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Saturday, January 27, 2018

It wasn't bad enough that #1 Grandson had to turn 18, but my baby

is turning 35 tomorrow.

I promised her an angel for her high school graduation, I guess I've missed that by a few years, as you can see it's not nearly done yet.  To be fair to myself, there have been 4 grandchildren (3 have angels and #4's in also in the works) and 3 weddings (2 wedding presents done #3 is still in the planning phase)

I will pull it back out this year and give it some loving and maybe have more to show by December.  Doing the skin over one has been my undoing on this one - didn't realize how much there was until I had committed myself to the task.  I love the look,, just need to take it slow and steady and it will get done

So where does the time go?  I know I've asked that question a thousand times, maybe more over the past couple of years.  It just seems that the kids get older and older and then I turn around and realize - I'm really getting old too!!  Isn't it bad enough that the kids grow up and leave home and have kids of their own, but do they have to take me with them in their aging journey?  I was so perfectly content to stay in my 40's or 50's even.......

 I love all my children, they all have their gifts, but there is aways something special about the baby of the family.  Maybe it's because for so many years she was the one to traveled the highways with me, going between Arkansas and Michigan via Kentucky, or Wisconsin to Michigan or Kentucky to Michigan.  Or to the LNS's :)

We have spent many hours entertaining each other on our road trips, so I guess we've formed a bound beyond mother and daughter, but have transitioned it into a true friendship.

While I miss being close to our children and grandchildren, I probably miss spending time with DD #3 or child #4.  I respect their privacy and know that hanging with Mom isn't at the top of their list, but just once in a while I long for the days when she was my buddy and hung with me on the weekends.  Maybe that is why when I retire I want to be her permanent room Mom for her 2nd grade class :)  If my baby doesn't have time to hang with Mom anymore, then Mom will go and hang out with her, and maybe being a Mom to some other child who needs a hug or someone to read to them.  Maybe then i won't feel like I'm getting older.

 Happy birthday baby girl, love you to the moon and back.  See you soon

Love Mom


  1. Such a lovely post to your daughter. Wishing her a very happy birthday.

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