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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Do you track your finishes?

Many years ago I decided to put all of my charts in an excel spreadsheet so I could track my charts,  I did this because I couldn't remember which ones I had and didn't always have the time or the ability to go through my stash to see if I had a certain chart.  For a long time I kept a notebook in my car with them all printed out and would add new ones by hand, then key them into my spreadsheet as time permitted.  Then I got a hand-me-down or maybe up phone from ,my daughter and was able to put the charts on my phone.  Then I went and saved the list to "the cloud" when I got my i-phone, but lately haven't updated that list and the mobile me accounts have long since been disabled.  I need to figure out how to get it back on my phone again.

The only thing I never tracked were all the shop models I stitched because I didn't actually have the chart.  Wish I would have tracked those too, I think I spent about 2 years doing probably 1 -2 charts a month!!  It was during a time that stash money was slim pickings, so it seemed like the ideal situation.  Only thing was I spent more time stitching shop models than stitching for myself….so I stopped other than an occasional one for a local shop, but haven't done that in over 5 years.

So as of today, I've tracked 196 finishes :)  or 13.85% of all of my charts.  If your math is good you can calculate how many charts I have (solve for X   196/X = .1385) or I can tell you 1,415 :)  I'm thinking I really need to add another column for WIP's, then I would have a good count all the time!!  I only wish along with who I did it for I would have also added the year that I completed it or gave it to them.

I also track my beading kits and canvases, I think I only have one beading project part way done, most of the time those are completed shortly after starting, but my UFO canvases percentage wise rival my x-stitch UFO/WIP.

I also didn't track all of my round robin finishes either, and I know I had a fling of doing maybe 5 or 6 completed .  Here is one of my finishes.  I wanted the framer to put the stamps round on the matting, thinking she would make the matting wider, but this was how it ended up.  One of these days I'll re-do it the way I had envisioned and thought expressed.  But for now it will stay this way.

I know I'm not the only one that tracks stuff, how do you all track?  Do you also track your threads?  Is it worth tracking threads?



  1. As a spreadsheet geek, I love this! I use Google pages/drive to keep everything online on my phone and iPad in spreadsheet form. Or a good list app is Wunderlist :-) going to have to steal the tracking idea I think!! X

    1. Will have to look at google pages to see if I can upload my spreadsheets so I'd have access when I travel.

  2. We had a professional organizer come in and speak to a guild I belong to. She works primarily with quilters and limits them to 100 projects! We looked at each other with a stunned expression :)

    I use her printouts to keep track of all my charts and use my blog to keep track of finishes. I do update the paperwork regularly and add new stash and mark off ones I know I won't do. Then I had to separate cross stitch from needlepoint, embroidery, quilting, etc. Probably between 400-500 altogether. That is enough! Can't imagine your stash!! lol

    1. I've not tried to track my quilting projects, but probably should do something. Want to do more of photo catalog of the material, I have a terrible habit of buying material without a project in mind because I like it.