beads for the castle.  I'm excited about starting this one - needless to say, she won't be a blond when it's all said and done - not sure what I'll do for the hair yet - I'm thinking curls with bullion stitches.

The bag is full of lots of different threads I've picked out - way too many I know, but I like to have a lot of variety as I'm planning, so I tend to over pull from my stash, and of course my granddaughter picked out some thread this summer, sooooooooo we'll see how it all goes together.

My last new start this month will be Peter's Patch by Shepherd's Bush.  I did their Sophie's Roses and framed it with 2 pictures of my Grandma, plan to do the same with this one, only will put pictures of my grandma Pearl - she was a very practical woman - if she were to do a garden, I'm sure it would have been a vegetable garden - which would be practical because you could eat the fruits (or vegetables) of your labor, vs. my other grandma who's pride and joy were her roses, she grew vegetables too, but they were generally hidden in the back part of the yard, not seen my most visitors.

I did work on my lady and will post a picture of her, but not for a couple of weeks, I want the change to really be noticeable.  My goal is to stitch at least 20 hrs a month on her, if not more.

I got surged the material for the Sleeping Princess and for August Fairy and both are in their bags waiting to be put on q-snaps.  Also surged round Peter's Patch and put the threads on the heart shaped thread sorter that comes with the kit and labeled them according to color and symbol.  Also read the instructions, can't wait to start this, maybe next Sunday.

Next weekend I'm going to a doll and teddy bear show with my sister!!  Can't wait.  Will post pictures of the bears we see.  I'm not planning on buying any, but you never know :)


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