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Friday, June 6, 2014

When life doesn't provide the right light for stitching

it will provide the right light for knitting :)

While playing hooky from my responsibilities the other day (chemo for daughter got canceled so we spent most of the day together, had a great time) I came across a x-stitch/knitting shop and found this yummy pink yarn.  OK, I actually knew about the shop and had it on my wish list of places to go, my daughter is just a good sport and agreed to go with me.  We also had a wonderful time in a small cafe drinking some wonderful coffee for her and "dirty" chai tea for me (it had a shot of coffee).  Her chemo was rescheduled this week, so I was able to go with her this week instead.  She is doing well so thanks to all the wonderful people who have included her in their thoughts and prayers, we believe in the power of prayers :)

My granddaughter is such a pink fanatic and this yarn just seemed to be perfect.  I have knitted to this point 3 times, one time too small, one time I managed to get a hole in the yarn and then totally messed it up trying to unknit to the point of the hole and the 3rd time seems like the charm, no holes and it fits, a little bit big, but she is growing like a weed!!  While I don't "mind" pink, this sock will really be PINK!!  There is purple in it, but it just seems SO VERY PINK right now.  Hope to hit a purple section again soon (very top is actually purple), the sock is actually a little bit longer than this picture shows and almost ready to start the heel.

I also got 2 skeins of yarn that are so very soft and is supposed to be wool free!!  Going to see about making a pair of fingerless gloves out of one of them for my daughter.  She gets hand cramps during her chemo sessions and I hoping this will keep her hands warm and avoid hand cramps.

One of my other daughters said she ran into some knitters who make fingerless gloves and hats for chemo patients, they took her name and address and said they would send some gloves.  Hope so, would love to see their pattern, might give me some additional ideas.

I have tried to do some stitching, but the light in the evening hasn't been good, and right now there is no additional lights in the living room.  During the day I've been busy running around which is when I would be able to see to stitch.

Hoping to have a stitching update the next time, need to work on my 3 L&L angels, 2 have been totally ignored for months and one has been worked on, but not as much as I should.

Hope you are getting in some quality stitching time and enjoying the start of summer.


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