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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Update time for WIPocalypse - thankfully delayed

Judy-039-s-Boo-Boo-Stick-for-Stitching-Repair-and-Clean-UpSo it's time to check in on WIPocalypse which is hosted by  I love this SAL - it's helping me focus on my stitching and actually getting something done.  I went through a very dry spell where I just wasn't stitching, but I'm getting back into the groove and enjoying the zen that it brings to me when I'm stressed out or feeling sad.

So what is the question for the Month?  Gadgets, show us your favorite stitching gadgets and How did you do with the Olympic Stitching and what goals did you achieve?

Originally I was thinking I don't do a lot of gadgets, but I guess I do.  I have several types of stands, lots of magnets, q-snaps, scissors etc.  However when the frog comes to visit me, I love my Boo-boo stick.  It allows me to get the fuzz off my linen or canvas.   I don't know how many years I've had it, a lot.  I also have a needle for picking out stitches - it has beads on the end, and I'm sure I way over paid for it, but it's easier to use than just my usual needle.

So for the second half of the question - how did I do in my Olympic challenge - I chose Endurance, but I'd have to say I didn't make the medal podium, maybe coming in 4th or 5th.  I got side tracked twice this month.  I started off really strong and thought I'd have it about 1/2 done by the end of the month, but my friend needed a knitted knocker, the first one went fast, so I knitted a second one and currently working on the third.  She was thrilled to get the first two in the mail.  She will get implant at some point, but for now, this keeps her even. Same friend started chemo last week, so I had to find a cap I had started, found it finally, but also found a sweater that I had started a few years ago.  So I was just going to do a few rounds for fun, and ended up knitting about 4 inches :)  I also worked a little bit on a sock.  So like I said, I'm near the medal winners, but not really there because I tend to get sidetracked easily.

So here are the two main things I did this month:

My ruby slippers, I have the background completed and I'm working on the sequins and then will add the gold bow at the end.

My EarthDance has all but a few stitches done on the skin (its over one) and all but a few stitches in the hair.  The missing stitches as because I rant out of thread before I completed the area.  I will go back the next time I have it out and finish up those areas before I move on.    I think the hair looks good and can't wait to get more of there dress done.  But know it won't really come together until I have the beading done.  The last thing I'll do is the dream catcher.  Plan on spending another month working on her before she is put aside for something different.

Hope you all had a great month and hit the gold in your stitching challenge.


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