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Friday, May 18, 2012

Loving what you do and doing what you love...

One of my guilty pleasure when I can't actually find the time to stitch myself is to visit the blogs of those who do.  I found one where the lady was working on a pattern that I did years ago and much to my regret, didn't take a picture of it before giving it away.   If I knew back then when i stated to stitch what I know now, I would have done a better job of recording my work.  As it is, there are lots of pictures I've completed that I have no record of, other than a memory when I look at my list of patterns.  yes I keep a list of every pattern I have, and if I've done it, who I gave it too.  Wish I would have also included the date that I started and finished the picture, but I didn't.  

I need to go and look at my list and do a memory walk....I usually just sit down and go through a stack of patterns and remember where I was when I got it, or who I had in mind for it, or something I just wonder what in the heck was I thinking!!!  But since most of my patterns, like 99% of them are back in KY and I'm out here in CA I can't do that so I look at my list and try to remember.  I can't wait to go home and go through them, and possible bring back one or two more.  I have all my threads, linen and canvases, just not all of my x-stitch patterns.

The patten was by Southern Roots and called something like Story Time with an older gentle man reading to his grandchildren, or at least that is my take on it.  I stitched the picture and gave it to my husband's Uncle Donnel and is wife Rose.  Rose was/is a seamstress and I figured she would appreciate the picture.  Since they live in Detroit and his uncle passed away several years ago, I don't know if the picture has survived the years.  I hope so...but not everyone appreciates cross stitching as much as others.  While the picture below is not the one that is is working on, it is one that i did with some help of a great friend and wonderful stitcher.  I love the picture and it hangs in our bedroom now so that we see it every morning and night.

Happy stitching........

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