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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Has anyone seen Mo?

I'm in a desperate search for Mr. Mo-Jo, he seems to have left me without a reason or a note saying when he would be back.  We were friends in December, BFF's in February, but in March we became estranged and I don't know why.  

Well OK maybe hubby's knee replacement and then stay in ICU after his surgery due to heart problems.  My Mom going into the hospital  and I'm 3,000 miles away and can't go home because of aforesaid hubby's surgery and work, well just being work in our busy season.  However,  that doesn't mean Mr. Mo-Jo needed to leave my side when I need his wisdom and ability to reduce my stress levels.  Maybe he will come back in April, the first wave of work will be done by then, hubby should be home (eliminating the 40 mile one way trip to the hospital/rehab) and my Mom will be several weeks into her recovery as well.

So this month's question is:

What newer designers and product creators (fabric or floss dyeing, etc) out there have you discovered and recommend?

I tend to be more old school and really don't keep up with new designers or new fabrics and flosses.  While I have my favorite designers as a lot do, I tend to buy what draws my attention at the moment, but I don't do a lot of shopping on esty sights because they use pay-pal and I don't.  So look forward to seeing what others have to say, great question.

As for what I did during March, I did some knitting.  I got some yarn to do a chemo cap for my friend.  I decided on the bright colors and put a little knitty knot on top.  Then I did up another knocker for the same friend and also finished the chemo cap that I have started for my sister and sent it to my friend as well.

The caps knitted up fast, but not as fast as I remember being able to do them  Oh well, when you get older it takes longer to do things you'd done before.  While you can't feel the yarns, they are all very soft and chemo approved.  

On the stitching front, I managed to get another row or two completed on my SB band sampler - Angel's Song.  Then I moved the q-snaps and put my grid lines down the left side and the middle.   Does that count as stitching?   LOL.  Started another band, but didn't get  a chance to complete it yet.  I also pulled out my SB Peter's Patch, filled in more of the middle part which is the shepherd , almost done with him, then I'll need to go back to the borders. 

The last is my Ruby Slippers needlepoint.  I got more sequins on the right shoe and beading on the left side of the left shoe.  I can't wait to put the ribbon on, I'm close to having it done, so my thoughts on are to the next needlepoint project.

I hope Mr Mo-Jo finds his way back to my house, the projects are stacked up looking at me just begging to be worked on.  Maybe I'll pull something out of the bind yet tonight.

Happy stitching and can't wait to be inspired by all of the other wonderful stitching in this group.  You are all so amazing.


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