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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Lazy Sunday

I love having a lazy Sunday....the only thing that would have made it perfect would have been NO COOKING.

I always thought that it was the planning I didn't like.  I dislike having to figure out what to make for a meal.  I never know what I want to eat, if it were up to me, it would be pizza on the weekends and soup during the week.  Unfortunately, my dear hubby just doesn't see it that way.  For most of our married life, he has been the one that does the cooking.  I handled breakfast for the kids, but he alway did dinner and we were rarely home for lunch so it wasn't an issue.

Well, for whatever reason, he's decided he is tired of cooking, so I enrolled in a program called Blue Apron - they send you meals to prepare with everything you need and instructions on how to cook it step by step.  There are hundreds out there, so I'm in no way endorsing them at all!!

I've made a lot of different meals, chicken, pork, pasta and  beef.  Some we've liked, some not so much.  I've learned a lot over the past month:

1) Still not fond of peas
2) Kale isn't half bad and doesn't need to have a ham hock to be edible.
4) Cooking cuts into stitching time.

I'm really hoping at some point hubby decides that he wants to cook again.  He is far better at it than I am, and in all reality he really does like to cook.  But until then I will get my 3 meals a week and pretend that I don't mind cooking to keep peace in the family.

Last week we lost my husband's Aunt, she had a stroke a few years ago and her health continued to decline.  We had plans to go and see her in a few weeks, so hubby was really bummed.  The funeral was nice, very small given how big his family is, but since most of the relatives didn't live need her and couldn't afford to fly, it kept it small.  We are fortunate, I keep a small emergency fund for things like this, so we were able to go.  It gave us time to spend with his Uncle John and his wife, both of them are wonderful people and we enjoyed seeing them - they live in AL, so we don't get to see them often.

Aunt Boots lived life on her own terms and didn't apologize for it.  I didn't agree with everything she has done, but glad my children, especially my daughters, got to know her and see that it's OK to be your own person.   She and my hubby grew up more like brother and sister then aunt and nephew, they are only about 5 years apart in age.  I'm sure she was around for some of his not so good decisions in life, and was probably the first person to get him drunk.  However at the end of the day I know she wouldn't have ever let any harm come to him.  She was a lioness with a lions roar and could back it up.  If you didn't see eye to eye with her, at the end of the discussion she would always say "man, you know I love you" and you knew she really meant it.   I will miss her,  she enriched my life just by knowing her.  

While I've done some stitching, which I'll save for the full moon update next weekend.  I've also been doing some more stash enhancement purchasing :)  This time it with my sister Linda and brother Eric in mind.  They both have worked for the Forest Service - and when I saw these canvases I just had to have them!!  

The bookmarked is from Anne of Green Gables, which my middle daughter has been reading to our granddaughter (her niece).  So thought maybe that one would be a good project for me to do with granddaughter this summer!!  

Speaking of granddaughter, in 2 weeks I'll have my hot little hands on her for the summer - can't wait!!


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  1. Great post. I'm sorry about your husbands aunt but I'm glad you were able to fly out for the funeral. Great new stash as well enjoy your granddaughter :)