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Saturday, December 20, 2014

If only reality lived up to expectations

No pictures to post, no progress to show :(  I don't do well when I have all the time in the world to get something done.  I am definately a person who needs to be working all of the time if I hope to get anything accomplished in my spare time.

I had surgery a few weeks ago and I'm off work for 6 weeks.  I'm feeling fine now, still a little slow and can't lift anything heavy, but not ready to go back to work yet by any means.

While I was off I had so many things planned, I mean I could stitch for 8 hrs a day right????   I have visions of finishing something, anything!!  I took out 4 wool appliqué projects to get done, I have material to do 6 place mats and we won't even start to count the WIPs/UFOs that are in my bins waiting for attention.

Well I've not stitched a stitch in weeks, I've not sewn my rag quilts, not cut out one thing on the wool appliqué and I only finished 1 of the 2 stockings……

Oh well, I have lots of plans for 1st of the year, and I will also be back to work and starting my busy season, so look for lots of progress!!  I work better under pressure (yes, I love Queen and Under Pressure is one of my right tones!!)

So if my expectations could only live up to reality, I would be one stitching fool!!

But the time hasn't been totally wasted, I did make cookies from my Grandmother's receipts :)  They have been sent to various people so I'm not eating them all myself :).  Below are pictures of 3 of the 5 kinds I made.  Not shown were my Twisties and the Church Windows - all so yummy!!  Still owe hubby a buttermilk pie, maybe tomorrow or for sure Christmas eve :)

Cinnamon Stars

Animal Cookies which have since been frosted

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  1. LOL, sing it, sister! I can't get anything done unless I have too much to do either. The cookies look delicious.