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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Last Sunday of January

The posting for 2017 WIPocalypse has been moved from the full moon to the last Sunday of the month.  Which should be easier to remember and hopefully will motivate me to be productive.  If you want to see some fantastic stitching, by some talented people - pop over to Measi's blog and then connect to their blogs from there.  Here is the link

As with last year, each month we'll have a question, which helps others to get to know us better, so this month's question is:

What Stitch-a-Longs (SALs) are you participating in this year?

I guess my response would be none.  While I can get a lot done when under pressure, that is how I spend my work life.  My stitching life I like to be a lot less stressful, and not feeling like I'm behind.  I've tried a couple of times to be groups, and to be honest, the projects haven't progressed much from when I originally fell behind, and for one of those - that was about 9 years ago :(  That doesn't mean I wouldn't consider joining one, but I feel like I have my WIP's whipped into shape first.  

January wasn't a very productive month for me.  After the build up of the holidays and seeing family and then coming back to reality, I always get in a funk for a few weeks.  I think the funk is moving on, and the stitching mojo is coming back.  I'm also hoping that the frog in my pond has moved on and will not be seen again for a long, long time, as he managed to wreak a lot of havoc.

I do have a finish!!  So happy to have ONE finish this year, might be the only one, so I'm going to take it!!

 Here is where it was the last time I posted a picture.  I was running out of both of the red threads, so was thrilled when I found them on vacation.  Couldn't find any of the black and that was also running low - but managed to get enough done that when it ran out it wasn't too obvious.

The second picture was where it was the middle of last week.  I was so close to having it done - this is my lunch hour project, and lately actually having a lunch has been ify at best.  I was so disappointed, but I managed to get one more lunch hour to work on it, and then yesterday I put in the finishing  stitches while having my tea and watching Netflix at Starbucks.  I love sitting outside on their patio in the morning.  Now I need to put the backing back and sew it together.  Will take a picture when I attach my tassel and zip it to the purse.

This one isn't a finish yet, but I have started to attach the beads.  I have some invisible thread that I started with, but decided I really don't like working with nylon thread, so found some actual beading thread and will tackle it again this week.

You can see I got a few of the gold beads attached.  Love how this one is turning out.

Both were supposed to be Christmas presents, but my daughters have learned that this kind of things get done, when they get done.

I worked on two other WIP's this month.  

Here is my starting point on my Heart's Content - which is an over one design.  This was the second project that frog had fun with me, looking at the picture on the front of the chart, it seems that the background in this part of the chart wasn't filled in :(  but since this is over one, decided that i was committed to filling it in.  The next picture is where I am now.  Not a lot of progress, but any is good!!

The saying is Inspire Others, and it is a companion to my Kindred Spirits.

The next project - my Little House Needleworks - Song of the Season, is where the frog spent a LOT of time.

 I've actually done about 8 or so hours on this one - it doesn't look like it, so let me outline where the frog played.  On the brown line at the top, as I was putting in the white part which is the bottom of the sun, I discovered that i was off ONE stinking thread.  The error was almost to the left edge of the brown line at the top.  So I had to take out all of the yellow I'd done and then all of the brown :(  re-stitched it and found out that I miss counted, so had to take the brown out a 2nd time and then again a 3rd time before I finally got it counted correctly.  So finished the sun and decided to get the rest of the green in at the bottom and found out that the RED on the right of the brown line going down the middle was down ONE thread :(  So had to take out all of the red before I could finish getting the green stitched.  Hopefully that ends the errors on this one and going forward it will be easy to stitch.  I really like it and want to get it finished.  Had it gone right with no mistakes, I would have had all of the top done and been on to part 2.  Oh well, not giving up yet.

I did get another band in on my SB - Angel's Song, but didn't take a picture and I've put it away now. Not sure what I'll bring out this week to work on, I'm thinking one of my L&L angels.

If my frog ends up in your pond, I'm really sorry - but I HAD to send it packing if I have any hope of getting anything finished.



  1. That is so frustrating! Good for you to stick with it despite the frogging over and over. It is a really lovely design.

  2. Good for you for persevering! That sucks :(. Congrats on the finish I bet that feels good!

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