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Thursday, August 18, 2016

According to my app the Moon is full TODAY!!

I guess that means I need to be updating my blog.  Most of you all know how to apply the button so people can go over to Mesai's blog, but I'm not as well versed in how all those things work, so this time I'm adding her link and invite you to and go on over to her blog.

So the question this month is:

The Stitcher Blogging Question this month is two-fold… if you’re not participating  then there’s a mid-year recap question.  Let us know how you’re doing.  If you do want to participate in the Olympic Stitch-a-Long challenge, we’ll be running three mini “competitions,” and it’s up to you to decide how you want to approach it.  Hopefully one of these options appeals to you!

Since I'm not really participating in the Olympian challenge (just haven't gotten into the Olympics this year), I will do a recap.

Here is what I had hoped to accomplish this year:

So here is my wish list for 2016 and I'm hoping this blog will keep me on track:

Canvases/Counted Needlepoint
Emerald City - STARTED see picture below
Dorothy - Not yet
Glenda - Not Yet
Wicked Witch of the East - Not Yes
Flying Monkey - Not Yet
Ruby Slippers -READY to Start - found some sequins for the shoes :)
The Wiz - NOT from Wizard of OZ - no update this one is close to a finish.
Counted Cross Stitch
August Fairy-Peridot (just needs the beads) - Still waiting - I've done some beading, but no picture
EarthDancer - Not touched
Mermaid Letter D (just needs the beads) DONE see picture below
Mermaid Letter A - I've worked on her, but not much this year, no picture
In Memory of Jane (aka Multiplication table)  DONE see picture a few posts back - delivered to daughter #3 for her class room.
Inspire Other (over one design) Haven't touched - not even sure where it is right now, need to find it.
Either Peter's Patch or Angel's song  Angel's Song has been worked on (see picture below) - Peter's Patch no - another one with some attention could be done by now.
Quilts - NO Progress at all on either - I need room to do the quilts and just don't have it right now.
Thimbleberry 2009 quilt (just needs to be assembled)
Dr. Seuss Take 5 quilt ( just needs borders)

Not on my original list be working on:
Purse flap for youngest daughter - see picture below
Purse flap for middle daughter - no picture, no progress for awhile
Counted Canvas - Starry Night for myself :) see picture blow.

Here is my progress since last month:

Here is my Letter D Mermaid - she is all beaded and missed stitches stitched.  I had a problem with finding more of the crystals, so ended up with ones a little bit darker, but I think they look OK.  Will take it to the framers  and then will send it off to my Granddaughter for her bedroom.

Next up is my Emerald City - I have most of the brick road done.  I started on the dark green too.  I'm having fun with this one and hope to get back to it soon.

I did work a little bit on my SB - Angel's Song.  I got in another two rows.  I will keep this one close at hand to work on again.  It is a nice break and the rows generally go quickly so I feel like I'm accomplishing a lot more than I really am.  I'm now on row 13 and I think there are 25?  I'm in no hurry to get this one done.  Once it's done I have SB's The Promise ready to go.  That is one that I've been wanting to do for a long time.

The next up is my Starry Night.  this was not one of my original 16 projects.  I saw it and decided I liked the colors, so after much debating with myself decided to get the chart, threads and canvas all at one time.  I think that has motivated me to start it at least.  I do worry whether or not I'll have enough threads.  I don't think her charts are realistic when they tell you how many skeins to get.  Or maybe the way I stitch just uses more than I should, but I like the coverage I get.

The last one is one of my purse flaps - I've got most of it stitched.  You really can't tell too well from the picture so I added a picture of the back.  The whirls will be beaded :)  that will add some dimension to the flap without a lot of extra work.

What I'm not showing you are the 3 SB stockings I've just kitted up.  My husband's nephew is expecting their first child in October, so I will send the stocking to them as baby shower gift.  I've also been debating on doing a rag quilt, so need to see how much flannel I have socked away.  If I have enough then I will do it (they are living out east and I'm sure will have cold weather this winter - or so the wooly worms are saying).  If I don't, then well - ROAD TRIP!!

But I know you are saying "wait she said she kitted up 3, who are the other 2 for?".  Hubby's niece has two children now, a little girl born last spring and a son a few years ago.  I did a rag quilt for her son when he was born, I've not done anything for her daughter.  So thought I might try to do the stockings for both of them, can't do just one.  Not going to stress myself out over getting them done, if I do, great, if not, then maybe next year.

 Next full moon may not have much of an update.  It all depends on how this weekend goes, it will be my last weekend as a summer widow, hubby comes home next week.  While I love my hubby dearly (we've been married over 32 years and together close to 40), I really enjoy having a few weeks of alone time each summer.  His idea of fun and my idea of fun aren't always in sync.  So he goes and spends time with his family and I get to spend time with myself.  Oh to have 100% control of the remote can be heaven at times!!  NO WESTERNS for the past 4 weeks!!  What more could a girl want?

OK, by the end of his time away I am ready for him to come home and he is ready to come home.  I think we appreciate each other more when there is a little absents to let the heart grow fonder.

Until the next full moon - hope you are able to do all the stitching your heart desires because I look forward to your progress to get my mojo going!!



  1. Good progress. I agree we all need our alone time to appreciate each other more.

  2. Beautiful progress on everything :)