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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's day - tomorrow

 Tomorrow is Mother's day, so thought I'd post some pictures of of my Mom and my husband's Mom.  To the left is my mother in law - Peola, or Grandma P to the kids.  This was taken about a year before she passed away - at this time she really didn't know anymore, and didn't speak anymore.  The kids were blessed to know their grandma.

This picture of is of my Mom and sister. taken on their trip last summer to England.  My Mom is doing well and I'm so blessed to have her and my Dad still with me.  Even more blessed that my kids and now my grandkids are able to know them as well.    I don't get to see my parents often as I want, but they are never far from my heart.
This is a picture of my Mom and Dad a few years ago, we went to my brother's in CA for Thanksgiving.  We had a great time.

I love pictures, mine own, my families, my friends, even stranger's pictures.  I miss my house and my living room with so many pictures there was no wall space :)  Pictures are a moment in life that is captured and lives forever.

Happy Mother's day to all of you Mother's out there, and may you be blessed like I have been, with my parents, (who will be married 61 years in August), my kids and my grandkids.


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  1. Hi Sandy,
    Wanted to stop by and say thanks for dropping by to view my blog. You are correct, the grandfather x-stitch is called "Once Upon a Time" and I have finished that picture and will post it tomorrow. I hope your husband's brother's wife has taken care of the x-stitch you gave them many years ago, because it takes a lot of time and love to make that x. If you would like to join our online yahoo group, you can join us at You can also join us at I have enjoyed reading your blog. Hopefully, I will be seeing more x-stitching from you in the near future. Take Care, your x-stitching friend Tywanna.