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Friday, May 3, 2013

It's time to say Good-bye

We all know that there are all kinds of good-byes, some are very happy good-byes, like the day I packed up and left my now very long term tears just a sigh of relief and the excitement of starting a new life

some are very sad like when we packed up and left our home town of Saginaw, leaving behind my parents, hubby's mother, brothers, sisters and tons of nieces & nephews, lots of tears, lots of fear but lots of excitement at starting a new job in a new place.....

But sometimes you just know its time to let something go to say good-bye and not look back.......and that is what I've had to decide with this last go around of magazine renewal.

My Spin-Off isn't up until this time next year, so right now it's on the save list :)  I like to look at the different knitting patterns they show but more importantly I enjoy reading the articles.  Right now the articles out weigh the patterns and since I knit really really slowly, I'm not in any hurry to find a new pattern to knit.  And I have 2 different books on knitting socks, which is what I enjoy knitting.

I also play at spinning yarn, one day I'll take some pictures of my wheel and some of my wool, spun and un-spun.   I haven't done any spinning for a while because I need a new piece of string for my wheel and just don't want to pay $5.00 to ship a $3.00 piece.   Spin-off has articles on spinning, techniques, different types of sheep/wool etc.  So it is interesting to read.

My second magazine, which I renewed a while back is PieceWork.  It is full for articles and each one is on a different subject.  I absolutely LOVED the issue on laces, while I've never tried to do make lace other than crocheting, I love to look at it and read about how it is made.  This magazine is on my keep list and has been for several years.   If you like historical information, then I highly recommend this magazine.

Next on my like, but probably could live without if I had too is Needlepoint Now.  This one just came up for renewal and i probably sat on the notice for 2 weeks before I finally decided to go ahead and renew.  I struggled with this one because I do like to see the stitches they use and I do like the articles, but lately I've been doing more counted cross stitch then needle pointing.   So we'll see at the end of the renewal if this one is continued or not.  To be honest the thing that tip this one into the renewal column is their "Down the Rabbit Hole" by Coni Rich, I enjoy her sense of humor and look on life.  Her humor isn't for everyone, but maybe I can relate because I'm a mid-western girl at heart who was transplanted to New Jersey for a short period of time.  I follow her blog as well

Cross-stitch & Needlework is another one that I get and it will be coming up for renewal soon.  I'm undecided on this one, they do have some good articles, but seems to be going more towards projects.  If you look at my WIP list, you'll notice I have more than enough going on, and those are only the ones I'm admitting too!!  The ONLY thing that i love reading is this magazine is Frantics by Fran Ortmeyer.  Over the years I came to love her kitties and was very sad when they passed away.  I can relate to Fran and if I don't renew I will miss her stories.

This brings me to my last magazine - Just Cross Stitch, which is celebrating their 30th year of publication, and I've probably got 20 years stashed away between here and my house in KY. This is my last issue, I opted not to renew this time because it is mostly charts and very few articles.  I have over 1,000 charts and kits in my stash plus several 100 magazines with charts in them if I should ever find myself without a project.  And while this has not been among my favorite magazine for a long time, I had continued to get it out of some sense of loyalty to the company UNTIL we moved move here was a whirl wind experience for my husband and myself.  I had been looking for a new job, but this job just came out of the blue and in the 6 weeks between accepting the job and actually moving my mind was busy with all different things that I knew I had to do, like quit my job, decided what to move and what not to move of my stash.

Anyway, once we got here it took us a month to find a place to live and actually move in and then get our mail forward and such.  Bottom line several of my magazines had missing issues, most of the publishers were very nice and send me another copy except for this one.....and it took longer to get the change of like I said, sometimes its just time to say good-bye, not a bad good-bye, not a sad good-bye, not a happy good-bye, just GOOD-BYE.

The sad part is I won't miss it, I don't think they have really changed their format over the years as much as I have changed what I want in a magazine.  When I was younger and just starting out in x-stitching I didn't have many charts and I actually stitched lots of projects out this magazine, but now I'm older and I'm part of the S.A.B.L.E club, I really don't need what it has to offer anymore.  I want to know the history of my passion, I want to know what is going on with my passions, but I don't need anymore more of my passion...soooo I look for magazines that give me what I want and need to stop buying the ones that don't.......

Last up is my starting point for this weekend :)  Will post on Sunday what I've accomplished, hope it's noticeable!


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