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Friday, December 5, 2014

Stitching in Sunny Cal with 6 finishes for 2014

The last full moon for 2014

I can’t believe the year is almost over.  It seems like it just started, but will be happy to see it go.  This has been a very difficult year for us, and we’ve cried an ocean of tears.   My stitching has been my salvation.  While I don’t have nearly the completed projects other stitchers in this group have completed, it has been great having this group to encourage me to stitch something each month. 

Here is our theme for this last full moon

December 6 – Theme: Recap your accomplishments for the year! (Your finishes, your final before/after photos, etc.).

Is this recap or a confession?  If it’s a confession what are my penance for not meeting my goals?  So here are my goals from the beginning of the year.  Things started out well, but its been a difficult year for us.

Large projects:

August Peridot Fairy – Miriabilia – I’ve worked on it and have made progress, but it’s a long way to being completed.  So this will be on my 2015 list.  No before - this was a 2014 Start (or at least I think it was)

EarthDancer – Butternut Road – I really wanted this one completed this year, but it was put on hold as I worked on other projects.  I have gotten some stuff done, but not enough.  This project is for my youngest daughter, was going to be her high school graduation, then college, then master’s graduation and now when it get done.  I just started it this year, but it’s been in my to-do pile for over 10 years.  It’s time – move it to 2015!! This one got set aside early in 2014 and didn't see much more progress.

Peace Angel – Lavender & Lace – I only have the tips of the wings done :(.  I was really hoping for more, but in the reality of life, it’s further along that I thought I would get.  This is for my youngest Granddaughter – Arwen. 

When my son said he was expecting our first grandchild, I got Angel of the Sea done at about the time my grandson was born.  In the Arms of an Angel was done for our second grandchild and was given to my granddaughter for her 4th birthday. SpiritDancer was done by my grandson’s 3rd birthday, which I thought was pretty good.  Maybe this one will be done for Arwen’s 2nd birthday.  Which won’t happen until 2016, which means this one will go in the 2015 bin, but may not see the light of day too often.

Ice Angel – Lavender & Lace wasn’t on my list, I started this one over 10 years ago.  I brought it back out when my daughter was diagnosed with cancer last spring.  I changed the colors and love the angel, but really hate working with rayon thread (see last month’s post).   This one will be put on my 2015 list and hopefully will be a finish.  Looking at where it was when I started and where it is now, I guess I made some progress, more than I thought :)


The Flock – SamSarah FINISHED - This is for my sister who has been battling cancer for over 4 years.  I think this one is so appropriate for her and so happy I’ve gotten it done.   I took it to the framers this week and found this mosaic frame that looks like leaves.  The color in the picture (or a picture), doesn't show the true colors, it looks a lot better in life  The framer will ship it directly to my sister.

Quick Designs

Nine Lives – Hinzeit – not started. This was moved to 2015 and will be a January start.  It should go fast as it’s smallish compared to my above projects.

Spooky Halloween Mantel – Bent Creek.  FINISHED This one is completed and I had a great time stitching it.  It really stitched up fast and was fun.  This is another picture of a picture - I love the frame, it sets off the colors in the x-stitch and I got the frame at a great price :)

Sadie’s Stocking – Shepard Bush.  This one is also completed and will be used this Christmas by Arwen.  Once I got going on it, I was able to get it completed pretty quickly.  The biggest hang-up was running out of thread on the angel’s dress.  I have it sewn into a stocking, just need to add the cording around the edge, will hand sew it this week yet, or this weekend.

Jullian’s Stocking – Shepard Bush.  This one wasn’t on my list last January – the baby wasn’t known last January, and decided she had to be here for Christmas.  Her stocking is also completed and will be ready to hang by the fireplace for Christmas.  Given this is my nephew’s first and most likely only child, I’m sure the stocking will be filled each year to the brim.  I've still got to sew this into a stocking, it's all cut out and hopefully will be completed shortly.

Almost Done:

Tooth Pillow – this one is a finish too!!  It is either going to my granddaughter, who really has lost most of her teeth now. Or my daughter who works in a dental office. I want to finish it myself, going to be in small inset pocket on the back.  I'm experimenting with a small heart - which didn't turn out well, so might take this to a finisher I know and it done professionally.

Princess Angel – Painted Pony – it is done, just not finished.  I’m still hoping to have this done before Christmas.  Just need to sew around it and stuff it and then sew on the trim. 

Mindless Design:

Mini Light Bulbs – Cheryl Design
            Penguin – just need to finish the back ground
       Gingerbread Man – need to do the background and the turkey work on the bow.
            Snowman & Santa – not started, maybe 2015 will see them finished.

Train belt – Unknown designer.  I did work on it, but didn’t make a lot of progress.  I really need to get this one done.  My son is the only one who doesn’t have a belt finished.  My middle daughter’s is done, but she doesn’t wear belts so looking for an alternative way of finishing.  this is an old picture I think I have a little more finished since then, but not much.

Quilts – Really fell down on these goals!!  The two rag quilts were completed and mailed off.  Two more are being started, one is for Christmas, so hoping to have it done.  The other is a February baby, plenty of time…right  LOL

Didn’t touch any of the other quilts.  Maybe 2015 – my problem is my limited space for sewing.  The sad part is both of them have all the squares sewn and just need to be assembled.  The 3rd one just needs borders added – which are cut and sitting on top of the rest of the quilt. 

Didn’t do any of my rug hooking at all.  This fell to the wayside when the year went south so quickly.  Maybe 2015 will find them at least worked on a little bit.

Now that I’ve confessed my shortfalls for 2014, I’m looking forward to posting my lofty goals for 2015!!  I’m an optimist, there is lemonade to be made, there are silver linings to be seen and most of all, after the storm is over there is always a rainbow.  So I’m putting on my big girl panties, pulling myself up by my bootstraps and going to put my faith in the New Year and all the hope it will bring.



  1. Great attitude! Sorry to hear your year didn't go well but next year will be your year!

  2. beautiful stitching on beautiful projects

  3. I love your projects, especially the finishes, and hope the new year is better for you