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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

So when you leave work and the elevator has padding up it makes you wonder

Am I OK, or does someone know something that I don't know?

That happened yesterday, which was a crazy day at work, it was almost like there was  full moon.  Okay, it's been crazy for the past month or so because my co-worker took a better job and left.  He gave them 4 weeks notice, so it wasn't like he walked out in the middle of day.  I'm still waiting on management to decided what this means for me and my staff, and who in the world is taking care of those that reported to him?  So needless to say my life is crazy at work, I'm walking on egg shells trying not to over step, but at the same time trying to keep all the balls in the air and the fires at bay.  My co-worker has been wonderful and has answered any questions I've asked him, so that has really helped.  I also have a deep desire to make sure his staff is moving forward and not feeling as through they don't have any direction or help.

Most days I spend about 30 to 45 minutes of my lunch hour stitching.  If my lunch is interrupted by the phone or someone with a question then I take a little more than an hour for lunch.  Before you think I'm short changing my employer, I work 9 hrs days when things are going good and 10 ++ hrs when they aren't (and I'm salaried, so that is really unpaid time as far as I'm concerned).

Stitching on my lunch hour has two benefits, keeps me calm for the afternoon events, i.e. I don't kill anyone.  It also allows me to have a few finishes!!

My morning tea or coffee keeps me sane in the morning, if I ever have to give up caffeine all together, I'll need to get up earlier and stitch for a minute or two before leaving for work.

Speaking of finishes I have ONE!!!  Hooray for me!!  I love how the beading turned out and it went so much faster with the beading thread.  Now all I have to do is put some batting on the back and sew it closed.  If you can see, there are zipper teeth at the top, so it zips onto the purse.  This way I can do different flaps for my daughters without the cost of a new purse.  Also need to put the beaded tassel back on the flap.

Since this was done I started another project that is small and I'm hoping will go fast, because I love the starts, dislike the middle and love the ending.   Here is my new start, it is a small round that will go into a mirror case for the purse.  I think it will look great together don't you?  Would love to have this done by this weekend so I can start the other one for my middle daughter (this one is for my youngest daughter).

Now I have to qualify my comment above, not liking the middle of a project.  You'd think with this attitude I would do all small projects.  Well to be honest I am attracted to larger projects, not the HAED, I'm not fond of projects that are 100% solid stitching, but do like those projects with lots of stuff going on OR of late I've been enjoying the over one projects.  I'm itching to pull some back out again and work on them.  While the over one aren't always big projects, they do have a lot of work because you are doing the same number of stitches, only smaller.

The last picture has nothing to do with stitching at all.  Not sure how well you can see this little fella on the Bird of Paradise plant.  I was waiting for my husband to pick me up from work last week and saw the humming bird buzzing around the flowers, and then he stopped and sat on the branch for a while.  Don't often see them resting like this on a plant.

Happy stitching to everyone.


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  1. Excellent work on your stitching, that is a really neat idea with the purse and love the look of the mirror cover. I'm with you on stitching, starting and getting near the end are the most exciting parts.