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Friday, February 1, 2013

This weeks progress

This week I've been working on 2 different projects - the EarthDancer by Butternut Road (AKA - TIAG).  I decided to start at the top and have been working on the hair and face.  I'm doing the face over one - there is a lot more there than i thought, but that's OK, I like the look.  Hope to bead as I go along too.  You won't see this one too much as my daughter sometimes checks out my blog, not too often, but often enough.  She has seen this much so not telling secrets yet, plan on beading it as I go along too, need the motivation.

I've also been working on my needlepoint angel.  I love the stitch I'm using on the skirt - you can see that I'll add a little metallic in-between the stitches.  I should have the skirt done before going to bed tonight - it is stitching up very fast.

I tried the wings, but not happy with the stitch or the thread.  I wanted to try something different then just a basket weave.  Not sure if it's the direction, the thread or the stitch itself.  I'm going to try going in the other direction on the other wing to see if it makes a different.  If not then will look at a different thread.  I thought this would be softer than it is....disappointed to say the least.

I also started the Pelican last week and the August Fairy, but want more progress before I show it off.

Happy stitching,


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