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Monday, September 8, 2014

September has more than a full moon in store for me

September has started out to be a very busy month at work.  It is also my birthday month, so I've been busy getting myself what I want for my birthday :)

The full moon seemed so far away last month and then wow all of a sudden it's here!!    So without any delays, here is the question of the moment:

Topic for next month:  Who is your favorite person to stitch for, or do you prefer to keep your stitching yourself?

I mostly stitch for my family with my parents still with me, 4 siblings, 2 in-law siblings, 4 children, 6 nieces/nephews, 4 grandchildren just on my side and I don't even want to start on my hubby's side.  My sister-in-law wants me to do an angel for her in my spare time…I told her it would be a while and that with each grandchild she gets pushed a little bit future down the line.  So family keeps me business and I'm so lucky that my family loves my work.  Nothing I've done has been banished to a closet or the attic, no matter how poorly it was done in the beginning of my crafting.

Over the last couple of years I've been keeping and stitching some stuff for myself as well.  I found my walls were bare and needed a dressing up.

Of my current list I have the following identified for family members:

1. The Flock by SamSara for my oldest sister who has beaten the odds and is still alive after being handed a death sentence aka cancer 4 1/2 years ago.  I'm on chart 6 of 12, so I'm almost to the half way point :)

2. The August Peridot Fairy by Mirabilia which is for my middle daughter.  She is my August baby my Leo, strong and independent, but sill my baby and always loving and so sweet, but stubborn as all heck.  I've not done many things for her, so this will be special.

Which these are my two updates for the month, not a lot of progress, just haven't been in a stitching mood.   I am loving the fairy, the wings are coming along.

3. SB stocking Sophie.  I'm still waiting on the thread to finish up the skirt on the angel.  It's been order, but is taking a long time to get here.  I have the name at the top, but didn't take a pictures.  The stocking is for my youngest grandchild Arwen.  Hoping it will be a finish this time next month.  Sewing it together doesn't take long, but hand sewing the trim around it does take time.

4. Angel of Peace by Lavender and Lace, which is also for my youngest grandchild.  I've done a large piece for the  other 3 grandchildren, so just trying to keep up.  I got this one a long time ago to do for myself, but decided instead to do it for Arwen.  All of the angels/Indian woman are all in our house right now so I get to see them when I'm home.

5 Ice Angel, which is for my oldest daughter, I started it over 10 years ago and just haven't made a lot of progress on it.  No updated picture, I'm still working on the white skirt, but had to put the floor stand away while guest were here and just haven't gotten it back out yet.  Might try to pull it out after the stockings are finished.  Hopefully it will be finished in 2015.  My oldest daughter also has cancer, but we are hopeful, she is working on getting into a clinical trial that will provide a little more hope.  We are hitting the big 6 month marker which is wonderful, we feel so blessed.

6. EarthDancer is another Lavender & Lace angel for my youngest child.  I promised her this angel for her high school graduation, but didn't even get it started until last year.  So it's a little bit late (about 13 years so far).  Will put a big dent in the stitching in 2015.

7.  I had out a dragon for my son (needlepoint), but it has been banished to the closet, which is 2 steps away from being considered to be worked on.  I've been busy with stuff for his 2 children, it will come out again, but probably not until 2016.  Just haven't been happy with the stitches that were picked out, so need to reconsider what I'm doing.

I have more on my list, but these are my top to do's.  I don't stitch fast enough to stitch for others, so I'll stick with my family for now.  I need to commit to stitching more often in the evening after work, so that might be my 2015 goal.

I hope you all have had a productive time since the last full moon.  Between now and the next full moon I'm busy picking out my Crazy 15 in 2015 challenge and of course Debbie's Crazy 31 starts in 31 days in January.  Some of my 31 will be current WIP - I mean I still have 6 more charts for the Flock, and I got several new charts this past month and have about 20 already picked up.
So I'll have lots to chose from when the time comes.  

So my question for the day - will I be the good witch and do as I'm supposed to do, or the evil witch and do as I please???  I've feeling a little evil right now so maybe I'll order something else to put in my will do one day pile.  LOL



  1. The evil witch sounds like much more fun! Just sayin'....

  2. Loved reading about your progress. Our tastes are very similar. This is the first year for a while that I haven't stitched a SB stocking - I've completed 13 as like you I have a large extended family and once a stocking has been made for one the tradition has to continue.

    I agree that I would expect Everett to be a boy. The other thing to consider is that people with 3 or more syllables in their name are rarely called by their full name. What would she be called (by everyone except her Mum) ? Just a thought.

    And the evil witch would tempt me as well......

  3. It's good to have something new (wink, wink). Your projects are looking great.