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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Its amazing what you'll find when you start to look

My friend started chemo treatments this week and I knew I had started a chemo cap for my sister.  I wasn't able to finish it because it meant that my sister had cancer and I had a hard time with it all.  I had knitted several caps for a co-worker where I had been working, but I just couldn't for my sister.  Fortunately my sister had several other friends who knitted her more than enough caps to last her.  Instead of the caps I did make her several pairs of socks and a rag quilt to keep her warm.  And the half knitted cap was put in the binds of eternity and hasn't seen the light of day for many hears.

I decided to go in search of that half knitted cap and found my knitting bag which held a lot of treasures!!  Besides all of my knitting needles it also had one started stock, two skeins of yarn for socks to be knitted and a baby sweater that I had started for my granddaughter when she was born.  Silly me thought if I started a size 2-3 sweater it would be done in time LOL, the is size 4-5 now.

I've been knitting on it this afternoon and having fun, it's mindless knitting, just going around and around and around.

The purple yarn is the start of a sock on size 2 needles, not very far long, they had been my "by the bed project", but Ms. Kitty changed that when she unknitted the pink sock.  I had one sock close to being done until I found it with the needle ends bitten off and the yarn strewed up and down the hall way.  And the stitches half on and half off the needles.

The green, blue and purple yarn hasn't been started yet, but don't you just love those colors?  I can't wait to start them.

The strips is the child's sweater that I started a few years ago.  I think it will make a cute sweater and hopefully will find a home soon.

The chemo cap is the green and purple, its a very soft cotton.  And the last picture are baby socks that I've not ever tried, found the pattern at a shop in Ft. Collin's CO a few year back.  I think they will be fun to knit and should knit quickly and those little feet don't take a lot of time.

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