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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Still no new pictures, but that doesn't mean no progress :)

I've not uploaded any new pictures yet, mainly because I've not taken any, but that doesn't mean I'm not working on something.  I'm just not working on what I should be, but that's OK what are a few more projects to obsessive over not being done?????

So what have I started?  Another pair of socks in this really neat yarn that is dark blue, light blue, purples and a few shades in-between.   I was going to work on my sister's sock during my Thanksgiving holiday, but didn't have it handy when I was ready to knit, so started a new pair - I only have 3 going, which is OK and perfectly normal for me.  I also started a child's sweater for my new grand child due in February.  Given the speed in which I knit, I got a size 2-4, so I have a while before it needs to be completed.  It is in yellows, greens and blues (d-i-l doesn't like pink).  Its a simple sweater and I have a good start on it.

I did work a little bit on my SB Angel's Song band, didn't get a lot done, hoping to pull out something else to work on before the day is done.

I've also been thinking about how I want to plan out my 2014 year.  I'm going to limit the number of projects that I'll work on, and need to set up mini goals along the way.  The hard part for me is sticking to my plan.  Will spend the next couple of weeks figuring it all out and then post it all New Year's eve…this year we'll be at home because it occurs in the middle of the week.  I'm not really one for going out, hate the crowds and the noise and most of all the traffic driving home.  So looking forward to a quiet night.

Hope you've all had a great thanksgiving!!  And enjoyed the long weekend with lots of fun stuff.  Fighting crowds is not my thing, so spent move of Black Friday catching up on my sleep.  Tomorrow going to go and see a lace exhibit and hopefully hit a quilt store or yarn store.  My niece and nephew both do a lot of outside activities (running and biking), and since they live in CO, they could use a wool hat with the reflecting thread.  I can usually knit a simple hat in a day or less, so maybe it will be done by Christmas.

So what projects did you all have planned for Christmas that will be pushed into next year?  Are there other great starters out there, who sometimes fall short of the finish line?  Or am I the only one???


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