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Sunday, December 9, 2012

1st mailing done....but not done mailing by a long shot

This time of year my weekends are filled with finishing up projects and getting them wrapped and in the mail.  When we first moved from our home State of Michigan I had to factor in shipping to our annual Christmas expense.  I can remember going to the post office with my boxes in tow.  Then we had 11 years where all of our kids were close, but still needed to mail off my parents and my siblings, but where I worked had a great rate with the delivery service of the year (FedX, UPS, or other) and mailing was fairly cheap.  So I could put more money into the gift giving (Salvation Army or other charities) and less into mailing.  Well we are out in CA now and no one is close again, so I'm having to put mailing back into the equation of Christmas.  I still did an angel gift, but this year like last year it is going to a nursing facility.

This year while getting ready to wrap I had an idea that I would find pictures of the people who the packages I was sending a gift.  I downloaded my grandson and my granddaughter and that was all.  I really need to learn how I-photo works, I wasn't able to do what I really wanted, so will put that on my list of things to learn.  So I cut out their pictures I was able to do and added it to their boxes.  I have to admit this was kind of fun, I got a little carried away on my grandson's, we've always called him our little red headed devil.   So I had to add one on one of his packages.

Next year will look at doing this for all.  Of course I'll need to get newer pictures, so hoping to accomplish that this summer at our youngest graduate from college with her masters :).  We are planning a big party with all of the relatives and friends invited.

So below is a picture of the first mailing.  I'm using the US postal services since I can print at home.  I have 3 more boxes ready for labels sitting by the door, will do those tonight before bed so I can take them with me to work.  I have one box that isn't a "if it fits, it ships" box.  I will have to take this to the post office myself and get them to do the label.  You can weigh and print in the lobby so you don't have to stand in line :)  I'm all about avoiding the long lines.

As you can see the bed still isn't completed cleaned off yet.  Its better than it was in this picture, but not much.  I have my parent's box to get ready and also have to put together one more box for my daughters.  I got my youngest her Oh's cereal, unfortunately it doesn't seem to fit into the boxes very well :(

The last set of pictures is our Christmas tree here in our apartment.  It sits on our coffee table so it' looks a little bit bigger.  Also my little Christmas tree at work, it plugs into my computer.

So I hope you are all getting your shopping and mailing done and will have time to enjoy Christmas and celebrate it with the people you love most.  We'll miss our kids on Christmas, but hopefully we'll get to I-chat with them and watch them open up presents, or at least see them with their presents later.

Now its time to start to think about the new year, new projects and what I hope to accomplish.  Happy stitching to all!!


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