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Sunday, February 10, 2013

I can be such a Ditz at times

 I wrote out my whole post and then published it, only to find out I did in on the blog of a group I belong to and not my own!!  While I can post on the blog, what I had written was for my own spot.  Oh well, so here I am re-creating after deleting it off the other.  Hopefully I've got it in the right spot now.

My first picture is where I was a few weeks ago on my lady, and the second picture is where it is today.  I had a burst of energy last weekend and worked on the green.  My problem is that I'm not good about marking my chart to keep track of what I've done vs. what needs to be done.  I will start out really good, but then I get on a stitching spree and don't take the time to mark my progress.  So when I end up with the all the un-stitched areas within a stitched area I have to figure it out.  I still have lots of areas to finish up, so maybe next weekend.   Hopefully the next picture will have not only the arm stitch, but the bird and some beading.  I think once I start to bead it will bring her out and rekindle my energy to get her done.

I finally set up my new printer scanner and spent Friday scanning our receipts to PDF so I can shred stuff.  I've decided to de-clutter my life so I have more room for my crafting stash!!  Well not really, but I don't want receipts and such sitting around when I can scan it to PDF and file it electronically.  The scanner can do up to 50 pages at a time :)  Once I have everything scanned I will shred it.

This week I started to work on my M Design - Halloween Tree, but I was off, so I took out almost all of what I had done :(  Which means I will be short on the thread, I'm using a Treasure braid petite which doesn't un-stitch well, no matter how carefully you try to take it out.  I probably would have been OK, but I took out the same area twice now!!  Different mistake, but both in the same area.  I think the project is cursed, and if it wouldn't for the cost of the buttons I probably would toss the whole thing into the UFO bin ne'er to be seen again.  But I paid $44 just for the buttons, so it will get done and it will be framed and it will be hung.  I'm a woman on a mission - so look for this to be completed in the near future.

This weekend I had planned on doing more on my lady (Spirit Dancer), but opted to do our taxes - decided not to wait for April 15th as I usually do.  Figured good or bad they had to be done, so they are and they are filed.  I use to do taxes for other people, but have never liked doing my own.  But they are done and I don't have to worry about it again until next year.  HEY!!

After finishing my taxes I rewarded myself with working on my Thine is the Trick and Treat.  I've got the first page almost done, I have a little more to do in the lower left hand corner.  The witch was also on page 2, so I did a little bit of page 2.  When I started this design I was doing one full stitch at a time because the thread was variegated, but I've used up nearly one whole skein already and I only have 2 skeins with 5 move pages to do!!  So I'm trying to do short rows within the thread that before there is a change (make sense?).  The witch was done in short rows, but as you can see I got blocks of colors in her skirt.  Don't think I like that look, but don't like the stripe look on her cape either.   I probably shouldn't have used a thread with a lot of variegation, but I've got it started so will finish it up.  Most of the motifs are smaller than the witch, so maybe it won't be so bad.  I like how the bat looks, and I like the border around the witch....

I'm also including a picture of my favorite magnet.  There has been lots of talk about magnets in other blogs over the last couple of weeks.  I got this one 20 years ago at a shop in Saginaw Michigan called - Stitch-N-Time.  I've shopped at this shop since it opened up and always look forward to going into it when I go home on vacation.   I love this magnet because it holds my needles, even when my project is tucked back in its project bag.  I never have to go looking for my needles when I use and it encourages me to get the project done :)  I have other magnets that I like how they look, but they don't work nearly as well as this one....

The last picture was sent to me by my daughter, it's looking out our front door at home.  I miss the snow, I miss my house I miss my yard (not that I did any of the yard work), but mostly I miss my room in the basement.  it is 20' by 24' and held my sewing machines, cutting table, stitching chair, lamp and all of my stash (canvases, linen, threads, material etc.)  Right now I have to take my cutting tables down when I'm not using them and all of my stash is held in bins and tucked away here and there.....takes energy to pull anything out.

At some point we will move back to our house.   My darling daughters have even said that they will allow us to move back in if we agree to behave ourselves.  Until then they get to enjoy the yard, the peace and quiet of the neighborhood and our dogs, who have lots of room to run (two big dogs).

I hope you are all getting your projects done.  I'm looking forward to starting some quilting projects, but first I need to get some freeze paper :)  going to try wool appliqué this year.


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