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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Here are some of the Lodges quilt squares...

The pictures aren't very good, thought I had more pictures, but couldn't find them.  Organizing my pictures on my computer is on my list of must do's soon.

The square here will be the middle square.  The quilt called for an appliqué, but that isn't my thing and this square was going to be one of the four main squares surrounding the middle.  But the instructor talked about balance in the quilt and how this square really didn't fit in there, so we took a square from the prior year, revised it slightly and replaced this one - which by the way is called church windows.  I really liked this one as well, so decided it would make a great center.  I guess we'll see once the square is put together.
 Here is a better picture of the square with some of the joining squares.  Once the wee one is back home I'm bring out this quilt and putting it together, I really want it done!!  I'm motivated.  Below were the last sections I finished, which are the last squares that need to be constructed.  All I have do to is cut out the big connection pieces and sew it all together.  I need some encouragement, so I'll be watching Quilt in a Day to get me going.

I love the traditional quilts, so look for more as time goes on.


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