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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

So here is my wish list for 2015

I know I've posted pictures of many of these in the past, but here is my official list.  Not sure how it got so long.  My original intent was to limit it about 15 that were a mix of new starts and WIP/UFO's, but some where along the process it just grew on it's own….the sad/best part (depending on how you look at it), I have all the supplies for all of them, and they are all ready to go, well except for the grid ding on Oh My Stars - I had to take out what I'd done and I'm re-doing it, so that may wait for while before it actually gets started.  The ones with due dates need to be done, then I have some indicated that I want to have them finished, the rest I'm OK with them being carried over to 2016.

Hope you are all having fun figuring out what you want to accomplish in 2015.


Designer Project Type Start Comment
1 Needle Delight Oh My Stars Counted Canvas 2015  
2 Unknown The Wiz Needlepoint 2000  
3 Leigh's Designs Dragon Needlepoint 2009  
4 Unknown Train Belt Needlepoint 2012  
5 Cheryl Schaeffer Mine Light Bulb-Gingerbread Needlepoint 2014 Almost done
6 Cheryl Schaeffer Mini Light Bulb-Peguin Needlepoint 2015 Due Nov 2015
7 Cheryl Schaeffer Mini Light Bulb-Santa Needlepoint 2015 Due Nov 2015
8 Unknown Tooth Pillow-Animals Needlepoint 2015  
9 L&L Ice Angel X-stitch 2002 Want to finish
10 L&L Peace Angel X-stitch 2014  
11 SB Peter's Patch X-stitch 2013  
12 TIAG EarthDancer X-stitch 2013 Want to finish
13 Mirabilia Designs August Peridot Fairy X-stitch 2014 Want to finish
14 Twisted Threads Orthida the Witch X-stitch 2014 Almost done - should be finished
15 SB Angel's Song X-stitch 2014  
16 Rosewood Manor Autum Quakers X-stitch 2015  
17 Courney Collection PeliCan X-stitch 2015  
18 Mirabilia Designs Sleeping Princess X-stitch 2015  
19 Hinzeit Nine Lives X-stitch 2015 Want to finish
20 Nora Corbett Letter D Mermaid X-stitch 2015 Want to finish
21 Indigo Rose Walking to St Ives X-stitch 2015  
22 Dragon Fire Designs Family X-stitch 2015  
23 Dragon Fire Designs Friend X-stitch 2015 Want to finish
24 Country Stitches-With Thy Needle Forget me Not X-stitch 2015  
25 Curtis Boehringers Ostrich X-stitch 2015 Want to finish
26 Curtis Boehringers Panda X-stitch 2015 Want to finish
27 Curtis Boehringers Quail X-stitch 2015 Want to finish
28 Lizzy Kate Let Them be Small X-stitch 2015 Want to finish
29 Pen & Ink X-stitch Collection Ms. Marley & Me X-stitch 2015  
30 SB Stocking TBD X-stitch 2015 Due Nov 2015
31 Maureen Appleton Inspire Others X-stitch 2015  
32 Dimple Designs Queen Bee Bumblebee X-stitch 2015  
33 Nora Corbett Letter A Mermaids X-stitch 2015  
34 Rosewood Manor American Flag Quilt Sampler X-stitch 2015  
35 Victorian Sampler "T" is for Teacher X-stitch 2015  
36 L&L Mother's Tree X-stitch 2015  
11 WIP
25 New Starts


  1. Your 2015 is set to be busy and hopefully productive. I need my 2015 list done soon. My 2014 was a small failure. None of the old wips (prior to 2014) completed ... and even those done in 2014 were lacking in quantity.
    Sorry for a bit of a moan ... 2015 will be a great year for all of us!!!

  2. Thanks Lija, I'm optimistic to say the least and appreciate you support. Can't wait to see you 2015 list - I'm sure you'll do well too.

  3. Quite an impressive list here! LOL I listed 10 for cross stitch and 10 for needlepoint, but I have a longer list that I'd love to get to this year (34 actually). I'll be happy with the 20 listed, though Father Christmas will NOT be done this year.

  4. This is an ambitious list! Best of luck for the year and looking forward to seeing your progress!