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Monday, January 5, 2015

Stitching in Sunny Cal 1st Full Moon

So here we are at the first full moon of 2015 and I've joined the group WIPocalypse.  If I was more geek and less accountant, I would be able to add the magic button to take you to her blog.  But alas my geeky days are long past and NO ONE programs in the language I learned in college.  

January  5-Topic: Introduce yourself, your projects, and any goals you have for the year!

So who am I?  I’m a 50 something Mom, Grandma and wife to my husband of 30 years, although we’ve been together for 36 almost 37 years.   I love to stitch, both cross stitching and needlepointing, but cross-stitching will always be my first love.  I also dabble in knitting and quilting, so along with this year’s journey you’ll see pictures of my other crafts. I work to support my habit, I mean hobby.  Hubby retired a long time ago, so he stays home and cooks while I bring home the bacon.

First Full moon of a new year and with it comes a whole list of new goals.  Along with this group I’m also participating in the 2015 Crazy Challenge – which is starting 15 new starts in 15 days AND Debbie’s Ultimate Crazy Challenge of 31 starts in 31 days, although some are doing 59 starts (January & February).  I’m crazy, but even us crazy people have our limits.  Both of these groups are through FaceBook.

My list of projects this year contains some WIP’s from prior years and many new starts.  I posted the whole list in a previous post so please scan back a few posts to see them all.  If you saw my list you’ll notice that I had 36 listed vs. 31 L  Yes I can count (I am an accountant) and I know I’m 5 beyond 31 starts for the Ultimate Challenge.  4 of them were last minute adds, all UFO’s that really need to be finished and a couple are very near completion.  The last one I added was L&L’s Mother’s Tree, which I hadn’t planned on doing, it just kind of happened.  I found some material that I loved while home in MI at my favorite shop - Stitch-n-Time (Saginaw Twp), so through why not.

Given its only the 5th day of the month, I only have a few pictures to share of my new starts.  Some have been fun and I really would love to continue stitching on them, others not so much, but I like the chart, so will continue the journey, regardless of how long it takes me to complete it.  I also added my progress on Mira-Mira's August Peridot Fairy since the last full moon.

Lastly about me, I am someone who loves to start a project, and I get really excited at the end of the project, but have a hard time with everything in-between.  I’m hoping that if I have enjoy choices to stitch I won’t get bored with any one project and will continue to stitch consistently.

This month’s starts are:
1)   Lizzy Kate’s Let Them Be Small
2)   Nora Corbett’s Letter “D” Mermaid
3)   Country Stitches – Forget-Me-Not
4)  Hinzeit - Nine Lives
5)   WIP – SB – Angel’s Song

Letter D Mermaid
Nine Lives
Let Them All be Small
Forget me Not
Can’t wait to see what everyone else is working on and stalking, I mean following your blogs during the year.

Angel Song Before

Angel Song After
August Fairy After

August Fairy before


  1. You have some great starts, and more to come? Good for you. I don't like to start, thus I have just four projects and they are dating back quite awhile. I truly do not like to kit up projects, or any part of that. Just like to stitch!

    I hope to see more of your new projects at our upcoming GTGs. :) Sue

  2. Lovely projects. I look forward to watching your progress through the year.

  3. beautiful projects♥

  4. Lovely stitching goodies! Here's to them bringing you many finishing joys in 2015!

  5. Wow Sandy, you are awesome! I can't wait to see your will keep me inspired throughout the year since I too find myself with much passion for starting a project and great joy at finishing, but rather lazy for the in between. :)
    Your WIPs are gorgeous and your blog, as always is so much fun to read.
    Hugs from So Cal

  6. lol ... glad I'm not the only one who can't figure out how to attach those site buttons.

    Wow! Good luck with all your projects. I tried a CJC a few years ago and didn't do too well. Can't remember how many I started, maybe 15? I actually found it a little frustrating to start a new one every day .... didn't want to put it down so soon after starting :)