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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Last Sunday of April

April has just flown by, I can't believe that May will be here in the morning - I don't remember March coming or going, so it's hard to believe that April is at an end already.  Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to stitch with my lady friends at all this month, so not a lot of progress on anything.  I really miss stitching on Saturdays.  Hopefully May will be better.

So the last Sunday of the month means it's time to check in with Measi and WIPocalypse to see what progress you've made on all of those projects that you'd like to have done before the world comes to an end.

You can see what others are doing by linking here:

So the question this month is  What Projects are in your UFO pile?  When I first saw this question I thought it should be more like - what projects AREN'T in my UFO pile.  Then I did a quick view of my projects and found that I'm in a rut of sorts.  While I have lots of different projects going, they all seem to be basically the same kind.  Read on......

I have about 43 projects that I'm working on, 44 if you count my OLDEST UFO, which is about 43 years old.  I have a variety of things such as samplers and angels, counted canvases and painted canvases.  Some are very big and others are on the smaller size, but there isn't a one of them that I really don't like and want to get done at some point.  I don't have any Heaven & Earth Designs, I don't have any landscapes or flowers or birds.  I do have animals if you count my Noah's Ark afghan that I'm working on the letter "P" now, but no lions, tigers or Red Wings (oh wait those are my sport teams LOL).  I love samplers, I love the motifs in them or the lines of speciality stitches, but don't really go into a lot of historical samplers.  I really love L&L angels, I love the flow of their dresses and wings, I have 3 of them in different stages.  And I must admit I have a fondness for painted canvases - big, small and all in-between sizes.

I used to be a one at time person, but then I heard about a rotation system and well needless to say from it was epic failure.  So I go through periods of really completing stuff and then i go through periods of really starting a lot of stuff.  Hopefully before the end of my time on earth, I will find a balance and end up with nothing left in my stash to do.....ok one can dream can't they?

I'm not including in my list my quilting projects, I have two king size quilts that need to be assembled (i.e. all of the squares are completed), one that just needs the borders put on and many that aren't started at all, but all the material is there waiting for their moment in the sun.

So what have I been doing this past month - not a whole lot - work has been crazy and will be so for one more month.  But I've made some progress on things

1. Completed a rag quilt for a little boy.  Found out that baby #2 is on it's way.  If it's a little girl I might consider another rag quilt for them, but if it's another little boy, they can share this one - it is toddle bed size so should last for while.

2. I finally sewed around the bookmark that I showed as being finished last month and mailed it off to my Mom.  She loved it and said that she could never have enough bookmarks :)  Makes me feel good to know my gift was appreciated.

3. Been working on a belt for my son (the only boy).  It is one I started a long time ago and then he got married, and then started to have kids, so it got put into the deep recesses of my UFO bin.  Decided it was time to bring it out and work on it.  I'm hoping to have it done before the end of the summer so I can get it finished into a belt for him for Christmas.  I have several more cars to go, but since bring it out I've managed to get 2 1/2 more cars done.

4. I've also brought out my sock that I've been knitting on and started Kumihimo braiding.  

I have been resisting starting a new project, I really really want to, and I can hear them (yes more than one) calling my name...."sandy come on you know you want to pull me out and play with me...." but I tell them back- "but what about all of your friends that are already out and been played with, don't they deserve more of my time first?"   And you know what?  They are selfish little imps, they don't care if others get my attention, they want it and they want it now!!  What is a person to do?  My resistance is wearing down, don't know how much longer I stop myself from starting something new.

I hope you are all having great months and can't wait to read what you've all been up to and gotten accomplished.



  1. You've got some nice projects going on. I love it that your oldest UFO is 43 years old. Nice blog too. I'm now a follower.

  2. Good luck getting all your projects down. That would be awesome, but yes a little out of reach for me. Wow 43 yrs old UFO, thank you for making me feel a little better about mine LOL! I work in a rotation system and it works for me. With 56 wips I kind of had to do something. Looking forward to all your progress
    xo Alicia

  3. Love your description of the projects lying "in wait" for us to succumb to temptation. That happens to me so often. I'm trying to be good and stick at least some kind of rotation and that's mostly been successful this year. Beautiful work on everything!

  4. i really likes your blog and You have shared the whole concept really well. and Very beautifully soulful read! thanks for sharing.