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Sunday, August 2, 2015

I saw the moon, but pretended it didn't happen…..

I know I’m late, but had been on vacation out of State visiting parents, siblings and kids.  This month I did manage to stitch a little bit more than last month (I think), and even managed to do some while being on vacation.  Generally I haul several projects and work on nothing.  This time I actually worked on a couple of projects and have finished the stitching part on one of them.  

So the topic this month – since it’s a Blue Moon, the original topic was:

July 31 – Topic: It’s a blue moon today. Show us your favorite WIP that features a lot of blue!  Glad to see this topic changed.  I have one WIP with blue, but haven’t worked on it for awhile and just started the blue part… on to the revised topic

What makes you pick up a long-abandoned UFO rather than beginning a new piece? (this question comes to us via Paula)

This an interesting question, generally I pick up a long abandoned project because I get in a "finish it up already" mood.   I know I put a few on my list this year with the oldest being my CB's Noah's Ark.  I started it a little over 18 years ago and every couple of years I pick it up and do 2-3 more animals.  The last time I took a picture of it laid out it was through N, this year I added O - Ostrich.  P for Panda is set to go, and who knows maybe it will come out to play again before the end of the year. 
 Now on to my accomplishments since the last full moon:

August Peridot Fairy - finished expect for the beading.  She is on bigger q-snaps and I put her on the floor stand.  That way I can use both hands for beading.  I really want to get her to the framer's next week so I can mail her home to my daughter.  I think she is sassy like my middle daughter.

I've also been working on my Tina's Stock by SB.  I have the apron part done and I'm working on the bottom part of her dress or maybe bloomers? and then will move on to her feet.  I think the yellow on the pink (stars), blends in a little bit more than I wold have liked.  The pale pink on the bottom of the dress also blends in a little too much.  The socks are green and the shoes are the same red that is in the apron.  So will see if that makes anything pop out.

Lastly, I put a few stitching in my Nora Corbett - Letter D Mermaid.  She is looking pretty good, can't wait to get the face and hair in as well.

Well vacation is over with and its time to get back into my work mode.  So will have a couple of long days this coming week.

Hope you all make great progress on this next trip to another full moon.  I'm hoping to have a picture of a framed fairy and more progress on some sewing projects too.