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Sunday, August 4, 2013

I got not 1 but 2 finishes this weekend :)

I am so excited, I managed to finish up 2 projects this weekend.  One I started last weekend when I felt like I needed something in my life finished.  I am drawn to large projects and I generally do well at the beginning, but fade in middle and it often takes years to finish up because they are banned to the "bin".

The other finish was started at the beginning of the year, so I can cross it off my list, if I remember how LOL!!  So excited, doesn't take much to make me happy.

First up is SB's "Boo To You".  It's not framed yet, but the kit came with the matting, isn't it cute?  I have some form board, so just need to find a small frame.  I don't think I'll take it to the framer, I can do this one myself :)   I think I'm going to add more smaller projects into my mix - have pulled out 4 small canvases that LNS was doing a few years back as a project a month.  Didn't want to do all 12, so picked out 4 that I liked, I think they can be done in a day or less, so when I'm not feeling projective again, will work on one of them.

The next up is my "Halloween Tree" by M Designs. While I liked this pattern when I saw it, it wasn't one that I necessarily was going to do right away.  But after I figure out what I paid for the button pack (cost more than the chart and linen put together), decided it really needed to be done sooner rather than later.  So I finished it up this weekend and will take it to the framers next weekend.  When I got to the end I found out that the material was 1" shorter than it should have been :(  So will let the experts figure out how to frame it when they don't have the full 3" all the way around.

 I used invisible thread to sew on the buttons because there wasn't any thread that would have matched the color of the buttons and the material.  Threading invisible thread in a very tiny needle is a trip!!  But I managed to get it done and while there are two buttons in the wrong place, unless you are looking at the picture on the chart and my finish, you really don't I'm not taking it out and re-doing.  This one is for me anyway, and I can live with it.

My mistake is just glaring at me :(
After two successes this weekend, thought I'd work on my lady and see if I couldn't make it 3 - what a feat that would be...right???  Well as I was working on the beads at the bottom of the skirt I figure out that I switched the yellow beads and the orange bead.........Not only did I mess it up on the bottom of the skirt, but through out the whole design!!  YUK!!  I don't want to take out what I've done - figure it really don't matter anyplace but at the bottom of the skirt.  Needless to say this has been sidelined for a while AGAIN.   It is also sidelined because through out the whole design I've been off 2 stitches, and it is haunting me again.

So to sooth my distressed soul I did what any stitcher would do and started a new project :)

New Start
My granddaughter has a loose tooth and while we made her a small tooth pillow while she was here, I pulled this out of my stash and started it.  Not sure what I'll do for the grass - I'm thinking just a basket weave.  The rainbow of course will be metallic :)   Just need to find a green and yellow and a stitch.  I tried a satin stitch, but it didn't look right, so decided to work on the sky until I can figure out what I want to do.  Decided no beads, but will use french knots most likely for the tree line and the flowers.

Well, going to go back and work on some stitching after I get done visiting all of the blogs I love to see....While I might not have actually signed up to follow your blogs, I have book marked them.  They are so inspiring, especially when I've done something dumb like beading the wrong beads.

Hope you all have had a great weekend and got lots of stuff done - stitching or otherwise!!



  1. What a cute ornie! Halloween Tree looks incredible! I love how all the buttons are symmetrical. No one will ever know about the mismatched beads on your Lady, but putting her away and starting a new project sounds like a good plan to me! The rainbow tooth is so cute!

  2. Your stitching looks great Sandy, Halloween Tree is a new favorite of mine :) Congrats on finishing your Halloween ornie too, it is adorable.