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Monday, June 20, 2016

Full Moon

Time is just slipping away from me, can't believe the moon is full again.  I had convinced myself that I still have another week.  Oh well, I have been doing some stitching this month, just not as much as I would have liked.

So starting with the Question - it's something like - do you stitch more in the summer or winter?  For me it doesn't matter.  I'm a mood stitcher, if I'm in the mood I'm probably more productive than if I'm not.  However this summer we have our granddaughter with us, so I've been spending a lot of time playing Big Fish Games with her, she can play them for hours on end.   I guess summers aren't as productive as they should be for me.  I'm not an outdoors type person, so no sunning by the pool for me.

I'm spending time teaching my granddaughter to stitch, so my actual stitching time has been limited.  You'd be surprised how many times I'm threading her needle instead of my own.

What have I done since the last full moon?  Well more than it looks :(  I didn't take a recent picture of my multiplication table - I'm working on the right side now, I have almost 1/2 of the quilt motifs done.  I was hoping to have a finish to post, but as you can see I got side tracked by my granddaughter.

She is holding her project.  It's a bookmaker -Anne of Green Gables, which she is doing for her Aunt Marie, who is reading the book with her.

We have a little more done than what this picture shows - she has most of the green done at the time and has started on the pink lettering.  We'll be working on the yellow next.

I've also been working on the purse flap for my youngest daughter.  Again, an old picture - I have a little more done than what it shows.  Over the weekend I went and got the bright orange thread and also lots of beads :)  all of the swirls will be beaded when its done.

I also got thread to re-do the other purse flap I started, the leopard print.  Hoping to have a little bit to show on that one next month too.

And I found the most perfect sequins for my ruby slippers, which I've also started working on the Emerald City :)  So all in all, I've been stitching over the past 30 days.



  1. Oh how special for you that your granddaughter is your stitching buddy. It looks as if she is doing a wonderful job.

  2. That is so wonderful you are teaching your Granddaughter to stitch. I loved teaching my daughters and hope to be able to do the same for my Granddaughters some day. Love your Multiplication table. thank you for sharing

  3. Love the purse you're making and it's so great seeing your share cross stitch with your granddaughter.

  4. Love the purse you're working on and so glad to see you teaching your granddaughter to stitch! She looks so happy and proud of herself, what a wonderful way to spend time with her.