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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Stitching in Sunny Cal - full Moon update

Well, another full moon is here so its time to update you all on what I've done since the last….but first the question of the month….

Show us your favorite place to Stitch:

Currently I stitch in our living room with my small footstool next to the chair.  It has a reversible lid that doubles as a side table.  I use it to hold all of my stitching accessories (scissors, magnifying glass, needles, TV remote, tea cup, etc.).  I've attached a small tray to it as well so that nothing rolls around or gets lost, especially my needle threader.  My other footstool holds the current projects that I'm not currently stitching as well as giving me a place to put up my feet.  As you can see the current projects tend to be propped up next to the chair.  I have my light and a side table for hold my magnet boards with the chart I'm currently stitching from.

I wouldn't classify this as my "favorite" place to stitch as much as the ONLY place to stitch.  The spare room has my sewing machines, crafting stash and our guest bed, so no room to spread out and actually stitch in there, much to my hubby's dismay.

My chair was actually my Grandmother's chair in her living room.  I got it over 20 years ago when she passed away.  The chair has been re-covered at least 3 times, maybe 4 and it's about 80 years old, as my Dad can remember sitting in it as a child.   I can remember as a very young girl getting stitching lessons from my Grandmother while she sat in this chair.

While the task was to show you my stitching nest, I think it's also important to show you my view from my nest.   While I gave up my 20 x 24 foot craft room in KY for our small apartment in CA, I gained a much better TV set.  Most of the time I have control over the remote, so I can watch my shows or what I have recorded.

Now for progress… not a lot since the last time, but then I did complete 3 rag quilts…so stitching took a back seat.  Two of the rag quilts have been received and have wee ones wrapped up in them, both of them are girls.  The 3rd quilt will be delivered next week to the baby's grandmother so it will be ready for the wee one when he can come home.  He was a premie but is doing fine, so won't be too long now.

On a stitching front I finished the owl except for the eyes, still need to stitch the white and add the french knots.  I also started the section with the black cat, but it still needs a lot of work, which will get done before the next full moon.

I also have been working my the second sock for my sister, it was supposed to be for her birthday last year, then got moved to Christmas, then upgraded to her birthday this year…which was again missed.  But I'm hopeful that it will be done soon.  I've turned the heel, did the gusset and I'm working my way to the toe!!  The foot part is about 1/2 done, another 2 or 3 inches and I'll start shaping the toe.  Just hope I have enough yarn, it will be close.

Thanks for looking at my blog and can't wait to lurk and see what you've all been up to since the last full moon.  My the moons next trip around the earth bring you many happy days of stitching.



  1. Great progress! Your so close to being done with the last sock - you can it!!!
    love Annette

  2. Great stitching spot and I love the socks.

  3. What a wonderful story about your chair!

  4. Love your Halloween project. Gorgeous socks.

  5. Is that Sparty on your chair, and on the TV???? I am an MSU grad, so Sparty on! Love your projects and I love making rag quilts, too!

    1. Yes, that is Sparty, I'm a MSU graduate, like my Dad and one of my sisters.

  6. Wow! That chair certainly has lots of stitching experiences built into it! My footstool has storage too but I don't even know what's in there. I should empty it out so I can keep my stitching stuff close to me instead! I love your Halloween design. It's so wonderful to see your rag quilts in USE!

  7. I love the history in your chair, what a lot of lovely memories to have. I absolutely love the colour of that yarn you're using for socks - gorgeous!