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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Does Stitching make the world right? Or help us get through each day?

Everyone has their own reasons for stitching, or sewing or knitting…through the years I've talked to many people who have used stitching to help them cope with difficult times.  There is something about the rhythm of the needle going in and out of the fabric.  Generally when I'm stitching to cope I find simple designs to work on so I don't have to focus on a chart, but rather can focus on act instead.

When my Dad had his by-pass surgery, I sat in the waiting room with my stitching in hand….when my sister was going through chemo-therapy I had my stitching with me so I could stitch when time permitted….I can't tell you what I worked on, just that I found solace with having my stitching in hand.

Today I find myself pulling out a UFO that I didn't think would see the light of day for a long time.  I can't tell you when I started Ice Angel, at least 10 years ago, but maybe longer.  I really didn't like working with the rayon thread it called for and had toyed with changing it out for silk, but just never got around to it.  The angel was picked out for my oldest daughter, I changed all of the blues to purples,  had to change all of the other threads to match, even the greens needed to changed and of course I will change the skin tone when I get to the face and hands.

So what prompted me to pull out this project?  It's not like I need to add one more project to my list, but our daughter is very sick right now and I'm not there to give her a hug….so I'm looking to my stitching to help me cope…only this time I'm not focusing on the act, but rather on the chart…..Hubby will be headed back "home" within the week to be there with her, and I'll most likely go in a couple of weeks but until then I'll work on her angel….She needs an angel to look after her and I need to stitch her angel for her.  I might not actually get it done, but for now it is filling my need…

I hope you all are getting to stitch for pleasure and not for solace…

Starting point this morning

end of day progress


  1. Hugs! I am stitching for solace now, too. Hope it helps you as it has helped me.

  2. Good progress. Hope your daughter will be ok. Hugs and prayers to you all. xx