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Monday, December 3, 2012

They are finally completed

I spent most of Sunday working on the pillow cases. I sewed up the side and the bottom and then ironed them all one more time :)  I had a slight set back with one of my sergers, I had to re-thread it and it took a while to get it right, and then had to re-adjust the tension and the thread length.  

So below are some of my favorite pillow cases - sorry about some of them being side way.  I rotated them in my i-photos, but they imported sideways :(

Donna's Princess and the Frog, she picked out the material last spring when we went on our shop hop.  Well she picked out a lot of the material you're seeing.  

I love the Batman material - going to send this to my girlfriend's grandson, I think he'll like it.

Below is the African material I found, I know the pots are sewn on upside down - I was too far in the process before I realized I did them upside done.  Well if nothing else I'm consistent in my mistakes!!  The colors of this material are so much nicer than the picture shows.  I did about 6 of these pillow cases - so will give 2 sets to my oldest and youngest daughter and the last set to my youngest daughter's friend.

This is the Star Wars material to the right and below are two of the sets of pillow cases I did.  I think I have about 8 sets of pillow cases in these material.  I love the one to the right, I think it's one of my favorite.  These will go to my son and my niece and a few other people to be named.

While I love Yoda on this material, I wish they would have had material with just Yoda.

I thought this material was neat.  I loved the actual directions for various drinks and the material with the olives.  I think it set is off.

To the right is my beer material.  Not sure if I'll give this to my hubby or my sister.  I'm leaning towards my sister as she is a beer drinker, and loves different kinds.  My hubby is a Bud man and rarely drinks anything else.

My parents are readers, my Mom got a job at the library, so thought this material was appropriate for them.  The books look so real in the material, not sure I like the trim real well, but at this point I'm going to keep it as is.  The colors are really good so at least it doesn't not tie together.

My youngest daughter loves Panda's bears, so when I saw this material I knew I had to make her a set out this too.

I love the coffee material, not sure if this will go to my oldest daughter, or I might send it to my niece.  Both a big coffee drinkers.

The Wizard  of Oz, this was truly a find.  The material was very popular a few years ago and has been hard to find ever since.  I got this on sale when I was in Dallas TX on business.    I'm sending these to my oldest Sister, I think this must be one of her favorite movies.  Either that or she is just telling me she loves them so she doesn't hurt my feelings.

These last two are going to a nursing home for two different residents.  Last year I did 9 pillow cases for a facility our Services Center (where i work) sponsored.  This year I called one of the nursing homes I work with and asked them to send me two names.  I hope they like them - the pictures don't do the material justice.  The butterflies have beautiful colors.  The motorcycles below are for a male resident, he likes Harley's, but couldn't find any material with them, so hope he doesn't mind the vintage bikes instead.

 Here is my sister's picture framed  I like the washed out white frame with a simple green mat.

Here is my Iris & Fans finished!!

Well that is my accomplishments for the weekend.  I'm hoping to get back to working on my SpiritDancer after shipping off all of the Christmas boxes.  I will start to wrap and label the presents tomorrow night and hopefully ship out 2 boxes a day until they are gone.

I need to pull out all of my UFO's make a list again and decided what I will work on in 2013.  I'm going to start at least 3 new projects, so need to pick 3 UFO's that need to be finished.  I know one of them will be my Noah's Ark Afghan, this year I wanted to 3 letters, but ended up doing 4!!  I'm done through "N"!!  Would like to finish it up in 2014.  Maybe instead of being for my nieces birth, it will be her graduation gift.  she is 16 now, so that's not that far off.

Happy stitching to all

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