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Monday, April 30, 2012

My 2 finished quilts

 This was my first attempt at quilting - other than doing about 20 crazy quilt squares for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary quilt.  This was a Thimbleberry quilt of the year.  Each month you got a different pattern and material.  When I signed up I asked if this was something a beginner could do and was assured they would give good directions and there would be time to be shown how to do each section.....well I'm here to tell you that didn't happen, so this quilt got a few squares done, and then sat for a LONG-LONG time.   The first couple of months they incentives you by giving you bonus points for bring the completed squares, at the 4th meeting I brought all three of squares I had done to show and get my points, and wouldn't you know it, they stopped doing that after the third month :(  Needless to say, I had no bonus points for purchasing any merchandise at the end of the "club".  The hearts were my first square completed the section next to it was the last squares.   As you can see when I dive into a new craft, I don't start out small, this fits a king size bed.  It has been quilted and the binding was machine sewn on and it now resides with my middle daughter - It's call Home is where the Heart is and she is my heart.

The quilt above was my second attempt at quilting, I also started another Thimbleberry quilt at the same time, which is still in pieces waiting to be finished.  Discovered that I really didn't have the talent or time to work on two quilts at one time.  You'd think that I worked on the one above, since it's done, but I didn't, I actually worked on the other one most of that year.  Once the block of the month club was over I drove into this quilt and didn't look back.  The above quilt is call Women's Voices and each quilt pattern came with a story - it's a Civil War quilt and I loved reading the short stories about the quilt.  I learned more about quilting doing these squares.  Some of them turned out pretty darn good, others, well lets say the picture is kind to the points :)  This quilt has been quilted and the binding attached and now resides with my oldest daughter, Dawn.  She is a single Mom and I thought this quilt was fitting for her - she needs to be strong for her daughter.  I'm hoping this quilt is passed down to my grand-daughter someday and that it keeps them both warm over the years.

So where did my quilting talent come from?  I watched and still watch a lot of Ellen Burns and her Quilt in a Day series.  While a lot of people have a natural talent, or they take a real class, I watch re-runs while quilting and try to pick up on tips.

I have two other quilts that are so close to being ready to be assembled - both of them are Thimbleberry quilts - one is from the Lake & Lodges - I did Lodges and it will be for my son.  Again it's a king size quilt and the other, I'm not sure what they called it, but it is a variety of squares, and will be for my youngest daughter.

In the wings I have two more quilts that I've not started yet - Petticoat and Patriots and Underground Rail Road.  Not sure who will get those, I think my youngest daughter has the Underground RR in her sights.  I miss having a change to sew, hoping to get both of the quilts close to being done, completed this summer, quilted and ready for Christmas - we'll see.

We won't even go into the quilt kits that I've gotten and not done at all, but there are more than 1 - not as bad as my x-stitch UFO and WIP's, thank goodness I've acquired some restrain when buying material, just don't go looking in all of my bins, there is a lot of flannel and other material that has been purchased with something in mind, or I really just liked it and figured someday I'd find a project for it.

So while cross stitching is my #1 passion, quilting and needlepointing run a close 2nd with knitting socks and spinning running 3rd, teddy bears 4th and hoping to try my hand at rug hooking yet, I have several kits to try, but just haven't gotten very far in my attempts.  I can't wait for retirement, but it's still 10 years away :(

Until next time, hope your have thread in your bobbin and on your spool and my it last until you get your quilt square done!!


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